This scan below wasn't part of the ad, but since Chris dug out the bible, we looked up I Samuel 21:13 and scanned it in...

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Hazard J Simpson
clue:  Recife - 
A city of northeast Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean south of Natal. First settled in 1535, it was occupied by the Dutch
from 1630 to 1654. It is the chief urban center of northeast Brazil and an important transportation hub. Population:

recife is known as a major commercial hub.

spe·cie  sh )
Coined money; coin,
Idiom: in specie 
'In coin'. 
In a similar manner; in kind: repaid the offense in specie. 

Das Schlachtfes ; 'The Battle Celebration' from the german

The Geoctroyeerde West-Indische Compagnie is a reference to an old Dutch trading company involved somewhat in piracy
that later became the Dutch WestIndia Company. 

Hazard J Simpson: 06.18.2004
The 100th Meridian cuts the US right down the middle, it's considered the 'Rain Belt' for agriculture. West of
the Meridian would include, Arizona, Mexico, Chicago, California, etc.

'obsidional' refers to taking something thru specifically, siege.


\Ob*sid"i*o*nal\, a. [L. obsidionalis, from obsidio a siege, obsidere to besiege: cf.F. obsidional. See Obsess.] Of
or pertaining to a siege.

Also, MayDay this year and this note both mention lots of references to the Dutch/African trade exploitation and the
Dutch expansion to Brazil...

Eri: 06.19.2004
Regarding the Dutch colony in Brazil, here's a link I found helpful:

The above link refers to Recife as the capitol of the West India Company (WIC) empire in the 1640s, so that would make it a key
Dutch colony. The Dutch and Portuguese battled over territory in Brazil throughout the period of Dutch occupation (as Hazard
mentions above, 1630-1654). And it was the Portuguese who conducted several sieges of Recife from 1645 until the Dutch surrender to
the Portuguese in 1654: 

"On 22 January 1654 the Dutch asked for terms of surrender, and on 26 January 1654 the capitulation was signed. Not only Recife but
all the places still in Dutch hands were included (Paraìba, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Itamaracá, Fernando de Noronha).

The Portuguese made their triumphal entry into Recife on 28 January 1654.

And the WIC never recovered from the loss of Nieuw Holland."

donkeykong: 06.20.2004
I believe the leitmotiv is from Proverbs 22:6 but I'm not sure which translation or if they translated it themselves.

Mike: 06.21.2004
Hard to believe no one has pointed out this web page yet, but its very interesting how many words it and this new
announcement have in comon. Take a look.
Eri 06.21.2004
re: "Muntzer's strategic deficiency at Frankenhausen"

Thomas Munzter (1480s-1525) was an early follower of Luther - but he eventually turned against Luther's theology, founded a more
radical movement and led the "Peasant Revolt" of 1524-25. This link provides a nice summary of the revolt and Muntzer's role in it.

Towards the bottom of the page is a description of the defeat at Frankenhausen.

Quote -
The princes, however, needed no justification from Luther to put down the rebellion ruthlessly. Weakened by internal dissension and
lack of leadership, the peasants were no match for the power of princes like the duke of Saxony, the landgrave of Hesse, the bishop
of Wurzburg, and the nobles of the Swabian League. At Frankenhausen, near Luther's birthplace, the revolution came to a bloody end
in May 1525. A chronicler described the scene in this way: 

Then they advanced towards the peasants and began to fire. The poor people just stood there and sang, "Now we pray the Holy
Spirit," as if they were insane. They neither resisted nor fled. Many comforted themselves in Thomas's [Muntzer's] great promise
that God would send help from heaven, since Thomas had said he would catch all bullets in his coat sleeves. 
- End of Quote

This article -
 - claims that Muntzer told his followers they would be saved by the Second Coming.

So perhaps "strategic defeat" refers to Muntzer's "misguided" belief that the Apocalypse was imminent and that he and his followers
would be saved by God at Frankenhausen. 

Jessica Augustsson: 06.23.2004
The Swedish: "Förslaget, vilket tidigare hade väckt en hård debatt, antogs till slut."  

This translates to: "The proposal, which had previously awakened a vicious debate, was finally accepted."

It doesn't seem to be a direct quote, that I can find immediately, and the subject could refer to many things, so I'll keep

Milo Minderbinder: 06.24.2004
"Förslaget, vilket tidigare hadde väckt en hård debatt, antogs till slut." is Swedish and translates to "The proposition,
which earlier had been hotly debated, was accepted (decided upon) in the end."

Wet Monkey
There is a lot of information through this site.  This may be a duplication, but found this link interesting

May Day in Queensland explained.

Tripp: 06.29.2004
There seems to be a deep respect for money and trade which runs through many of these texts, which is the polar opposite of
what I would expect from the political ideologues and religious dogmas that are also contained therein.  Though the socialist
overtones have certainly dropped off quite a bit since the earlier texts.

Based on that and snippets of other information I've come across here are a couple of ideas...

"The City of Richmond" - As has been mentioned was a transatlantic ship at one point.  It primarily ran as an immigrant from
Liverpool to NY.  I have found some interesting ties to the Protestant religion pertaining to that particular ship.

My guess would be that whom ever is posting these texts to the Wildcat can date their lineage in the US back to this particular
ship.  Or a person of respect in their eyes can be dated back to this ship.  I've found a few passenger lists online but haven't
spent too much time with them yet.

So perhaps the references to "marks" and "dobroes" are references to people rather than monies?  I'm not sure.  But I'm considering

[Not referenced directly in this communique]

"The Brasher Doubloon" - Famous coin.  Interesting history.  Two of them have been stolen and later returned.  One was stolen from
Yale University, though unfortunately the dates don't quite jibe with what we've been given.  

The other was stolen from the DuPont family at gunpoint and returned the next year.  Unfortunately the dates suck for that one too.
However, and I haven't been able to confirm this online, a respected numismatist told me that DuPont Brasher Doubloon was recovered
in Arizona by an agent working on their behalf.  The DuPont's, to the best of my knowledge, are a largely Protestant family.

Indy: 06.30.2004
so i did a little counting. may be useless but it seems like everything has a meaning for these guys. may 1, 1981 and august
24 1981 are the only messages without a smily face. i couldnt see the faces on march 8 1989, may 1 1989, march 20 11991 and march
20 1993. what i could see were the numbers of hairs on the smiley faces for the rest of the dates. 

4 - 1
5 - 35
6 - 21
7 - 4
8 - 2

it starts out quite varried. 5/1/82 6 hairs
4/19/83 7
4/29/83 6
11/22/83 5
5/1/84 6
9/13/84 and 3/15/85 7
then from may 1 1985 until december 4 1996 all the heads have 5 hairs. 

then may 1 1997 until may 1 2003 the heads have 6 hairs

12/3/2003 and 5/1/2004 have 8 

and finally june 16 2004 the only head with 4 hairs appears. 

talk about splitting hairs.

leakingpen 07.14.2004
start off.  schlachtfest, or literally slaughterfest.  its a celebration that goes along with the slaughtering of the
animals from the herds for meat, the first slaughter at the start of winter or end, depending on the source i look at.  its a time
of a lot of eating, and pretty much a harvest festival.  the important part?  its emphasis is on the slaughter of PIGS.  the
slaughter done traditionally in a group, lots of pigs getting carved up and roasted.  me tinks the pimp is one of those who finds
the delay of such a holiday distasteful. actually, thats probably what hes talking about when he says hes loyal, and whats a mite
of a delay?  interesting there, as it almost seems that making it that public is a bit of a dressdown, a warning to some of the
more militant brethren to hold their horses, and keep their hands on the nose and face while their at it.  looks like the little
piggies aint gonna make it to market.  likely an ambush set up.  of course, if the orphanage is right on their feelings towards the
pigs, even giving them warning like this wont help.  if they're wrong, well, it wont be the first time the hunter became the

Volkseigentum, in the East German Republic (1945-1989) used term for the Socialist national possession: The subject of the
Volkseigentum is the State. Object of the Volkseigentum are the economically and socially important businesses/firms and

this terms come up before, in reference to some kind of weapon or ammo, iirc.  honestly, it looks like a b and not a v to me, but
hey, bolkseigentum gives nadda on the google.

on muntzer, im in agreement with the previous clue and yet not.  look how they reffer to him.  the misguided.   but, they seem to
love luther.  the diff?  luther aimed at higher society, people with power.  muntzer got a peasent revolt going.  he lost at
franken in part becuase he had a large group of untrained peasents, who he had convinced would be saved by god.  perhaps what they
are saying is that they cant trust some ground troops they have?

and this is if they dont get some resources needed from niuew holland.

this is apparently a refference to the southern portion of the new world, mostly south mexico and south america.  where, as has
already been identified, the orphanage and da pimp are currently active, slicing some puerco.   (mmmm, el puerco del puerco. 
funny, im suddenly hungry AND in the mood for a laugh)  da pimp is talking with some people there who he has no respect for, small
time criminals from teh sounds of it.  so the orphanage is smuggling something through south america.  from teh sounds of it, da
pimp is currently involved in securing the routes to get whatever it is into the us, and up into tuscon.  

pigs and hireling are ensorcelled, seems obvious to me, with the bible quote right there.  da pimps letter seems a little more
bloodthirsty and a little less coherent than normal.  seems like they're trying to lull them into a false sense of security by
acting insane and bloodthirsty.  (or, maybe, just not hiding it as well as normal, who knows.)

the revisionists and the pelagians are going at it.

oops.  one more thing.  the moment must be grasped.  seems to be again pointing to muntze, the ooriginator of the phrase,
strike while the iron is hot.

also, bry, you joined the yahoo group i made, mention it to others if you want people to join it so we can get some discussion

Rej 07.27.2004
clue:  Re leakingpen 07.14.2004 comment about Volkseigentum, the initial letter appears as a B because of the script used, namely
Fraktur (from the latin fractura).  It was in use in German-speaking countries for nearly 500 years between the 1500s until 1941. 
The B and V in Fraktur look almost identical, with the only true difference being that the B connects in the middle (as opposed to
the same letter with no middle line in the "B"). A mix-up of the sort occured with the initials on Hitler's  (forged) diaries
"found" in 1983, which had FH instead of AH written in Fraktur on the cover. Personally, it appears to be a B to me, but due to
differences in Fraktur-fonts it could understandable. And the fact that there is no Bolks-anything word in the German language. I
never imagined I'd spend so much time talking about a script as common as Olde English these days....

leakingpen 08.16.2004
clue:  rej, thanks for that.  that reminds me, i honestly think that we are ignoring the fonts to our detriment, but thats me. 
also, on bayesian analysis, its basically a way of taking how often something has happened in the past, watch how often it
happens in the present, then projecting when it will happen in the future.  so, repeated analysis means one of two things, or a
combo.  one, the event being looked at is happening a bunch, or b, they are tweaking the prior distribution, removing and adding
events, to see how it affects the calculation.  

near a terminal - 09.23.2004
It seems interesting that some German is in normal Latin alphabet script and some is in that funny script. Got to be a
message in that someway.  How many alphabets do they use?

Burrito 12.19.2004
clue:  The "funny script" you mention, as used in "Volkseigentum" is called Deutsche Schrift (german script) and was used in
different forms for all printings since Martin Luther. It was banned on Jan. 3rd 1941 by an order of Adolf Hitler because they
were, in his eyes, Jewish letters.

More (german):

Ron H-w 02.22.2005
1. Population of Recife itself is probably as given by Mr Simpson, whereas the metropolitan district which
includes Boa Viagem and Olinda has a total population of some 2.2 million.

2. Mr Simpson mentions a source which states that the GWC (Geoctroyeerde West-Indische Compagnie) "is a reference to an
old Dutch trading company that later became the Dutch WestIndia Company".  Not strictly true, 
there was no name change.  I'd agree with "which WAS ALSO CALLED the Dutch WestIndia Company", or "which IS ALSO
REFERRED TO AS the Dutch WestIndia Company"!  Maybe because even those non-Dutch who can spell this word for
"chartered" are unable to pronounce it!

3. Please note a change to the address of my "botija" page, it is now at

darquePhizzix 05.06.2005
again, big picture...i believe the focus is on aries...and cross recognition, if you take the hebrew letter for
ariesis "He" can get many things: IS afterall part of the holy name..."Yod-He-Vav-He" is Nisan in the year is the liver
....and it's syzergy is vision and blindness...

these are what i like to call "hot points" they may not help at first, but rember they are there.


"He" is also ay subsequint to "He-Qof-Bet-He"= "The Holy Blessed Be He"

near a terminal 06.27.2005
The "Darque" person seems to be on target with blindness and vision.  Many references to the (perceived fact or at least
perceived-by-them-as-fact) that many of their hated enemies look directly at these and see nothing.  Same point on how crazy they
are.  If anybody stands on a corner and drools, talks to himself, yells at traffic and so on, you might feel sorry for him but
almost nobody would think he was pursuing a long range, rational purpose.  The freaks seem to rejoice in that knowledge and that
makes me think they are philosophically or even theologically committed to a certain understanding of vision and blindness, which
is exactly what "Darque" said in his or her remarks.

barmaid 01.16.2006
 do you think any of the freaks might be teachers?  it scares me to think they might be molding children.  maybe that is how
some of them were recruited.

sjwk 07.01.2006
Just a general observation - Freaks 190 (18/6/06) references Bloomsday.  The date of this ad is the 100th anniversary of the
fictional day in Joyce's work.  Joyce was dismissed as not being of importance (although the day might be).  Can't see anything
obviously relevant, but thought I'd flag it since the date and year match.

Ignantz 01.29.2007
	"Obsidional" refers here, obviously, to coins produced during a time of siege or war, as opposed to standard currency

Charlie P. 11.23.2007
When I looked up the number 12104 (the number of marks to be delivered), the
first link that Google brought up was a page by NCBI that contains information about
"Porcine encephalomyocarditis virus."


Could this be a euphamism for a biological weapon, much as they used "Fermi's Fear" to
denote what must have been nuclear weapons?	

El Jav 12.30.2007
I think munzter's mistake is generally considerd to have been 1)attacking too early
and 2) trusting too much in faith and not enough in cannon.	

Brian 02.27.2008
Which bible did you use? I'm using the JPS (Jewish Publication Society). 
I Samuel 21:13 in my book says
These words worried David and he became very much afraid of King Achish of Gath

This brings up one of the lesser known facts about Martin Luther. One of the things he
protested about was the differences between the Old Testament of the Torah and the Old
Testament in the King James version of the Bible	

Lewis Winthorpe 05.19.2008
The reference to Frankenhausen may refer to Banknotes issued in 1923