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Juls 12.02.2004

text block: Ireton has in order to help made a consequence-fraught discovery by means of rare conditions of
consciousness which charts a passage circumventing the Sargasso Sea found in ... Sargasso Sea - Atlantic - Bermuda area,
once regarded as treacherous, info here: 

.. re-route The Winter Tour by applying (via analogy ?)the ..

Kethib - Hebrew - "what is written"
Qere - Hebrew - "what is read"

2nd level to Genesis 8:17 ..
"Take out with you every living thing which is with you, birds and cattle and everything which goes on the earth, so that
they may have offspring and be fertile and be increased on the earth." (the story of Noah and the flood) [more to follow

text block: the harvest from Grandpa's Farm appears to consist of two species which belong to a family of rust fungi
- plant pathogens.

Intraventricular Hemmorrhage (text block):
"Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) is bleeding inside or around the ventricles, the spaces in the brain containing the
cerebral spinal fluid... Intraventricular hemorrhage is most common in premature babies, especially very low birthweight
babies weighing less than 1,500 grams (3 pounds, 5 ounces)."  Thought to *result from birth trauma* (may be a metaphor?)
more plus diagram here:

text block - Wallace - a silversmiths - Venezia is a range of silver cutlery in an Italian style, see here:
to be laid in the Italian manner.

The astrological chart will bear some study but at a quick glance the position of the Sun at 18 degrees of Aries would
indicate some point around 8th/9th April, Pluto was at O1 degrees of Sagittarius Sept - Oct 1996 and Dec 1995, and close to
this position in March-April 1995 - and this is the closest I can get to the configuration of these two bodies as they are
on the chart but the others don't fall into place - I think it's possible that each of the planets may be intended to
indicate a separate date, IF some indication of timing is the purpose - or maybe I just shouldn't be doing this at 3 in the
morning.. anyhow, the 'R' in the chart indicates retrograde motion.

Lacan - biography here:

Postage stamp in centre of chart: stamp issued to commemorate the 2004 150th anniversary of the launch of the USS
Constellation, the last all-sail warship built by the US Navy and now preserved in Baltimore. Postage stamp issued - 30th
June 2004, Baltimore? - see website:

Just in case it's relevant, here's the namesake aircraft carrier (decommissioned 7 August 2003):

Even more unlikely to be relevant, but what the hell, there was a fictional starship USS Constellation featured in StarTrek
episode "The Doom Machine" according to this:

IMF 97/164 is an International Monetary Fund working paper, entitled "Speculative Attacks, Forward Market
Intervention and the Classic Bear Squeeze" by Subir Lall, a summary may be found here:

Orlinsky, 1952 - this appears to refer to the particular edition of the Bible in which to look for the Genesis verse, "24"
may be the page number I guess, "et seq." - 'and the following' - verses presumably. Orlinsky was a Jewish scholar who was
consulted on the new translation of the Old Testament in 1952 - "Orlinsky is best known for his work on the American
Standard Bible Committee's Revised Standard Version's new translation of the Old Testament in 1952." from here (along with
some bio info):

Garman-Kohlingen model - used for valuing European style foreign exchange options, formulae given here:

"in modo loquendi an intraventricular hemorrhage" - 'in a manner of speaking, bleeding into the brain' not readily
percieved due to predictive uncertainty of the "forward premium puzzle" - more finance-speak, this summary may give the
gist of it:

"Existing literature reports an empirical puzzle about the foreign exchange forward premium, the spread between the forward
rate and the concurrently-observed spot exchange rate. The premium is often negatively correlated with subsequent changes
in the spot rate. This defies economic intuition and possibly violates market efficiency. Various explanations have been
offered, ranging from non-stationary risk premia through econometric mis-specifications. Some researchers have accepted the
puzzle as a fact of inefficient foreign exchange markets, a phenomenon that provides profitable trading opportunities. We
suggest there is really no puzzle at all. The simplest conceivable model adequately fits the data; forward exchange rates
are unbiased predictors of subsequent spot rates. The puzzle has arisen because (a) the forward rate, the spot rate, and
the forward premium all follow non-stationary (or nearly so) time series processes, and (b) the forward rate is a noisy
predictor. We document these features with an extended sample and show how they can give the delusion of a puzzle." 

from here:

Much of this announcement (and others) gives me the impression that we are dealing with currency dealers / speculators /
money launderers / embezzlers or something of the like.  Maybe they generate funds by ripping off the Capitalist system.

Hieronymus 12.02.2004
The German in the first line of the main body: "Ireton has [only by Grace] made a grave discovery by means of rare
states of consciousness which charts..."
I'll try to find where the Jacques Lacan quotation is from. Strange, I've been reading him lately.
Even stranger: Satie's Gnossiennes are my favorite piano pieces ever.

tanner 12.02.2004
"The Embarcadero" (towards the end of the paragraph): Probably refers to the Embarcadero Resort Hotel, esp. with
that line about candles and flatware.
hance - if you dig back you'll see some other embarcadero references as well.

anonymous 12.03.2004
IERS Bulletin B - Monthly Earth Orientation Data :

Hieronymus 12.03.2004
<> - Jacques Lacan. …crits. Le Seuil, Paris, 1966.

The Lacan quotation translates (roughly) as follows:
'[Ever] since the unconscious, a four-part structure is always demandable/required in the construction of a subjective
arrangement.' It is from the 1966 book Writings, p. 774.

First, some info on Lacan.  He was a break-away Freudian who postulated that the unsconscious was 'structured like a
language.' William Richardson states: 'Lacan means that the unconscious follows the same rules that language does.'
Following Saussure's conception of language as a system of signs, Lacan believes that 'it is in the chain of signifiers
that the meaning 'insists'' but that none of its elements 'consists' in the signification of which it is at the moment
capable.' I hope everyone sees the glaring parallel with the Mayday messages. They are a chain of signifiers, an open
system of signs that refer 'not to any corresponding signified but rather to another signifier in the sequence.'

What significance (pun intended) does this carry for the subjective?  Well, for Lacan 'the foundation of subjectivity is
in the exercise of language,' and it is the unconscious that for him constitutes the speaking subject of discourse.

Now, to go deeper. I have not studied the 'four-part structure' Lacan refers to, but the first signifier that enters my
mind on this topic is C.G. Jung's distinction of the four basic functions of consciousness. They are thinking, feeling,
sensation, and intuition. He treats them as pairs of opposites, such that the superior functioning of thinking will yield
an inferior functioning feeling, and vice versa and respective with the other two.

Even deeper, coming full circle to the main image of the text, the zodiacal chart. Jung identifies the four functions with
the four zodiacal elements: thinking (air signs), feeling (water signs), sensation (earth signs) and intuition (fire
signs). Aries, at the top of our chart above, is the strongest fire sign - intuition; Cancer (left on chart), water -
feeling; Libra (bottom), air - thinking; Capricorn (right side), earth - sensation.

I'll leave it at that for now.

Beacon 12.03.2004
Leitmoteif (rough):
A quadripartite structure is since unconscious always demanding repair in its  construction from a subjective ordinance.

It seems the quatrile structure is always apparent in ADW posts.

the circle in the middle is an astrologers chart
the numbers 1 to 12 in the Centre are "houses" i.e. artificial division of the sky into 12 segments. The symbosl on the
outside are zodiac signes the one at the top like  a ram (with 9 degrees on one side and 10 minutes on the other)  a
straight line is Aries. the almanac nt font in word has them
or the unicode here

to an astronomer right ascention (the zero celestial longitude )begins at the first piont of Aries. This is not in aries
but in Pisces. to an astrologer the sky is divided into 12 equal 30 degree sectors and each constillation is the same size.
Where they begin is arbitrary. 

Anyway,I think the degrees and minutes are  offsets i.e. aries is nine degrees ten minutes into house 10.
gives a table which possibly correlates real time with zodiac position 

astrologers consider things in relation to each other e.g. 30 degrees apart or 45 ot 60 or three objects each 120 apart
or four 90 apart. They also consider things close to a "cusp" ie. where it changes from house to house or sign to sign. you
can see that one can create a lot of relationships like this. Of course none have any significance but the astrologers like
to believe they do.
there are nine planets (the anciernts saw 6) the sun and moon so thats eleven. I dont know what the twelfth is for. Each
planet is marked as being so many degrees and minutes into that sign e.g. Pluto is marked 1 degree 30 minutes into
sagitarrius. I dont know what the D and R are. R might indicate retrograde motion. the Sun is in aries which Suggests march
april to me.

the D might indicate the first points of aries and Libra i.e. the sproing (vernal) and autumnal equinox. this would bring
the Siderial year into the picture.
you will notice one symbol on zero aries and another on Zero libra.
Hey that leaves only ten. Oops earth is not a planet seen in the sky from earth. so thats eioght planets, Sun moon and two
points of zero and 180 degrees Celestial longitude.

To fix a date to this it is wise to choes outer planets e.g. when was Jupiter in Virgo and heading for libra( virgo is a
BIG constellation). Or when was Pluto Just moved from scorpius into sagatarrius.
Saturn gemini going into cancer
Hey this 
seems to be 2003!
you can pin it down better yourselves 

South Africa was formed in 1910. It was made up of the Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Transvaal and the Orange Free State. 

The Rand was introduced in 1961.

That puts the stamps between 1910 and 1961

raven 12.03.2004
......."there is some truth in your fiction and some fiction in your truth" uoy evah ot wonk eht hturt


12 12 i w
2 r 5 1 10
6........ 5 5

Hance - please refrain from doing acid while surfing the web. Thx.
Phillip 12.04,2004
The outer stamps appear to be written in Afrikaans, a language similar to German.

On the bottom, there are numerous lines in German:

eine folgenschwere Entdeckung
A momentous discovery

seltene Zustšnde des BewuŖtseins
rare conditions of consciousness

Frankenbeatz 12.04.2004
Aces, Queen and Eights:

While seated in a saloon, in Deadwood North Dakota, a gunslinger by the name of Jack McCall (aka: Broken Nose Jack) walked
into a bar, drew his weapon, a 45 caliber Colt, on Wild Bill Hickok, who had his back to the door, sidearm still in his
holster, and pulled the trigger fatally wounding him with a single bullet wound to the back of the head. There are
conflicting stories that said one other man was shot as well as a story in which McCalls next attempted shots were all

Witnesses say that Wild Bill Hickok was holding AAQ88 in which that hand has become famous and known as a "Dead Man's

Beacon 12.04.2004
Ad mentions "visuognosis presented supra" 
I assume that means the astro chart.
Here is my read on the date:

First point of aries is the vernal equinox Mar21/22
The Sun is 18 degrees 49 mins into Aries.
Now to make matters worse the solar position is given in HOURS and DEGREES of Right Ascention.
15 degrees equal one hour and 24 hours equal 360 degrees so the Sun goes right roung the sky through 360 degrees or through
24 hours in a year.

Now we want a date for the Sun being 18 degrees 49' into Aries (not much longer after Mar 21). one hour (15) plus 3 degrees
49 mins. 49/60 = ).81666
3.81666 degrees 
15 / 3.81666 is .25444 hrs

Just over 1.25 hrs RA or just over 1 hr 15 mins

My calculator makes that

Thats April 10.

I recon april 10 2003

for what its worth the fourth root of the Julian date (dont forget I approximated to one quater hour) is  10.6238966
(fourth root of JD12739)

Eri 12.05.2004
I'm pretty sure that Orlinsky  refers to scholar/Jewish translator Harry Meyer Orlinsky.  He worked on the 1952
Revised Standard Version of the Old Testament. This link seems relevant:

"Kaiser recalled the late Harry Orlinsky, the only Jewish translator on the Revised Standard Version, who used the scrolls
to make 13 last-minute changes before that translation was issued in 1952. But he later told Kaiser and other students that
10 of those changes were too hasty and the Masoretic wording would have been preferable."

I'm pretty sure that Orlinsky  refers to scholar/Jewish translator Harry Meyer Orlinsky.  He worked on the 1952
Revised Standard Version of the Old Testament. This link seems relevant:
 "Kaiser recalled the late Harry Orlinsky, the only Jewish translator on the Revised Standard Version, who used the scrolls
to make 13 last-minute changes before that translation was issued in 1952. But he later told Kaiser and other students that
10 of those changes were too hasty and the Masoretic wording would have been preferable."

Hallybods 12.05.2004
The astrological chart is the Equal House system.

House 3 id concerned with close relationships, especially family. It is associated with communication, transport and the

House 5 is associated with creativity - in all aspects - art, in the kitchen or the boardroom. It is also associated with
pleasure and your attitudes towards love and having children.

House 7 - The house of partnerships and how to maintain harmony.

House 8 - The house of death, or rather change and rebirth. It also is associated with comming into large amounts of money.
Crime, research and investigation is highlighted.

House 9 - Philosophical outlook and attitudes towards religion, spiritual matters and education. long Distance travel is
highlighted. The house is traditionally looked at if someone is planning to live abroad, work in an industry that deals
with travel or export, or go into teaching, especially universities. The house is associated with literature, law and

House 10 - Hopes, advancement and responsibility. How you deal with authority, values and social status. How much of an
emotional need you have in being emotional involved with your career.

Sun in the 10th House means that  there is a need to make an impact in the world. There is strong motivation and
much will be achieved. Moon in the 7th - a warm response to a partner - but at the worse it could mean complete dependence.
But because the moon is in Capricorn it encourages thoughtful progress and a distance from lesser mortals. If you go it
alone don't expect any help. A natural instinct for self-preservation that prevents taking unwise risks. The moon is in
conjunction with Neptune so be wary of being too idealistic or being taken advantage of.

Mercury us in Pisces inconsistency is a problem and can take the line of least resistance. Intuition is keen and
acurate. Mercury in the 9th can mean a facination with travel. Venus in Aries - be careful not to take extreme money-making
risks. Venus in the 10th means that they work better in a team and are not happy being in power. Mars is in Aquarius -
eccentric and stubborn.May be a bit too independant to take advice.

Beacon 12.05.2004 seems to show how crap astrologers are

I suggest that Juls is right on April 9 but if 1995 is correct sturn Jupiter etc are all WRONG according to this ephemeris
which claims to be based on NASA data!

Juls idea that the other planets re correct may be right.
anyway Pluto has a period of 248 years so you can keep subtracting it from 1995 and plugging the result into

Juls 12.06.2004
Can I just add a wee clarification of what Beacon has said here :) "the D might indicate the first points of aries
and Libra i.e. the spring (vernal) and autumnal equinox. this would bring
the Siderial year into the picture.
you will notice one symbol on zero aries and another on Zero libra."  Ok,the symbols at zero Aries and zero Libra  are the
Lunar Nodes - that in Aries is the North node and that in Libra is the South node.  These mark the points at which the moon
crosses the ecliptic, the North Node marking where it moves from south to north and the South Node marks the opposite
movement from north to south.  The usual motion of this point retrograde, but the 'D' indicates that it is actually moving
in direct motion in this chart.  However, the fact that they are positioned at the points of the Spring and Autumn
equinoxes may be significant to the meaning of the chart - I wonder in particular if this relates in any way to the
division into 'winter tour' and 'summer tour' of their activities.  I have some (a little) experience of working with
astrological charts and although I haven't yet looked in any depth at this, I get the feeling that it is not a regular
chart marking a single point in time.  Hieronymous's remarks about the 4-fold division are useful, this is certainly worth
looking into more deeply given the consistent theme of 4 levels in these announcements - with that in mind the division of
the signs into the 4 elements is as follows: Air - Libra, Gemini & Aquarius; Water - Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces; Fire -
Aires, Leo & Sagittarius; Earth - Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Juls 12.06.2004
I've attempted to find roughly when next the North Lunar Node is at zero degrees of Aries - it is next in this
vicinity at some point between the 21st and 25th June *2006* - unless they themselves intend geocentric coordinates to be
used simply to extract a simple point in time, a geographic location will be necessary to track it down precisely - this
relates only to the lunar node, the other bodies do not coincide with their places in the chart at this time.

Juls 12.08.2004
Just a quick thought - I was posting something re the gold coins in the deliveries and I was reminded of the occult /
kabbalistic / alchemical correspondences and the assigning of a metal to each of the planets - these and similar correspondences
with other materials etc. could be of some relevance (for use of the symbology rather than the occult value).  The most commonly
used correspondences are fairly obvious and are as follows: Sun - gold; Moon - silver; Mercury - mercury; Venus - copper; Mars -
iron; Jupiter - tin; Saturn - lead; the other planets also have such correspondences but I don't have them to hand.  Another thing
that occurs is that each of the constellations has its 'ruling planet' - if the degrees and minutes of the planetary positions were
linked to those of the house divisions that fall in each of the respective constellations then you could have a set of coordinates
- all you would need to figure out would be whether they are N/S/E/W - I don't know how well this would work - haven't really
looked at it yet but thought I'd throw it in here as an idea anyway.

clue:  Some stuff on Heisenberg that I almost forgot to post.  Just some basic info really.
Background on Heisenberg:
"Heisenberg remained a leading figure in the German nuclear fission project, maintaining administrative ties to the end of the war.
The frightening possibility that this German effort might succeed in providing Hitler with a nuclear weapon was one of the driving
forces of the Manhattan Project in the United States, which produced the nuclear weapons dropped on Japan in August 1945." more

And the date of course - 8/6/1945 - "Bombing Hiroshima with Little Boy by Paul W. Tibbets, Robert Lewis, Thomas Ferebee, William S.
Parsons, Morris Jeppson, and others, at 08:16: 45. Explosion equivalent to 12.5 kilotons of TNT from 60 kg uranium235. Bomb's gross
weigh was 4 tons. 140,000 civilian citizens were killed. Hibakusya (survivors) more than 300,000.Physical ailnesses due to
radiation exposure, short term and long term effects."

Also - maybe completely irrelevant but I was just listening to some guy on the radio talking about 'zero point energy' and well, it
sounds like the sort of thing that *ought* to be relevant somewhere here:


clue:  From my reading of the text block - the 'fourth root' is to be extracted from the astrological chart and this is connected
somehow to the 're-route' of the 'winter tour' - which is to be done in order to take advantage of the newly-discovered way around
a sticky problem ('passage circumventing the Sargasso Sea') - the sticky problem being something to do with the IMF paper.

Eri 12.09.2004

This isn't much of a clue, but it might help:
Briesmeister, J. F. (Editor) (2000), ^”MCNP4C ^÷ A General Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code,^‘ Los
Alamos National Laboratory report, LA-13709-M. This report is referenced here - and in several
other papers, but I can't find the report itself.

John 12.13.2004
The card symbols in the lower left are The "Dead Man's Hand 
Legend holds that Wild Bill Hickok was shot to death during a poker game in Deadwood, South Dakota, and that the hand he held was
two pair, black aces and black eights. On that most people agree. The fifth card is not known for certain.

near a terminal 12.13.2004

Lacan was considered a genuine genius in some quarters and simply crazy in others but his writings have influenced a great
number of high level thinkers.  He was a psychiatrist but many of his writings have direct political applictions especially in the
sense of influencing people without them knowing it.  Easy way to say it is that Big Brother has learned a great deal since "1984."
The basic idea seems to be that if you read a lot of a certain type of thing and especially if you use certain linguistic patterns
constantly, it will influence your behavior.  You can't help it at least according to Lacan.  People who hate Lacan and there a
many of them say that all he did was state the obvious.  Maybe but that was never obvious before him.  Two things come to mind with
those thoughts as a background. First, it would explain what looks obsessed repetition with certain themes and second it explains
the variations in the presentation of the themes.  The more different and even new ways you say the same thing means that many more
people will be influenced and it especially means that anybody who thinks about what Bryan has pulled together will involuntarily
be influenced by it.  None of what was just written rules out the possiblity of real messages being sent in secret with every ad. 
Just a different level. The insiders get what they need to do their assignments and the rest of us get our thinking restructured
whether we like it or not.  This may be as off the wall as some of the other comments that appear on this site but I think it makes

Chun the Unavoidable 12.14.2004
The "freaks" email dated Nov 1, 04, clearly makes reference to Mexico.

The two rust fungi mentioned here were (Uromyces epicampus & Uromyces hydsari-paniculata) both gathered and identified near the
Mexico City area. Though LSD is derived from a different type of rust fungus and there was an earlier reference to "altered states
of consciousness," I'd suppose that this is a geographical marker.

leakingpen 12.15.2004

clue:  jury de medietate linguae  is a jury of half toungue.  the line is that those assigned should hurry becuase the pigs and
hirelings are lax becuase they have used the inferential equivilant of a jury de medietate linguae.  well, what that is is a jury
half of natives, half of foreigners (kinda a jury of half your peers, half ours).  what it means is that teh pigs and hirelings are
working together (something i believe was referenced earlier in another transmission.) and half compared notes, and come up with
some conclusions that are false.  im drawing a few conclusions from this.  a strike is being sped up because the enemy is making it
easier than expected, the hirelings and pigs are probably holding info back from each other, leading to teh wrong inference, and
why they are being called moronic, and the orphanage has a spy or 3 in the midst, hence they know whats going on.  theres a warning
in there too.  though it says all haste, it also says th erisk is asymptotic to zero.  that means it APPROACHES but isnt.  its a
way of saying, but still be careful, without being as open about it.  

the kethib qere (first line) is a reference to 9th century hebrew scholars who took the early hebrew writings that were sans vowel
marks, and added them, as well as other notes in the margins.  from what i can tell looking at links, teh difference is that they
marked what should be read and what was written, so that you would still know what was original, and the margin notes were also
sometimes meant to be corrections to the version they worked on .  likely one would have to see a copy of the kethib qere version
of that verse, and look at the hebrew.  analogical reasoning means that there is an analogy to be applied.  again, lack of
resources frustates me.

heres a latin translator btw.

using that, videte means to see or consider.orlinsky 1952, the only thing i can find is whats already been mentioned the 52 rsv
bible.  its likely he translated that verse, and they are being told to change the winter iten based on how he translated a word. 
thats one that likely imparts info on quite a few levels.  i find it odd though.  in years past, there was instructions on where to
FIND or RECIEVE the summer or winter tour itinerary, but in this case, its already out there, but now we change it?  the difference
seems important.  

the next line may be the lucky find of ireton (related to bishop ireton?  if so, a possible agent, as ireton was catholic, which
the orphanage is anti, and if so, is one of the foes the catholic church?  if so, probably the revisionists.) in which the
revisionists are goofing up, and about to screw themselves.

visuognosis (visu∑og∑no∑sis) (vizh≤oo-og-noĘsis) [L. visus sight + Gr. gn[omacr]sis knowledge]  the recognition and interpretation
of visual impressions.

so, yeah, that line has to do with the chart.  the fourth root of the chart.  so the winter plan is being changed based on new
info, namely, the revisionists are using bad math, and made a mistake, but they wont realize it.  

note, while all the stuff seems related to money this time, there have been similar conversations related to medicine, technology,
number theory, ect, but always PROBABILITY OF RISK.  whatever is really being discussed is being hidden.

also, using the chart to determine signs and using astrology isnt the orphanages style. using an astrology chart as a star chart to
id a particular star, a time, or a place where said star will be certain place in sky at certain time, that i can see.

embarcardo is spanish for wharf, or place of leaving.  it may or may not refer to san diego.  

joshua and caleb, they were trying to convince people to go somewhere (not looking up the whole story)  but they were the only ones
to get the fruit of the place.  im thinking they are being instructed to kill hostages.  

as always, feel free to email me at the_leaking_pen at yahoo dot com.

Juls 1.6.2005
I was holding off posting any more until you caught up with stuff Bryan, but I shall have to post this.  The astrological
chart appears to have been drawn up using actual observation data rather than ephemeris data - ie, the planets have been placed in
the constellations that they are actually inhabiting rather than the sectors of the sky assigned to the signs of the zodiac in the
ephemeris.  The planets all appear to be within the respective constellations on 1st May 2005, except Pluto which is in the
non-zodiac constellation of Serpens - I don't have the data for the lunar nodes available, nor can I define the planetary positions
to the degrees & minutes with what I have available at present.  Given the speed of motion of the moon and inner planets, they will
not *all* remain in the corresponding signs for more than a few days before one or more moves on, so I'm guessing, in the absence
of more accurate data, that the chart must be intended to indicate a time around MayDay 2005 - with the exception of Pluto of
course.  That having been said, the position of the planets in the constellations would be sufficient to indicate an approximate
date - which the intended audience would naturally read as MayDay 2005 - in which case the degrees & minutes and other data could
have been used to indicate other items of information.

Juls 01.12.2005

Re: "A General Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code (LA-13709-M, as per JF Briesmeister)" - the 'LA' bit appears to refer
to Los Alamos Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, the full code appears to be a reference number for the report, edited by JF
Briesmeister: 'J. F. Briesmeister, Ed., "MCNP - A General Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code, Version 4C," LA-13709-M (April
2000).' - stuff to do with nuclear physics I guess.  It's referenced in a whole lot of other papers, haven't found an online copy
yet but I would note the bit of the paper's title that is absent in the announcement - "Version 4C" - that could well be all we are
looking for here.

leakingpen 01.18.2005
clue:  None of what was just written rules out the possiblity of real messages being sent in secret with every ad. 
Just a different level. The insiders get what they need to do their assignments and the rest of us get our thinking restructured
whether we like it or not.  This may be as off the wall as some of the other comments that appear on this site but I think it makes

ding ding ding.  give that man a cigar.  thats exactly what theyve said on occasion.  that they are trying to restructure the way
people think.  and its working.  since starting on this puzzle, ive found that my own thought patterns are being influenced by the
way the transmissions seem organized.  ive been using more references than i have , although its more in line with how i thought
back when i was younger, before dumbing myself down for modern society. its been causing a few problems with coworkers, im starting
to get the know it all label i used to wear again, but ya know what?  i can deal with it know.  as much as i argue policy with the
orphanage (or, would like to, anyways)  i do have to thank them for that.  

"you won't get wise with the sleep still your eyes, no matter what your dreams may be"

Penny Lane 01.20.2005
Only the stamp on the left is in Afrikaans. The others might be Dutch. I dunno if anyone said that already, but I didn't
find it... 

anonymous 01.22.2005

MCNP is a general-purpose Monte Carlo N-Particle code that can be used for neutron, photon, electron, or coupled
neutron/photon/electron transport. Specific areas of application include, but are not limited to, radiation protection  and
dosimetry, radiation shielding, radiography, medical physics, nuclear eriticality safety, Detector Design and analysis, nuclear
oil well logging, Accelerator target design,  Fission and fusion reactor design, decontamination and decommissioning. The code
treats an arbitrary three-dimensional configuration of  materials in geometric cells bounded by first- and second-degree
surfaces and fourth-degree elliptical tori. 

Juls 01.23.2005
Just reading through the clues and noticed that one I sent wasn't there - probably I lost it myself when trying to send
it, but here it is again anyway... Regarding the astrological chart - the house system that they have used is the Placidean
house system that is more commonly used in continental Europe, not the Equal House system that is most commonly used in the UK
and US.  I don't know that this tells us a whole lot, except that it reminds me yet again of what seem at times to be rather
pained efforts to assert that they have continental European connections - and as some of us have noted from their
communications - the early stuff about non-English speakers and translations for example - doesn't quite ring true.

Juls 01.23.2005
The name of Heisenberg also crops up on the Mayday '99 announcement, in a graphic which also depicts a hand of cards.

Quote concerning George II - I don't know who is supposed to have said it, but I believe that it refers to the widely
believed tradition that King George II stood up (for some reason or other) during the performance of the Hallelujah Chorus of
Handel's Messiah, and when the King stood, everyone had to stand out of respect - this is supposedly the origin of the custom of
standing while this section of the work is performed - so it is possible that the quote is actually referring readers to that
piece of music, which may serve in some way in the calculations for identifying the "victualling stations".

Beacon 01.25.2005
Here is a handy link to a real (astronomical ) ephemeris. It gives the actual constellations ( i.e. where we
have decided the stars in a particular constellation are and can actually see them there in the sky) rather than 15
degree artificial divisions.

Jenna J. 02.01.2005
I don't know how to explain this but if you look at the message to Hance for 1 October 2004 it mentions
tsunamis.  Then Hance got a delivery on December 22nd with a picture of an angel about to drop a huge millstone into
the sea.  Then on 26 December 2004 the tsunami struck.  Seems like a lot of coincidences. 

hance: I think that might be a bit much ...
Juls 04.01.2005
clue:  This needs work but let's say, if you were applying Genesis 8:17 in terms of analogy to financial dealings, you might
interpret it as "extract every penny you can so that we can invest it to finance our project" - so, we could say that: 'Ireton has
found a way to get around the difficulties we have with extracting funds from [establishment a].  The Orphanage is therefore
instructing The MTT and The LOC to change their planned operations and concentrate on preparing to apply Genesis 8:17 (get
everything you can) to [establishment a].' 

-HRS 05.10.2005
Aces over 8s- dead man's hand- is correct- BUT that was Deadwood, SD not ND- not too far outside Sioux Falls.

Brian 05.24.2005

The wheel

as someone said before about the planetary symbols is true. The two symbols that look like U's with circles at the end
are lunar nodes.

What this is is someone's horoscope. This person was born with Cancer rising. The 12 signs are assigned to houses 1-12.
Each line represents the cusp of a house. The line pointing to cancer (the sideways '69') is the cusp of the first
house. You go counterclockwise to the second line which is the cusp of the second house. and so on and so forth. Each
planet is assigned to one of the twelve houses i dont know what the order means. 

another interesting fact was when i tried to calculate a DOB or even YOB i couldnt find a point even on a yearly scale
when the planets aligned this way. however, my charts only go back to 1900.

Someone 06.23.2005
Just a thought...the "the courier will only be present" line is spaced odd, as if to fit that line and that line only. 
Might be a printing thing but I don't think it is. That line may hold special significance.

I also agree that the transmissions are a newsletter of sorts for those within the organization, keeping 
them updated on various aspects and projects, while somehow being a recruiting tool of sorts.

Think about it. Who here, after trying to figure out all of this, would like to know what The Orphanage 
is all about? I believe that the reason they use such a public form of communication is to gain interest 
with outsiders.

Just theories, though. Just theories.

near a terminal 06.27.2005
On the wheel thing it might be the horoscope of one of the famous people they admire or I guess it could be one that they
hate.  I wonder though about varieties of "wheels."  How many are there?  I don't know anything about astrology except that it is
really old Greek astronomy with other influences thrown into the pot.  So I'm wondering if they haven't used some unusual variant
that a mathematician might understand better than an astrologer.  An example came to mind which caused me to write this.  Years ago
I knew a woman who was very much into astrology and she used to talk about "harmonics."  Like lots of harmonics and different
numbers meant different things.  I wonder if we don't have something along those lines in this one.

Marcel 08.15.2005
clue:  You have an inexact translation of Gen 8:17.

A better (though probably still imperfect!) reading is:
"Take out with you every living creature from all flesh: birds, livestock, and all land animals that walk the earth. Let them swarm
on the land. They shall breed and multiply on the earth."

The word in question is the hebrew word written "hayetze" in the ketib. The Masoretic (traditional) gloss on the text instructs the
reader to pronounce the word "hayotze". The difference in meaning is picked up on by the famous medieval commentator, Rashi, who is
the first source used by all Orthodox Jews who have a question about a bible verse.

Rashi says, "It is written as hayetze, but it is read hayotze. [The interpretation] of one is: "Tell them to leave [the ark]." The
interpretation of the other is: If they refuse to leave then you make them leave. 

So, I guess what you're looking at here is a comment about people who (on invitation) refuse to do something, are forced to.


Marcel B 09.01.2005
Joshua and Caleb were 2 of the 12 spies sent by the Children of Israel to spy on Canaan.
The other 10 came back saying that the people who live there are invincible. Joshua and Caleb said they could be conquered and that
the land was magnificent. In a way, their story reflects the motto that follows their names in the advert.
I guess someone is just telling someone to make the best of difficult circumstances.

Juls 02.03.2006
Re. the horoscope - just wanted to point out, since folk seem to be missing what was posted before, that it
would seem that the horoscope was constructed for the date of **May 1st, 2005** using actual *observational data*.  I
could only determine this very roughly, if anyone is able to check this out and confirm, it would be greatly
appreciated. :)
I would value a second opinion.

Dylan 02.12.2008
To expand on the Dead Man's Hand shown at the bottom of this advertisement and many
others: True that aces and eights were the hand that Wild Bill had when he was shot, but as
someone stated before they were all black (spades and clubs). Interestingly enough the 1939
John Wayne movie "Stagecoach" used this hand in it's story line with the ace of spades being
replaced by the ace of diamonds, and the fifth card showing as a queen of  hearts, just like
the Mayday ads. Something to note is that the movie was based on the story "The Stage to
Lordsburg" which has been speculated to to be inspired by "Boule de Suif" by Guy de
Maupassant. I don't know if this hand shows up in the story...

I don't think this is a coincidence with all the Wells Fargo references and what-not. I think
the hand shows up to represent a certain action by the Orphanage that will occur after each ad
containing it runs...

Stephan 05/19/2014

Comments: The Latin "sola gratia" means "through grace alone".

Sola gratia is one of the Five solae propounded to summarise the Reformers' basic beliefs during the Protestant Reformation.

The Five solae of the Protestant Reformation:

Sola scriptura
Sola fide
Sola gratia
Solus Christus
Soli Deo gloria