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Jessica Augustsson: 05.01.2003
The Hofsjökull (The Temple Glacier; 1760m) is a round shaped icecap in the centre of the country. It is the third largest one with an area of about 925 km². The landscape under the ice is the great mountain massif of a central volcano with a vast, ice filled caldera. Mt Arnarfell (1143m) is at the southeastern part of Glacier The view from the top of Mt. Arnarfell is excellent on a clear day. The glacier is relatively steep and therefore travellers have to be extremely careful about crevasses. Many glacier snouts flow down from the main firn and two of its rivers, Thjörsa and Blanda, have been harnessed for electrical production. A great volume of water runs from this glacier on the surface. It has a much smaller namesake just east of the big glacier Vatnajökull.

Here you can see some pics.

Stellenbosch, the oldest town in South Africa after Cape Town, is situated in a mountain valley, but has a mild Mediterranean climate. It is therefore the center of the country's wine industry, and is also home to the world-renowned 'Maties' University. Many national and international industries have their headquarters here.

(Also, my husband and I can highly recommend the wine from any of the Stellenbosch vineyards. ;)

The Afrikaans "Toe die dag van die pinksterfees aanbreek" is from Acts Chapter 2, verse 1: __And when the day of Pentecost was fully come__, they were all with one accord in one place.

"Pharoah's lean kine are to be loved" is a line (by Falstaff) in Shakespeare's Henry V.

Kurfurstendamm 35 is a hotel in Berlin called...wait for it...Hotel California! See a picture of the lovely apronned bear out front here:

A very interesting and relevant page:

Beacon: 05.01.2003
Map is tiergarten Berlin - It is literally smack in the centre of Berlin to the Eastern end of a large green space at the intersection of 17 June St and 96 

Here is a nother map of the same area note the landmarks for future reference.

Note the carillon in the map. threw was a picture of a carillon in the Dec 2002 message delivered to webmaster. (it is the big machine with the cylinder with the bumps on it that looks like a gigantic misic box. Note also other landmarks like gothe etc. mentioned elsewhere.

I will follow the following convention and treat the line running down the sphere 1,5,17 as if a Prime Meridian (the Greenwich meridian) on the Earth. the text from top left follows a number sequence of a "prime meridian" on the sphere and continues on the bottom right in the order1,5,17,29,23,11, 62,58,46,34,40,52 and we are back back to 1 then an "equator is traced out 26,27,28,29,30,31,37,36,35,34,33,32 but the 45 degrees W is missed (marked 26)

The top right text follows the 60 W meridian 1 60 48 27 42 54 62 then back up the opposide side (the 90 degrees east meridian) Noth the 9, 21, 1 the continuation of this (missing out 36) is marked in the map. The sphere is marked out in twelve segments similar to time zones. That would set the "latitude circles" at 30 degrees esch apart the "equator" of the bottom right being zero.

The prime meridian contains prime numbers on the "Greenwich" side (except south pole) and only even numbers on the "International date line" side

the other 60 degrees W 120 East are divisible by three (except S and N pole) One wonders of their polar co ordinates or their position converted to Lat long could be related to the flat map seperation or the actual "latitude/ longitude" of the numbers on the map and the series continued.

By the way here is an interesting history of Eastern Germany link:

The squares reading clockwise (star, exclamation mark, cardinalor hash sign, asterisk seems (from memory) in other messages to always have this order.

240 California st is a raddison hotel here:

Bob: 05.01.2003
Well, I'm probably duplicating someone else, but Kurfurstendamm 35 is The Hotel California. See here:
Beacon: 05.01.2003

202 N central is the San Carlos hotel in Pheonix AZ. Its a three star hotel :) by the way: LINK, LINK

Rob: 05.01.2003
Top right panel:
Koeberg is the nuclear power plant in South Africa. Stellenbosch is a town in South Africa and the student of its university are
known as "Maties". "Toe die dag van die pinksterfees aanbreek" is Afrikaans for "When the day of the whitsuntide arrives"
Top left panel: the [$\omega... is latex coding for mathematical formulae.

Jessica Augustsson: 05.01.2003
Selicha: There are many different terms used to express forgiveness in the Torah and Rabbinic liturgy. "Yislach", "kapara" (atonement), "nosay avone", (bear iniquity) "ovair al pesha", (forgive transgression) "Nirtzeh avono", (the teshuvah for the iniquity is acceptable) "avonasee macha" (erase my sin) "kabsainee ma'avonee", (cleanse me from iniquity) "may'chatosee taharaynee" (purify me from my sin) and more.

But when sin or iniquity is forgiven, then the result is as if the sin never had a existence at all. Selicha means complete forgiveness so that there remains absolutely no trace of the sin. For only Selicha can denote absolute forgiveness. As the literal translation of Selichot, forgivenesses, suggests, the purpose of reciting the prayers (Selichot) is to ask Hashem to forgive sins.

A Japanese tanka (or waka) is a poem composed of thirtyone syllables in two sections: kami-ku and shimo-ku. The three lines of kami-ku comprise five, seven, and five spoken syllables respectively. Each of the two lines of shimo-ku comprises seven spoken syllables. Something interesting while I was looking for this... The first two hits on google present this information in both English and Swedish, which I think is most likely significant, since references to things Swedish occur fairly frequently. (Especially considering the links following the first two don't actually seem to tell about kami-ku and shimo-ku.)

Both of these pages are done by a Lars Wallin who is a self-taugh scientist and museum expert (and part-time artist which is what his web page is showcasing).

His internet galleries have some very interesting pictures. Will check it out to see if there's more here.

240 california street is the address of Tadich Grill, located in San Francisco, it is the oldest restaurant in California. From the book's blurb: In 1849, an unassuming coffee stand was founded on the San Francisco waterfront. The constants throughout the Tadich's evolution have been hearty seafood and other local specialties, and the stewardship of Croatian American families. John Tadich immigrated to San Francisco in 1872 and started working at the then-called New World Coffee Saloon soon after, becoming sole owner in 1887. He sold the restaurant in 1928 to the Buich family, which has carried on the Tadich tradition ever since. A destination restaurant and a local treasure, the Tadich Grill continues to evoke an old-world feel. The Tadich Grill captures the history, ambiance, and flavors of this San Francisco institution, presenting a warm portrait of a true culinary success story.

The interior of the Tadich Grill is covered in brass and wood, and being primarily a sea-food restaurant, surely has a great "catch of the day". ;) Also, worth noting, it's right in the middle of the financial district.

Juls: 05.01.2003
Just to get started, here's the beginnings of my interpretation of the text, top left.
1."In seeking, thou shalt find (it)" [..] The 26th June anniversary meeting will be held [..] where the founders will be present
for a demonstration of the (17) strategy for achieving the rest of the agenda/ the means of reconciling the remainder.  The Pigs
will not be amused by the upshot/ end result and the Hirelings even less so.

text, top left - 'non uni fidet antro' - fidet should be fidit - from 'Mus non uni fidit antro' 'A mouse does not put its
trust in one hole' ie: the wise always have a back up plan/alternative routes of escape.

Rich: 05.02.2003
 Just some quick general observations. 
1.The lower right quadrant. We've seen similar biomedical clues before. This one seems to be dealing with anti-schitzophrenia
(anti-alzheimers ?) drug development / trials. 

I'm still dubious about whether any of this is useful at face value. If one was really devious, they could use chemical structures
as code keys, sort of like a Markov chain sort of dealie. 

2. Note the two quadrant keys in the upper quadrants. They are rotated 90 degrees from each other, if the fact that the translation
is a rotation is relevant.

3. In 5/1/2003, we have several forms seen in previous adds combined and expanded upon. (the cross / quandrant, the sphere). Either
they have more information to transmit, or they are burying it deeper.

Oh, also, Juls touched on this : "d'accommoder les restes" - "reconciling the remainder" or  "to adapt the remainders" -
from what I google'd up, appears to be a figure of speech in French that describes EMBALMING. That is, preparing the remains of the
deceased. They're going to give a live demonstration of how they intend to pigs and hirelings?

I tell you, sometimes scrutinizing these adds makes me feel like the narrator in Lem's "His Master's Voice", we're either ants
picking apart a dead philosopher, or only able to derive proof so abstract that it isn't recognized to be of use.

More on the overal form of the designs.

We regularly see Luther, Gutsavus Adolphus, Calvin, and Cromwell used as tags in these ads. Are they being used as level markers?
Or do they indicate some other type of catagorization?

When used in this cross motif to divide the design into quadrants, their positions often chage, but with Luther always at the top.
Is this significant?

Some earlier ads use one of the big for as a motif. Do these indicate different sub-projects?
2. Has anyone found a link between Koeberg and the diagram on May 1, 1992? (5/1/2003 ties Koeberg to 1/16/1991, but I don't see the

Bob: 05.02.2003
The restaurant on California street fits with the directions to the meeting that were given in the May 1, 2002, ad.
Juls: 05.03.2003
in text top left - 'aeaeae artes' - Aeaeae a. 
Magic. As in aeaeae artes, the magic arts. The only all-vowel six-letter word known to the author. The derivation is from Aeaeae,
which was a surname of the legendary pig-fancier Circe and the name of a small island off the coast of Italy, said to have been her
place of abode. 
Juls: 05.02.2003
text, lower right, line headed 34 - 'The limiting factor, as always, here below (ici-bas), is original sin
(peccatum originales) which limits the stamina of the investigators to 14 hours per day (per diem) and steadily 
winnows the subjects.'

text top right - name 'Jenny Geddes' - Jenny Geddes is a famous character in Scotland from the time when Charles I
attempted to enforce the use of the English Prayer Book in Scottish churches.  She is said to have hurled her stool at
the minister in St.Giles High Kirk, Edinburgh in a protest that led to the setting up of the Scottish National Covenant. 
The Covenanters play a major role in Scottish history of the C17th, they supported the Parliamentarians in the Civil War
and were persecuted in the Covenanters Wars after the Restoration of Charles II.

text top right - 'un point d'appui' is a fulcrum
'quod avertat Deus' - 'God forbid!'

leitmotiv - 'zwischen den Zeiten' - 'between the times' 

It is also the name of a journal which served as a mouthpiece for the 'dialectic theology' movement in 1920's Germany,
with which Karl Barth was associated among others, some info here:
PDF file
See above - to contextualis Jenny Geddes properly, she ought to be seen as a minor folk heroine whose action
became the catalyst which started a major protest which became a national movement of great significance to the history
of the Christian church in Scotland.  A websearch on 'Covenanters' will no doubt bring up a wealth of info, though of the
inevitable varied quality.

text top-right, final phrase 'die Zwei-Reiche-Lehre' - Luther's 'doctrine of the two kingdoms' - this is discussed
here, from which I have taken the quote below to give the gist of it:
"The perplexity which bedevils scholarly discussion of the doctrine of the two kingdoms is reflected in the fact that the
most eminent Luther scholars are unable to agree among themselves about its very name. There is good reason for this
discord among the learned, for under the rubric 'two kingdoms' there lurks not one doctrine but two. On the one hand,
Luther was concerned with the antithesis, expressed most sharply by the New Testament and St. Augustine, between the
kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil. His first forays into theology as an Erfurt friar had caused him to become
acquainted with the ceaseless combat between those who follow Cain in adhering to the civitas terrena and living in
bondage to the finite goods of this transient life and those who follow Abel in cleaving to the imperishable Good which
will be enjoyed in the everlasting Sabbath prepared for the members of the civitas Dei. On the other hand, however,
Luther was also concerned with correctly apprehending God's present sovereignty over Christendom, the Corpus
Christianum. In this case the model of the journey of the pilgrim people of God through a hostile world which is at root
a civitas diaboli was no longer adequate. Hence, in addition to thinking in terms of the implacable enmity which obtains
between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil, Luther could also explain how God exercises his sovereignty over
all men through two 'governments' represented by spiritual and secular authority respectively. His so-called doctrine
of the two kingdoms is in fact a pragmatic combination of these two conceptual pairs, the first of contrasts and the
second of correlates."  

text upper-right - 'Feather River placers' - this appears in the Nov 30th 1988 announcement associated with
coordinates 30:30.5N, 121:28.6W, Jessica gives some info there on 'placers' and the 'Feather River' in goldmining 

Also, there appears to have been an American mining company called Feather River Placers Inc. 
see here:
see this link
text upper right, & re. Rob on Afrikaans - Whitsunday is on 8th June - this would tie in with actions to be taken
before the proposed dealings with the Pigs on the Anniversary (which has previously been identified as the 26th June I
believe?).   text upper left - Trinity Sunday is on 15th June - more activities prior to the Anniversary.  A tight schedule by the
looks of it.

Beacon: 05.02.2003

Here is some information about that part of Berlin, carrying the 1,9,21 series on the map below and to the left (NOT Exact I did not measure it)How 36 is related to the following I do not know. The Gemaldegalleri is below and to the left of the 21 on the map Its pictures seem to be from similar periods as the messages. Maybe it is a Berlin University prank?

From Stanford students in Berlin?

But do students stay in mid range Hotels and get others to follow on a prank for almost 20 years?

Heres a source on the national gallery and some other monuments on the map

More musical coding? Top right section begins Canon per recte en retro

aka Canon by augmentation has the imitating vv. in longer notes than the one that they are imitating. canon by diminution is the reverse. canon cancrizans is a type in which the imitating v. gives out the melody backwards (^Ñcancrizans^Ò from Lat. cancer = crab; but crabs move sideways). Other names for it are canon per recte et retro (or rectus et inversus) and retrograde canon.

Interesting idea on several "layers".

A single 'part' or 'voice' added to another is called 'a counterpoint' to that other, but the more common use of the word is that of the combination of simultaneous parts or vv., each of significance in itself and the whole resulting in a coherent texture.

Juls: 05.02.2003
text, upper left - formula $\omega_{p,n}=i log ~p^n$

Ok, I know very, very little physics, but I googled the formula and I found this, of which the formula appears to be a
key part, I sure can't follow it but someone else might (and hopefully give us a layman's translation) - On p-adic
Stochastic Dynamics, Supersymmetry and the Riemann Conjecture by Carlos Castro, Chaos Solitons Fractals 15 (2003) 15-24

text, upper left - Coimbra - City of Coimbra, Portugal is at 40:15N 8:27W ( degrees & minutes), also appears to be the name of the region there. Another Coimbra in Brazil at 49:55S, 57:48W. text, upper right - Walvis Bay - Walvis Bay airport, Namibia at lat/long 22.9S 14.4E text, upper right - Stellenbosch, South Africa - 33:57:48S, 18:51:53E (d,m,s); Koeberg nuclear power plant, near Capetown - run by ESKOM, generates a large percentage of South Africa's electricity and exports energy to other African nations:

The South African govt. intends to restructure ESKOM. Most of Eskom's activities, with the exception of power
transmission, will eventually be privatised.

The government has indicated that approximately 10 % of the company's generation capacity will be privatised by 2004. 
Also stores high level waste.  More on Koeberg:

text, upper right - Cuzco, Bolivia 20:0S 66:50W (degrees:minutes) OR Cuzco, Peru 13:32S 72:0W;

Quillabamba, Peru 12:50S 72:50W

Quillabamba - This is the capital city of the province of La Convención an a important commercial centre for the valleys of Lares and
La Convención. The principal activities are the production of coca, coffee, cacao and fruit. The city was founded on the
25th of July 1857

"Today, Cuzco, the archeological capital of Peru and the Americas is a city open to the world, welcoming its visitors who
marvel at its unusual aspect, which integrates, in the same urban environment and with unique harmony pre-Colombian
monuments such as the Korikancha (Temple of the Sun), the Ajlla Wasi, the Amaru Cancha (fence of the serpent), the Kiswar
Kancha, etc. with gems of the "mestizaje" (mix of the Spanish and the native) such as the Cathedral, the Church and
Convent of La Merced and the Temple of San Blas."

Falstaff at top right has been used before, but I just noticed it's a misquote. The true quote is: "Thou knowest in the
state of innocency Adam fell, and what should poor Jack Falstaff do in the days of villainy?  Thou seest I have more flesh than
another man and therefore more frailty." (Added the last part because I thought it was funny.) Once again, we see addition,
omission or other variance from a known quote that could be used to convey information. For example, "do once only; ignore previous
instructions, etc."

Anniversary of the Confessio - thought I'd better point out that this was established as the 25th June not the 26th as I
said earlier.  Since much of the text in this announcement seems to concern activities to take place in the period prior to this
date that gives us the time frame into which to fit the schedule.  Whilst I was doing a Google search on the Confessio to save
searching through all the previous pages to find the above I came across this wee curiousity:
This appears to be a movement which is attempting to reconcile differences between the Catholic and Lutheran churches through
getting the Catholic church to accept the work of Luther.  The anniversary of the Confessio Augustana appears to be a big event. 
Probably irrelevant but maybe worth a wee look just for the sake of it?

Juls: 05.06.2003
text lower right, Epworth - There are a good number of Epworths, but here are two of possible relevance.  In view of the
medical style blurb accompanying this part of the text, there is the Epworth Hospital in Melbourne, Australia to consider: There is also an Epworth (probably the 'original' one) in North Lincolnshire, England. The Old Rectory at Epworth was the birthplace of John Wesley (b.1703), founder of Methodism
Beacon: 05.06.2003
3 15 36 in the top right. cuzco Quillabamba has associations with Peruvian Gold. Feather River chasers inc also has , the
feather river being in SUTTER county California.

RE :  Breitenfeld Battle at 54 in top right
Gustavus Adolphus ( the father of maoern warfare is what I knew him as before I heard of the Reformation link)
was involved in two battles there.
If Gustafus was the father of modern warfare Cromwell was the father of teh professional soldier and peoples army with his New
Model Army. Calvin or Luther I would not put in the military mould.
I note in all this clues of mavericks people like Erasamus are not mentioned. Luther did court him but he did not convert. He
remained a Catholic maverik. So why only Protestant ones? 

Beacon: 05.04.2003
Again maybe I am making crucifixes out of telegraph poles but 240w (the hotel California  address) is the same longitude as
120 E (being the in the 1999 clue).
Sorry just taht someone asked. I believe one can recognise patterns that were not intended and so I will not volunteer such ideas
unless I can find some supporting evidence (I would suggest two pieces ) to match it. I suggest nobody else does either and that
such "shots in the dark" be put into a seperate dossier.

Rich: 05.07.2003
Nobody's pointed out the following passages, so I figured I'd do it :
"Jenny Geddes proceeds overland to Koeberg (1/16/91) despite the unpalatable fact that The Hirelings have already listed it as un point d'appul."
"Mista Kurtz will deliver the completed tanka (both kami-ku and shimo-ku but separately packaged) to 240 California Street (94111) by Ascension Day. It will not be immediately available as the Pelagian devils have already listed the location -- alternatives thereto are not available."

Somebody's compromised two of the their locations : Koeberg and the 240 California Street. Weren't these discussed here? The snotty name calling is kind of childish, I thought we were being used as their QA department.


Incidentally, what are people's thoughts on the relationship to the ADW ads vs the materials sent to Brian? Are these "canon"? The ads are available to anyone with access to copies of the Wildcat, while Brian's ancillary materials are only available online, and only what he chooses to reveal. Obviously it serves the Orphanage's purposes to give these to Brian, and they appear want to educate him in certain matters. But they must assume that their opponents are also monitoring the site.
Possibly we should have a separate forum for supposition and theorizing and devote to the facts we can pry loose, as irrelevant as some may be.
Hance - re: the materials, whatever I get, I post. As for a forum we had one a while ago but it died (HD crash) - an upcoming host change from to my own machine give us a little more freedom so I'll put 'online forum' on the list of to-do's.
Boris & Natasha: 05.08.2003
Rocky & Bullwinkle are elsewhere and we were available at this hour for this computer.  It is believed to be known by Mr.
Hance.  "Rich"'s latest comment was monitored earlier in the day and was sent forward. It was found to be disturbing. We are
authorised to communicate.  The "compromised" locations did not result from this site. No one on this site has ever done us any
harm.  We do not insult our friends.  More is happening than appears on this site.  Some of what is happening is very difficult. 
The difficulties are not related to any contributor. If we met any of you we might disagree but not see you as enemies.  We have
actual enemies enough.  Contribute whatever you like.  Say what you want.  Beyond this we are not authorised to communicate.

Rich: 05.08.2003
1. Ok, I obviously put too much credence in one of my inferences. Yes, the Orphanage & co do refer to the pigs,
hirelings and Pelagians rather arrogantly and disdainfully. I take it anyone who would be so labeled is in conscious
opposition and would hence not be contributing to this board. I could still conceive that there would be people picking
at the puzzles, for various reasons, that wouldn't necessarily see eye-to-eye with the freaks.
2. There are various references to events both under Orphanage control, and not. In addition to the bits I noted above, the "Captain Morgan" episode sticks out as a prime example. We should be able to leverage some information out of the ads by correlating these, possibly making a timeline.
Most of my recent thoughts on this are more about the structure of the ads rather than their contents. Quite possibly, the ads are designed so that all an outsider will be able to derive from them in an education on the reformation.

But all this is meta-discussion, which I just said should be segregated from the actual clues. I think for the time being, I will refrain from posting my inferences & theories and stick to concrete clues, to avoid muddying the waters too much. -----------------------------------

3. "Abraham was sitting at the door of his tent in the heat of the day and suddenly three men stood in front of him."
Is from Genesis 18. Angels visit with Abraham, predict that he and Sarah will have a child within the year. Sarah laughs because they are both old, and the Angels remind her you're talking about the Lord here, he makes things happen. Upon leaving, the Angels tell Abraham, "Oh, remember Sodom & Gomorrah? They'll get what's coming to them soon." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Juls: 06.03.2003

name:  Juls

clue:  re. "Quaerendo invenietis" [1747] - 1st line, top left - seems to relate to bach, (note also clue by Beacon on 1st
line top-right) :

"Bach was renowned for his ability to compose (is "invent", or "devise", a more appropriate term?) these profoundly
complex canons. We have several canons by Bach indicated as simply a melody with a little mark indicated where the second
voice, or each successive voice, is supposed to start. In some of these canons, the point where the second voice is
supposed to start, or the interval at which it is supposed to enter, is not indicated -- Bach has left it as a puzzle, in
one with the words Quaerendo invenietis -- in seeking, thou shalt find (it)! The famous portrait of Bach from 1748 by
Gottlieb Elias Haussman shows him holding a piece of paper with one such canon on it."

"The Musical Offering of 1747 (BWV 1079), the famous story of whose composition forms the central thread of Douglas
Hofstadter's Gödel, Escher, Bach, features a wide variety of canons, demonstrating all of these techniques, and more,
using the famous Thema regius ("Royal Theme") submitted to Bach by the renowned King of Prussia, Frederick II (der Große)
as the leading voice (dux) of each canon."

More on Bach and the afforementioned works:

"Musical Offering No. 8, Canon a 2 quaerendo invenietis (the "riddle" canon) by J. S. Bach"

One possible interpretation of the Bach reference in this context that occurs to me is of having a sequence that
can be shunted into an alternative sequence should the need arise - hence 'non uni fidet antro'

Juls: 06.05.2003
lower right section, KJV Bible quote seems to be a misquote, ommitting the word yet - so far as I can discover, it
should be "But Jesus yet answered nothing; so that Pilate marvelled", this is located in Mark, 15:5.  These misquotes do
seem to relay info, the most obvious and simplistic interpretation of this one might be a warning of 'not yet', but it
would bear further study which I have not yet given it.

Beacon - 06.22.03

clue:  More on the area of Berlin in the photo
Here is an image of the rough location of Hitler's Bunker.

It is useful because it also shows where the underground trains are. The Berlin Wall and East/West line also
passed through the area shown in the photo on the page the Brandenberg gate (tor) is probably the most
famous East West crossing point. These are some of the U Ban (trains) that were Western but actually passed
into the East and back out again. 

Jamie: 08.06.2003
The references to May Day, Cromwell etc. all point to the general motive of The Orphanage. There is a 
definate theme to many of the quotations chosen with an extremely (NB extremely, not necessarily extreme) 
political background. May 1st has great significance in so far as 
(URL= )"An Agreement of the Free People of England"[/URL] 
was written by Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne, Master William Walwyn, Master Thomas Prince, and Master 
Richard Overton who were prisoners in the Tower of London at the time. All were members of "The Levellers". 
This organisation is still going today, with IMHO, their most notible activities happening in the 1960's 
as "The Diggers" in San Francisco. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

night owl : 08.28.03
the diggers reference fits the parts that seem marxist and the diggers of the 17th century were Christian
and Protestant which fits the whole series of ads.  Maybe Jamie knows.

Eri 09.03.2003
From the upper left section - 

The Bugatti Type 41 is quite a set of wheels!

One of these would be worth millions. They're museum pieces. Oh yeah: "regardless of road conditions" ??? 

hallybods: 09.05.2003
bas is french for stocking. 

peccatum is latin for error, fault or sin. So could mean original sin.

per diem means through the day/daylight/time/lifetime/age

so they can only work/be available for 14 hours everyday?

winnows - separating the wheat from the chaff 

dictionary def: 1 a (1) : to remove (as chaff) by a current of air (2) : to get rid of (something undesirable or unwanted) :
REMOVE -- often used with out  b 

Getting rid of people who are unsuitable for the job?

hallybods 08.06.2003
Bottom right-hand section:

Ridley & Latimer. Nicholas Ridley was chaplain to Henry VIII adn Bishop of London under his son Edward. Hugh Latimer was
an influential preacher during Edwards reign and was also the Bishop of Worcester. They were both burned at the stake in
Oxford 16th October 1555.

Epworth is a town in north Lincolnshire, UK, the birthplace of Methodism. It is also a Sleepiness Scale.

terminus a quo. Where it ends?

De Moivre. Abraham De Moivre, French mathmatician. 1667-1754 Pioneered the development of analytic geometry and the theory
of probility. Published The Doctrine of Chance. Also investigated mortality statistics.

The Asylum Choir - late 1960s band made up of the duo Leon Russell and Marc Benno. Recorded 2 albums

sjwk: 09.08.2003
Contrary to the clockwise progression from box to box, the text actually seems to flow from top
left to bottom right, then probably top right and bottom left.  The text flows midsentence, plus the
numbers in the text form continuous loops around the sphere.

Top right #36: zwei-reiche-lehre - two realm teachings.  Seems to be a Lutheran idea.  In a translation
of the final paragraph reads:
"In the present discussion around the safety device of the peace the "two-realm teachings" play an
important role. Most Lutheraner considers - despite all love of peace - armies and weapons
indispensable, because evenly humans are not good. Other Christian groups represent one-sided
disarmament, force renouncement and social defense also than political objective."

So, Lutherans consider weapons indispensable?

sjwk: 10.20.2003
the letter from a recent delivery mentions in the last paragraph that further evidence about women figuring in the equation would be present in this ad. The only reference I can see is to Jenny Geddes. Maybe a new recruit? I don't recall seeing the name earlier, and its a bit odd that they suddenly brought up the issue of women unasked..

Dylan 12.03.2003
I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but "Leitmotiv" is a melodic phrase that refers to a reoccuring situation. Very fittng I think...
Bob: 04.04.2004
clue:  There are many references to Hotel California, of course. I just found out there's a Hotel California in Anarctica, see

Imo 06.24.2004
"Canon per recte et retro" is a "crab-canon," used as an introduction in Godel, Escher, Bach to the idea of "Typographical
Number Theory" (Chapter 8). In this chapter, he suggests a typographical code for representing numbers and propositions. 

Next is a quote (at 1) from Henry IV, p. 1,  Act 3, scene 3 (4133? 4133 ~ }}+})!}} ?), though it seems possibly mangled, and not
sure about the underlining of "now." 

(Might it be that 4133 is somehow encoded as }}+})!}} ? If so, does that mean that 1747 encodes as }}!!}!} ? Seems doubtful, since
there would be no use in such a coding. 

Orate pro nobis (catholics?) is "pray for us."

near a terminal 09.23.2004
Somebody recently wondered if they're catholics because they use a lot of Latin.  Latin used to be required in all
private schools and most public schools also taught it. These people seem to hate and despise catholics or at least the Roman

Eri 12.07.2004
Just some basic (googled) information about some of the references in this announcement. Rich already pointed out
that a series of references (lower right quadrant) seem to involve anti-psychotic drug research. Here are some specific
hints from that section:

RE: butyrophenone series
"Any of a group of neuroleptic drugs, such as haloperidol, administered in the treatment of acute psychotic episodes,
schizophrenia, and other psychiatric disorders."

RE: mesolimbic receptors
The mesolimbic region is the "Inner brain region governing emotion and drives."

RE: extrapyramidal symptoms
"EPS can cause a variety of symptoms, e.g. involuntary movements, tremors and rigidity, body restlessness, muscle
contractions and changes in breathing and heart rate."

RE: benzocyclo-alkanone
This is the best I could do -
"Four new 2-(2-piperidinoethyl)benzocycloalkanone derivatives, 20-23, were prepared and evaluated as potential
antipsychotic agents in receptor binding assays for dopamine (DA) and 5-HT2A receptors and in functional and behavioral
(My Google search only yielded 15 references.)

RE: direct aldol condensation

After searching Google, I second the claim that "peccatum originales" means original sin. So what might original sin mean
in this context? 
This is just speculation, but the NT section of the  Wikipedia entry on original sin
( talks about the "spiritual pain" original sin
"produces in the one who wishes to please God" - I can see how this might "limit the stamina of the investigators."

uair01 08.15.2005
The globe with all the numbers reminds me of an "earth mystery" (nonsense) theory that a regular net of "power places" cover
the globe and that "earth energy streams" flow between those points. It is described in more detail at the Laura Lee website in one
of her radio programs.

Juls 09.23.2005
Re. The Hebrew - this is from Isiah 40:22 - "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the Earth, .." (KJV)

Brian 10.03.2005
This might not help much... but the hebrew across the arm of the cross means (something) on the circle/cycle/circuit of the

Captain Obvious 01.04.2005
Has anyone else noticed that Cromwell and Gustavus Adolphus have switched places on the cross?

oldlib 02.20.2006
I noticed it but didn't have the ovaries to say so.  I think many of us are reaching the same conclusion about these scary
people and I wonder what they plan to do to us and with us.  Yeah, they'll probably get caught first but if they win, we die.

D. Thomasson 03.23.2006

The magic sphere in the center of the announcement has a magic constant of 378. Convert 378 hex to get 888 decimal. The Greek gematria for the name of Jesus (IHSOUS) is 888. I-H-S-O-U-S = I (10) + H (8) + S (200) + O (70) + U (400) + S (200) = 888.

Copy the announcement and paste it into PaintShop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. Closely crop the Sphere, then increase the image size to about 470x452 pixels. Print a copy of the sphere onto a transparency sheet (if possible), else cut out the sphere from a normal white paper copy. Overlay the sphere on top of a printed copy of the map located in the lower left corner of the announcement.

We know that the next number on the map should be 36 (1-9-21-36). The curvature of the vertical line on the sphere for 1-9-21-36 is too great to match the numbers (1-9-21) on the map. Therefore, use the vertically curved line 1-5-17-29 instead. The number 29 represents 36 since both numbers are on the equitorial axis of the sphere, and both numbers are equidistant from number 1.

Match up 1 with 1, 5 with 9, 17 with 21, and then number 29 from the sphere will show the desired location on the map. The location is directly in the center of Berlin's "Das Kulturforum als Arena." It is near the National Gallary as previously mentioned in another post, but is actually directly over the "Philharmonie Kommer Musiksaal". See a map at: ulturforum.pdf

Now, to see some remarkable historical information (in German) about Berlin's Cultural Center (Kulturforum) go to the following URL. If you cannot read German, just look at all the great pictures of the various maps and buildings located in the Cultural Center. You should be able to pick out proper names of people and places in the text, then search the Internet or Library for additional information about those names or places. wnloads/broschuere_2_juni_2005.pdf

sarkis s. 12.13.2006
as far as i can tell there are 79 known "ads". if you put them in the order of this globe here on a floor or ground,
maybe looking at them all at once from above might show something you're unable to see if they are all seperate. so the first
ad would go at the top where number 1 is, and so on. just a thought but it could be worth a try.

hance - note that we're not sure of my set of ads is the 'complete' set - the archives for this newspaper aren't complete - in paper or microfiche.
SETH 07.22.09
202 N. Central 85004 is the Hotel San Carlos, a high dollar hotel in down town Phoenix. Thats haunted.