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~mar. 04.20.2005
2121 11th Street West, Saskatoon is a the address of Cameco Corporation, a company that mines uranium, gold, etc. for
producing electricity.

Juls 05.01.2005
Just a few wee bits for now...
JD 2453547.29166667 is, unsurprisingly, on the 25th June 2005.

Cochin de lait (my dictionary has 'Cochon de lait') is Sucking Pig - 'a la Portugais' - this year's pigs will be carved up in the
Portugese fashion I guess, or maybe they're going for some Portugese pigs.

'prechauffez le four a' - 'preheat the oven to'.

'Rooister Bouvereniging' - 'RedStar Building Society' 

Cameco - 'the world's largest publicly traded uranium company and a growing gold producer' and they're moving into the nuclear
energy sector.. "With input from investment clients around the world, Standard and Poor's has decided to reclassify Cameco from
diversified metals and mining to a new global sub-industry called coal and consumable fuels.

Cameco is one of only two TSX-listed companies to join the new classification of companies primarily involved in the production and
mining of fuels related to the generation of electricity. 

The change, which is effective April 29, reflects Cameco's progress toward its vision to be a dominant nuclear energy company."

Cameco Corp NYSE Basic 5 year chart here..

..shows an excalated rise in 2003 after a short dip, overall trend is up.

'2121 11th Street, (West) Saskatoon, S7M 1J3' is the address of offices of Cameco including Investor & Corporate Relations Dept.

The 'Frog Fund' as we know from previously, was an investment in the now notorious Elf Aquitaine.

'Gallia Togata' - 'Gauls who wear the toga' ie. Romanised Gauls or more specifically, those from Cisalpine Gaul (Northern Italy).

North Foreland is a lighthouse in Broadstairs, Kent, England.

'Les Mortes Dansant' - The Dancing Dead'

'Die Mitlaufer' - this is a film by Erwin Leiser, released Jan 15th 1986, aka 'Following the Fuhrer'. "1986's Following the Fuhrer,
codirected by Adolf Winkelman combines fact with fiction as it chronicles the misadventures of a group of Third Reich advocates in
the closing days of the war. As their world literally explodes around them, these faithful few huddle together to survive, trying
and failing to sustain their beliefs with Hitlerian fantasies."

Later :)

Anon 05.01.2005
Leitmotiv is from Hebrews 12:21
Underlined word is fantazomenon, which has the meaning of illusion, imposter, etc.
Passage refers to Deuteronomy 19 and 20, and it may use "phantasm" to refer to the god of the old testatment. Don't be afraid of
imposters, etc.
Bunyan alluded to these verses.

7.297... is the fine structure constant. (approx. 1/137).
This article argues that it might have been different at variable points in the age of the
Then this one argues that the evidence from above is faulty.
I suspect "they" have a lot invested in constants. The other numbers round the chart seem to depart from the NIST's assessments of
their value.

Cyclophopsphamide, carmustine, fluorouracil, and doxorubicin are used to treat cancer. So is cisplatin.

Imipramine is an anti-depressant.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter.

Succinylcholine is a muscle relaxant.

Vincristine is also used to treat cancer.

a neutron moderator is a medium which reduces the velocity of fast neutrons, thereby turning them into thermal neutrons capable of
sustaining chain reaction.

Julian Date is 3:00 PM EST on Saturday June 25, though the last three digits of precision (667) weren't calculable.

Portuguese roasted pig (note google result for "cochin de lait").

Deuterium oxide is heavy water.

First google result for steel and RPV is a paper on its qualities. This, along with heavy water reference, seems to suggest
something about a nuclear reactor, which is obvious bullshit on a literal level.

Some unusual activity comes up for that frequency, available via google.

        Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of 4,10-Dihydro-4-oxo-4HImidazo[ 1,2-a]Indeno[1,2-e]Pyrazine Derivatives:
Highly Potent and Selective AMPA Receptor Antagonists with In Vivo Activity. By: Stutzmann, Jean-Marie; Vuilhorgne, Marc; Mignani,
Serge. Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, Feb2004, Vol. 4 Issue 2, p123, 18p; DOI: NO; (AN 12104279)

Seems to be the reference for the RPR117824. Colloquially, it might be "repaired brain damage."

Afrikaaner seems to be Redstar Investing Company.

Cameco is the world's largest uranium producer. Stock bought in July 2003 would have nearly doubled in value, which seems a bit too

Gallia togata, toga'd Gauls--has faux-nobility connotations, etc. Plebs sordida is what it sounds like. Also those who reside north
of the Rubicon were called Gallia togata.

Ezekiel 9: Purge of idolaters in Jerusalem. Rather bloodthirsty.

dopa decarboxylase" enzyme that helps produce dopamine and serotonin

W/r/t 3150 KHZ, note this from

RTCOM News ( wrote:
: I caught on yesterday a strange broadcast on 3150 kHz, short after 2300
: UTC. The call "PCD2" was repeated several times in radio alphabet then
: "Group 18" and a twice repeated message (still in radio alphabet).
: Letters were groupes in stucks of five. The whole message is around 100
: character long. The speaker voice was female

This type of station is generally believed to be operated by the MOSSAD,
Israel's foreign intelligence service.  Agents in the field use a special
one time pad to decode the groups into a message.  "One time" refers to
the fact that each page of the pad is used to decode one and only one
message and then destroyed.  This prevents decoding the content of past
messages if an agent is captured.  These and similar "spy numbers"
stations run by other organisations usually broadcast near the shortwave
broadcasting bands so they can be received with a simple innocuous
portable radio instead of special equipment that screams "Hey, this guy
is a spy."

tim gueguen 

Saskatoon is mentioned just a while later. The alleged Mossad transmissions also come up in searches for 5435 KHZ.

6930 KHZ also comes up on the AMTs aforementioned.

Saskatoon address is corporate headquarters of Cameco.

Old Saxon paternoster.

IFR could be Integral Fast Reactor.

corpus mixtum has theological reference--mixed body of elect and preterite in Church until end-days.

swedish "the suspect [subject?] refused to answer some questions" (these few questions?)

Judges 7:20, Gideon's trumpets, etc. Scaring a numerically superior enemy. "Les Morts Dansant" might very well be a reference to
the Magnum song, which seemed to quoted earlier. Netzach and Tiphareth refer to the cabala. There are far too many digits of
precision in the coordinates, which has also been the case with many others posted. It specifies a space not quite half-an-inch
square in Boston. Ascension Day is Thursday, May 5 this year. Die Mitlaeufer has negative connontations in Germany, referring to
someone who assisted the Nazis. Probably comes up in Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners, though I haven't checked this. I am
not sure what Level 3 in the 8/4/2004 might refer to. Various conspiracioids have made much of "laus deo" being inscribed on the
Washington monument.

Fiducia cordis around the ring, of course. Missing an "l" in Cromwell. Top right circle adjacent to the cross seems to be
cross-section of a brain, though this is a poor scan (where's our shiny PDF?). The painting in the top left looks familiar, might
even be Gandalf and Saruman digging by the light of a palantir (no, probably not). Can't make out anything about the bottom two.

nelson 05.01.2005
googled this:
The "fine constant" listed here is the number at the top of the ad

Juls 05.01.2005
Leitmotiv - this is Hebrews 12:21 "And so terrible was the sight, that Moses said, "I am full of fear and trembling."  Note
- the underlined word - phantazomenon, 'sight' (as in a thing become visible).

Juls 05.01.2005
Text on the arms of the cross - this is a line of the Lord's Prayer in Old Saxon (continental) - "Give us today holy
counsel, Lord God" - this would be in place of the line 'Give us this day our daily bread'.  Full text of prayer is here:

Pope Jim 05.01.2005
5435 kHz, 3150 kHz, and 6930 kHz are all frequencies used by "numbers stations", which broadcast long strings of numbers
(and sometimes letters) to unknown agents.  Nobody admits to running them, but it's accepted wisdom in the monitoring hobby that
some of them are Mossad, some MI5, some NSA, and some Cuban.  At least one of the above is believed to be Mossad.

Juls 05.01.2005
Map - centres on Pinon Flat Observatory, California.  Pinon Flat is operated by the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary
Physics of the University of California, San Diego. It is the location of the PIN1 and PIN2 GPS sites.

Rick 05.01.2005
7.297,352, 533 x 10-3 is the fine value constant

Cameco Corporation, 2121 11th St W, Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7M 1J3


hmmmmm, no reference to the recent events impenging upon the Roman Empire?! I guess they allow their homeless tool some leeway in his communications. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mike 05.01.2005

Hi - I am a student at UA and came across your site.  It's nice to know that someone is working on this problem, cause it's
stumped me for the past couple of years.

This and some of the previous ads seem to describe a meeting. Has anyone actually tried to sneak into one of these meetings? I
think that would be the quickest way to solve this mystery.

What I know about the first paragraph:

amygdala: a part of the brain. All the paragraphs seem to be named after parts of the brain.(From Wikipedia: Located in the brain's
medial temporal lobe, the almond-shaped amygdala (in Latin, corpus amygdaloideum) is believed to play a key role in the emotions.)
Confessio Augustana: Not sure, but this has something to do with Protestants. This year is indeed the 475th anniversary.
JD 245....: June 25, 2005 18:59:59, possibly 19:00:00

Cochin de lait a la portugais: not sure, probably a food (transelates to: Portugese milk cochin, whatever that is.)
Deuterium Oxide: Water, Heavy Water to be exact.

I'll do more if I can later, I plan on pulling out my Merck Index and finding out what I can about all these chemicals.

Juls 05.01.2005
 Swedish in paragraph labelled 'hippocampus' - "the suspect refused to answer any questions"
Re. final paragraph:
Judges 7.20 "When the three companies blew the trumpets and broke the pitchers, they held the torches in their left hands and the
trumpets in their right hands for blowing, and cried, "A sword for the LORD and for Gideon!";
'from Netzach to Tiphareth along the (in a manner of speaking) 24th Path' - the 24th Path has assigned to from the Tarot, the 13th
card of the Major Arcana which is Death - note, the card more often symbolises major transformation rather than physical death.
Tarot - yeah, I know, but it seems to kind of gel with the aforementioned 'morts dansant'.

dmax 05.02.2005
Deuterium Oxide = water (H20)

BCNU, 5-FU, Doxorubicin, Cisplatin, Vincristine = chemotherapy agents to treat cancers and other things.

Imipramine = antidepressant

Dopamine, succinylcholine = brain chemicals, neurotransmitters

Amygdyla, frontal lobe, corpus callosum, cingulate gyrus, hippocampus, and stria terminalis are all anatomical locations in the

I think everything else is self-explanatory. :)

shining goat 05.02.2005
I googled "Pinon flat" and found this
Were it not for the Orphanage's apparent fixation on geography and geolocation, I might think this was irrelevant, but....

Juls 05.03.2005
The letters in the small circles - 'Fiducia Cordis' - this excerpt from a contribution of Beacon's on another page seems to
capture it well: "..Luther called it 'Fiducia Cordis', a trust in the heart that causes one to risk everything on the faithfulness
of God. It means living your life as though you cannot die, except physically, and that only for a time. It means living as though
you cannot lose, and all that you need is certain and sure.."

Pope Jim 05.03.2005
first big circle below Gustavus Adolphus, "alpha = e-squared over 4 pi epsilon-null h-bar c", is the Fine Structure
Constant, a fundamental constant in quantum electrodynamics that unites other fundamental constants.

jamie 05.04.2005
Maybe useful - RE: Albrecht (something to do with steganography/hidden images & meanings?).

sjwk 05.04.2005
A cavalcade of random searchings:

Rendezvous location in final paragraph: here. JD date in first paragraph equates to 7pm June 25th 2005. 20MnMoNi55 is Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel. Deuterium Oxide (D20) is an isotopic form of water used as a moderator in certain nuclear reactors.

Dopa decarboxylase is an enzyme involved with neurotransmitters.

The map in the lower right quadrant of the central cross looks like a topographical map of Pinon Flat, location of an observatory that tests experimental seismology sensors near Los Angeles/Mojave desert.

Values 7.297352533 top and right are the 'fine structure constant', represented by alpha and used in quantum electrodynamics as the probability of interaction between light and matter.

Bottom left seems to be something to do with tidal motion?

rpr117824 Pyro processing uses heat to change properties and values of ores, minerals and waste. This in the context of IFR suggests processing of nuclear waste in a process developed at the Argonne National Laboratory. Sounds like some new way of monitoring the process not yet patented so only to be discussed in person at the meeting.

Final paragraph again: Netzach and Tiphareth are the 6th and 7th Sephirah of the Tree of Life, representing Beauty and Victory. The 2121-11th Street address is that of Cameco, also mentioned in the second paragraph.

Ctu 05.06.2005
Sus scrofa might just possibly refer to Leo X's bull of excommunication, where he writes, "A wild boar
has invaded thy vineyard, O Lord."

~mar. 05.06.2005
More particularly, deuterium oxide is heavy water. Deuterium being heavy hydrogen.

~mar. 05.10.2005
The location in the final paragraph is the Beach-Knapp district of Boston.

tech 05.16.2005

The general layout of the circles in the image is reminiscent of a rosary. There are 15 of them, which also mirrors the number of beads on a standard rosary. The 15 beads are meant to symbolize the 15 mysteries of Christianity, as discussed here.

I don't know if there is a standard order or correspondence of beads and mysteries, but this message seems to be linking the chemicals (and mathematical constant) to the mysteries.

near a terminal 05.19.2005
I just read the latest message from the Freaks and was struck with the emphasis on "buffer."  This may or may
not be true but I think they send Bryan additional information with the apparently loony communications from the guy
who lives in a dumpster.  For what it is worth I think "buffer" is a _double-entendre" for "permeable membrane."  Look
at all the drugs and chemistry on this page.They are experimenting on someone or mayble lots of someones and permeable
membranes come up constantly in questions of drug interactions, think of the "blood brain barrier" and categories of
that sort.  They must like Bryan to tell you so much but it is also striking that they hold their opponents in total
contempt.  They must assume that "pigs" and "hirelings" cannot track down the drugs and/or the experiments. They may
figure that the data base on this mystery is so large that lower level opponents cannot track down the references. I
mention that because I'm sure that "permeable membrane" has been seen in here sometime somewhere but I can't remember

Beacon 05.19.2005
Bottom right diagram seems to be tide related alright.
the bottom right is of Pinon flat. Pinon flat links with tidal forces and another earlier theme GPS: 

I thought the top left picture was to do with ships but with the higher resolution that is wrong. It looks like two KKK
type or hooded figures pushing punt poles or maybe hoeing or raking the ground. In the background is a tree. In the
foreground is a black horse. The rider is out of the picture but the left hand extends over the head of the horse and
holds a globe possibly of the Earth. 

This all fascinates me and i finally took the initiative to help. Here is what i know

check this out:
Frontal Lobe
Corpus Callosum
and all other italicized words are parts of the brain

I cant tell you what each one does. but i know for a fact that the corpus callosum is the part of the brain that
bridges the right and left hemisphere. it is sometimes removed to treat epilepsy. i would reccomed using
to find the other parts. its how i came to my conclusion.

Kat 05.20.2005

the equation at the top is the equation for fine structure constant. Which, by it's name, was thought to be
...hello...'constant' until recently when a group of scientists discovered that millions of years ago, perhaps the
reaction between neutrons and light was a little slower, in which case, we really woulnd't know, because myabe our
measuring instruments got 'slower' (this is a way over simplification, I know) however, it that were the case, then
carbon would not have been stable, (somehow) and then life would not ever have formed. So what do we have here--a
reoccuring list of peoples names over and over and over again, Cromwell, Calvin, Luther, Gustavus Adolophus--all
warriors in their own way, all spoken to by a higher power that had nothing to do with the church, all
reformists--trying to get people to think from their hearts--we have a very appocalyptic, cryptic series of events
seemingly undecipherable to the average person, but hinting that some odd group of overly paranoid highly sophisticated
and intelligent beyond our realm individuals seem to be able to read it like it was...well, a newspaper article. WHO
subscribes to this paper???? Can you find THAT list---certainly the people these messages are for CANNOT all be in
Tuscon....WHO is taking out those adds? Better yet---WHO gets that phone call or letter to place the add????Can you
talk to ALLL the people on this newspaper? SOMEONE has got to know something. Can you check if this paper gets shipped
anywhere---are there any OTHER pepers on this planet with the same messages---good lord. Not only that ( you can sense
my frustration here) but amidst the mountains of geometry, physics and chemistry amassed in these pages...WHAT is the
string? A massive event in the future--some scientific  pointing to the end of the world--the second coming of
SOMETHING? There are many things that allude to nuclear power, fusion, energy..some sort of release of energy--then
they allude to chemistry and drugs--mind control through pharmeceuticals--hell they even allude to aliens and other
dimensions---if you find the doorway you will be welcome? Are they the ancient sect that is still trying to find the
alchemy arch???
are they time travelers--or are they complete nuts?
Or does someone have Sooooo much time on their hands that they are creating a puzzle that NOBODY understands. I'll bet
you 5$ 100% of it is a great big hoax. My friends, we have been duped.

Brian 05.20.2005
Heres some info on the 24th path connecting Netzach and Tiphareth

cutter 06.21.2005
The brain structures written in bold itlaics like cingulate gyrus have many functions but all have intimate
connexions with the limbic system which is instrumental in instictive responses. I think they  are experimenting with
reprogramming.  The big challenge in reprogramming has always been to alter the subject's  instinctual responses.

Blue 06.21.2005
are these people practicing out of the body experineces through drugs to reach nirvana? Are these trips INNER
trips---trying to find God through drugs? As Owesly, the acid chemist of the 60's did? Or is that the correct Owelsy?
Are they similar to the Hale Bopp cult? Is this driving everyone crazy?

cynic2 05.29.2005

Under "Frontal Lobe" is mention of the "Delectation Dome." That has been in here before but I can't remember
where.  We need a searchable database for this thing but that is probably too much for the webmaster.  My point is that
"The Hotel California" shows up in this one too by means of that specific reference.  I have slowly but surely gone
over to the conviction that you could hide out some specific location waiting for the Freaks and never see an
identifiable Freak.  I'm almost completely positive that they hold their meetings in cyberspace by one form or another.
They probably know several ways to do that are unknown to me and maybe unknown to anybody else. The use of "Hotel
California" would be especially clever as several of the industrious contributors to this site have found "Hotel
California" all over the world including in Antarctica.  The FBI or the Keystone Kops could dispatch every available
agent and still never catch a Freak because electrons are their messengers.  That would also make more sense of these
because we only see the recurrent public portions.  In other words some of us could hire a private detective to watch
the Webmaster for a year and not know anymore than we do now because Hance rarely if ever makes physical contact with
the rest of them.

hance - far as I know I've never made contact with 'them' save for the stuff they send me.

clue:  I've spent the past few weeks searching through the UA library microfiche, looking for ads that might be missing
from this site. 
While I didn't find any like the ones that appeared after May 1981, I did notice something that might be of interest:
There are a whole bunch of classified ads in the year prior to the May 1981 ad that offer "magic squares" for sale.
Since there are many references to magic squares later in the text, perhaps the crack for this code is located
somewhere in those classifieds?
Just a thought.

hance - I'm impressed - send me scans of these? Then again in '80 'magic square' could be acid/lsd?

cynic2 06.10.2005
Just a thought for what it's worth: Cromwell is missing an L.  On American currency the Federal reserve seal for
the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank is L.  There are numerous references in these things over years and years
dealing with San Francisco.  Maybe the Freaks met there and started conspiring during the high times in Haight Ashbury
or they went to school there and so on and so forth.  They might even be meeting there this 25th of June.

Rich 06.22.2005
	tech's comment about the layout resembling the Rosary tickled a synapse.

In L. Ron Hubbard's book "Battlefield Earth", there's a bit at the end where the old Psychlo engineer explains how the Psychlos did their time-travel calculations. It as a crypto-arithmatical system based on a diagram of the gates in their Imperial city. Each letter in a "variable" name corresponded to a corresponding letter in a gate name, mapping letters to numbers.

Although I see no indication that the Orphanage is doing anything similar in the diagrams they use.

Michael 06.23.2005
re: Corpus collosum

A search for dopa decarboxylase revealed that it is (quite obviously) a dopamine protein that is experimentally used 
in ADHD patients. I may be wrong on some of that, so don't take it as gospel.

Sus scrofa is the common wild boar. 

Apparently Pig children were given candy laced with drugs, and were given a synchronization device 
(search for this turned up devices used for synchronization of transmitted data packets) as a gift 
years later. 

I'm working on going through the index with regards to the different letters in the circles, try to 
put them in some sort of order. I'll get back to you on that.

foobar 07.03.2005
One obvious  point is that the words --fiducia cordis--form a chain.  more like a chain than a circle and there have been
earlier references to the --golden chain.  Thinking back I believe they used the Latin name--catena aurea.  Those words normally
refer to a passage in the Book of Romans which prove predestination.  All that fits with what else we know about them.

Michael 08.29.2005
Just a thought...if you look at the whole page with the references to parts of the brain in mind, the "chain" around the
outside resembles a top down view of the brain.

The bottom two pictures (quadrants III and IV of the "cross") have to do with topography. The diagram has something to do with the
mathematical aspects of "body tide" which is the Earth's elastic response to solar and lunar potential forces.

I have read through more pages on body tide than I care to think about, but I did come up with several links between the diagram on
the left and Pinon Flat observatory. Both deal with seismology/topography, as well as with tidal forces. I am really working hard
to find the context of that diagram, but I doubt that it's on the internet.

Oh, it's worth mentioning that every part of the brain mentioned in the article is labelled on the sidecut diagram of the brain.
Perhaps some reorganizing is in order?

"under the cybernetic roof of die Mitlaufer specified in..."--die Mitlaufer translates as "the Follower." The date mentioned was a
short unscheduled SR/CL which quoted "Arise, Peter, kill and eat." There was a small phrase in French at the bottom with lots of
symbols (you know how that goes) that said "the Handymen: targets 3 and 8." From that, the only Follower I can think of that would
be capitalized is Peter.

Having just moved, I lost all my progress on going through the different dates in the circles. If anyone wants to help me with
that, say so. It's just a lot of tedious work that needs to be done.

Or maybe not. Damn you, Orphanage, what with your taking over my life, and making me inadvertently make references to things that
none of my peers understand! 

Anon 09.02.2005
clue: Die Miläufer probably, since it can mean "fellow traveller" refers to Eco, since there's a reference to Foucault's Pendulum in that ad. An on-line copy of the text, perhaps stored in google or amazon, could be the reference.
ringer 09.06.2005
The drugs seem to mean something different than what anybody has suggested so far.  I think it is more likely that one of
their test subjects has developed cancer from whatever they have been feeding him or her.  It may have been force feeding but I'd
rather not think about that.

cynic2 09.25.2005
I haven't been as active on this as I would like because of relationship problems but a thought came to mind while I was
shouting at someone: If this much stuff gets done over so long a time then it can only be motivated by love.  Not even hate could
make you do this much work.

TULIP 06.02.2006
clue:  why the mispeling of cromwell?

Michael 12.02.2005
I don't think Die Mitlaufer refers to Eco at all. Taken in the biblical context of the article, rather than the quotation
from Foucault's Pendulum, it probably doesn't mean him. 

dork0 08.27.2006
	Third time's charm.  my guess is that 'arrival' is meant by the 
russian sentence as the orphanage is constantly send stuff to their agents.  I think most of these are connected with   
deliveries.  The fact they don't get caught is the interesting part.  Or if they do get caught the couriers don't talk.

kevin 01.30.2007
Yo Bryan, regarding the comment in this ad that the "pig helots unknowingly ingested drug-laced confections" 
(or some such): are you planning to sample the candy brain these guys sent you a while back?

hance - yeah, I passed on that one. Far as I know they're still in with all the MM stuff I have.
Andrew H. 03.25.2009
The synthetic pathway in both the center cross and in the top large circles is for 
epinephrine synthesis starting from tyrosine.  Epinephrine/adrenaline is a neurotransmitter, 
so that part makes sense.  What I find kinda interesting is that the structure for epinephrine is 
wrong... there should be an -OH group coming off of those two lines on the ring structure (hydroxyl 
group vs. methyl group, which is what they have pictured).  If we assume that they removed 
those -OH groups intentionally, what does that mean?

Alternatively, they may not have removed those -OH groups at all, but instead the source they used 
to scan the image from was incorrect.  If so, maybe that's a clue to tracking these people down 
(look for o. chem. or biochem. books with error in the epinephrine synth. pathway, pre-05 
publishing date?)... it's a long shot, but I'm just throwing that out there.

Luxor1 08/01/2015
USB has a meaning in radio, different to computing USB. It stands for Upper Side Band, but I'm not sure what that means.

Stephan 03/02/2018
(Webmaster's note: some of the mathematical symbols here are garbled due to copy/paste of special chars. Will try and fix this later)	
Comments: a = e2/4pe0hc is the fine structure constant.

It was introduced by Sommerfeld in 1916.

a ~ 1/137

There is something special about it:
a is dimensionless. It is the result of a strange combination of 3 natural constants: e (charge of an electron, h(Planck's constant)and c (speed of light)--> a = e2/hc.

The fine structure constant connects Quantum Theory (e,h) and the Special Theory of Relativity (c).

Therefore it is a central element of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli developed this theory (Quantum-Electro-Dynamics) in the 1930s.