For those of you wondering who I am, here is the long version.

For those of you that want the short version ...

My friend Katy took a pretty picture of me (and Chris) in April 2003, if you are curious what I look like.

My history? I moved to Tucson, AZ from Columbus, OH to attend the University of Arizona. I graduated with degrees in Journalism and Computer Science. I miss Tucson.

While I was there, I worked for Arizona Student Media, where I picked up geeky sysadmin skills- Linux, PHP, MySQL, HTML, the usual. After college, I worked for a few dot coms - all of which exploded in spectacular fashion, owing me lots of money.

Shortly after that, I went on a huge cross country trip.

Now, I'm in Portland Oregon, and I love it here.

I used to run stolenbicycleregistry.com, which is now bikeindex.org - but this also spun off stolenguitarregistry.com and stolenmotorcycleregistry.com. I also run radioactivity.fm as well. All of these are under the banner of Frontera Networks, LLC.

As of March 2015 I'm on an extended leave of absence to focus on side projects and clear the cobwebs out of my head. I have a lot of side work to focus on, and new technology to learn.

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