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Charlie P. 12.07.2007

The first set of coordinates are in Key West, near the water. The second set of
coordinates are in Lichtenstein.

The Routing number is that of a Bank in Lichtenstein. 

Schmizertitsch is a German dialect spoken in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Standardsprache means "native language" or something to that effect, probably a reference
to plain German.

"Vats of Full Doctrine" last appeared in the 22-Feb-1988 ad, in which they were being
dispatched by Capt. Morgan overland aparently from the Democratic Republic of Congo to

The poem in English is from John Hollander's Book Rhyme's Reason, page 10 of the
Google Books edition. The specific edition being referenced is the  3rd (1-March-2001)
edition. The whore of Babylon has appeared in the 1-May-2000 and the 1-May-2002 ads. 

Lorenzo Dow was a Connecticut Methodist preacher/evangelist widley regarded as crazy, and
who allegedly cursed the town of Jacksonborough, Georgia.

Athanasius was a bishop of Alexandria who was a strong proponent of the Catholic doctrine
of the Incarnation (Christ having one identity but two natures)

A Google search reveals that the Hebrew word is part of the word for Barnacle
(, which would make sense considering its position
relative to the picture of the ship. This is probably a simple coincidence, however.

Alexander Blok, the author of the Russian above the English poem, was a Russian poet who
associated with the Communists during and after the Russian revolution.

Loli 12.11.2007
Name: Loli

24.56n, 81.78w goes to a building near Key West, Florida, off the street of North
Roosevelt Boulevard and 4th street	

47.149n, 9.521e  is in I think Germany, on a street called Fohrenweg.

Maxwell Smart 12.13.2007
Comments: Good morning Chief!  Agents 86 and 99 on the case!

First off - my wife and I recently discovered this mystery and find it very intriguing -
your friends are quite the world travellers!  Would you believe... that the first set of
coordinates is for someplace in Key West?  Now, the first thing I would have said was that
there is the Naval Station nearby, but there is a Mental Health Center right across the
street from that address, at 1215 4th St!  As for the other set of coordinates - looks like
someplace in Lichtenstein.  The Helvetic Confederation is a much more beautiful country, I
must say.  St. Moritz is nearby, our friends should meet there instead! (Unless they are
more interested in meeting the royalty of Lichtenstein than in skiing, or apre-ski brandy.)
But what intrigues me the most is our friend's self-portrait: do I detect a missing strand
of hair?

99 and I only just now found the site, otherwise we would have helped with the mystery
earlier.  Sorry about that Chief!  But for now, my shoephone is ringing - I'll review the
older messages later and provide some input!


Javaad 12.19.2007
the quote from the novel "all the kings men" is about the downfall of a populist
leader in the south, supposedly based on Heuy P.Long. Could it be something to do with an
attempt to overthrow a populist leader of the south (eg the coup attempt against Chavez)?

Brad G. 12.21.2007
Comments: "Rhyme's Reason: A Guide to English Verse"
John Hollander 

On Page 10 is where the quote is from.  The section is talking about Iambic Pentameter,
which is what the hash marks are trying to emphasize.

   Iambic Pentameter :
If you want to read more, you can read portions of the book on Amazon (search for Babylon,
look at page 10).

    "A book" is an iamb; so is "the book"; but what we 
    write as "the book" (and pronounced as something 
    like "thee book") promotes the unstressed syllable,
    in emphatic contrast, to something having more of 
    the power of "this book" or "that book." Thus we 
    might, iambically,

        Observe the whore outside the store.

    But if we mean to single out the allegorical figure
    of Revelation 17 then she may become trochaic, when

        Babylon we mean here - the whore
        (Not some hooker by the seashore). (Hollander 10)

Coordinate: 24.56 N, 81.78 W

You can enter these coordinate into Google Maps to see where they lead.  I believe the
coordinates are pointing to "Boots Scoots Motorcycle Repair and Sales" in Key West, FL
(  The shop is by the seashore, so it fits with the text next
to it.


Coordinate: 47.139 N, 9.512 E

Vaduz, Liechtenstein


Clearing No. 8800
PC account 90-3253-1

A quick web search turn up a reference to Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

     Landesbank AG
     Städtle 44, Postfach 384
     9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

     BIC:           LILALI2XXXX
     Clearing No.:  8800
     PC account:    90-3253-1
     ÖR:            FL-0001.000.289-1
     VAT No.:       50.762

Schwizertitsch = Schwyzertütsch = Swiss German Language
Standardsprache = Standard Language

So it sounds like contact must be established in the swiss german language,  

Sunflower 12.22.2007
You know, those Key West coordinates specify only a space more than half a square
mile in size. 

Duke of Alba 12.22.2007
I disdain all Cyrillic, but the Blok reference is almost certainly to something from
his Christian mystic phase. (Blok wrote him an article called "Catiline"--did you know that?) 

"The Twelve" would be the conventional guess, but, again, this isn't my line of country.

I'm a guessing that the numbers are radio frequencies.

Let me also make a comment about how to go about this: basically, there's no need to
contaminate the screen with easily available information. Anyone can find out what an ISBN
number points to, just as anyone can enter coordinates or look up "Lorenzo Dow" in the
dangblasted wikipedia. But not everyone can read them some Russian or identify yonder boat, or
even know that the feller bowdlerized "didie" for some reason. If you know what that yonder
boat is, young'uns, by all means tell us. If you can make hide or hair of those brackets,
you're doing better than many. Research by all means, but interpret.

El Jav 12.23.2007
I keep posting quite broad clues, but I think one possible weakness of having the
level of indepth analysis that this site enjoys is that one loses site of the "big picture".
Iam trying to put the "Lietmotivs" in order to see if they tell a story, but this one is even
more ambigiuos than usual, in that it could be a warning for other "orphanage" memebers or to
the "pigs", any ideas on which one?

Re the swissgerman/standardgerman clue, this is probably code for a code they use
rather than actual german, no?

Dan 12.25.2007
	New to all this - but I wonder if there is something of a "mosaic" intended here.
On the left side of the boat - the dates obviously point to previous ads.

The significance of the supposed "order" of the previous ads escapes me - but what if it's an
attempt to "piece together" something visual.  Could the first numbers be a reference number
perhaps?  Maybe a vertical scale upon which to attach each of the ads in order?

Food for thought -

Psychomike 12.26.2007
The Blok poem is "To the Muse". Here's a nice translation of it side by side with
the russian.

The lines and accents are for analyzing poetry. Search versification and prosody for
techniques. I'm still looking for a Russian dictionary or pronunciation guide(readable in
English, of course), that breaks these words into syllables. 

The Hebrew, which I believe we've seen before, translates to eternity. It is also Nezach(alt.
Netzach), "Victory", the seventh Sephirah in the Kabbalah (aka, "The tree of Life").

The ship is a schooner and looks remarkably like the Lynx.	

Kris 12.28.2007
	According to Google, 24.56 Lat/81.78 Long are coordinates to the Fifth Street
Baptist Church in Key West located at 1311 5th St, Key West, FL 33040, USA - however, entering
in that address shows the church just a couple blocks away from said coordinates.

Mr. Froggy 01.02.2007
I'm new in this and hooked.  Can't say I'll be of much help but I'll do my best.

The first set of coordinates, 24.56 N., 81.78 W., point east of Rewa, a city in India.  The
coordinates that point to the area of Key West are 24.56 N., -81.78 W. so I don't think it's

The second set of coordinates, 47.139 N., 9.521 E., point to a place near Vaduz, in

Now I may be reading too much into this:  In the quote next to the first set of coordinates,
in the source, the two L's are underlined as well as two numbers.  In the quote of "All The
King's Men" the two L's are underlined and two numbers after that. So it's "ll 38" and "ll 34"
If "ll" means latitude/longitude then 38 N., 34 W. is a place near Obruk, a city in Turkey.
"ll 38 and ll 34" could mean something else though.

philo_t 01.03.2008
Comments: 24.56 N., 81.78 W. = 

Care Center For Mental Health
1205 4th St
Key West, FL


Captain Smith 01.12.2008
Well, I was only able to do so much because I was not able to find a translator
online that would work for me, but I did translitorate the Russian sentence by Blok above.
here's what I got.

Est ' v napyebah tvoyh sokrobyennih Rokobaya o gibyeli byest '. Est ' proklyat'e zabyetob
sbyashchenn'ix, Poruganie schastil est '. 	

Christa 02/02/2008
I picked out the alexandr alexandrovitch blok poem character by character from a
wikipedia article on the cyrillic alphabet and got:
естъ в нацёвах твойх сокровённых роковая о гйбели вёстъ естъ проклятъе завётов свящённых поругание счастия естъ
which is easier to cut and paste... through an online translator (notoriously wretched things)
I found this to be:

[est] in [natsevakh] of [tvoykh] of secret
 is fateful about [gybeli] of [vest]
 of [est] to [proklyate] of the precepts of those revered
 the profanation of [schastiya] of [est]

since I speak no language other than english. But I believe this may be a clip from his poem
(translation) titled "To the Muse" of which the first paragraph is:

In the deep of your tunes, always secret,
Lie the fatal notation of death,
A damnation of gospels our sacred,
A dishonor of all that is blessed,

you can read the rest of that poem here:

that's as far as I've got, though I think I might print all this, and it's interpretation and
lay it out in order like a map to see what it actually looks like. A friend just pointed this
whole mayday mystery thing out to me. It reminds me of something... anyway, I'm good at
research, handy with the internet, have discord, will travel. I mean - I want to come too. I'm
on board. 

See you around - Christa

(bdh - i may have to steal that 'have discord will travel' line.)
U Bud 02.21.2008
Name: U Bud


Comments: Nobody has remarked on the "rhyming schemes" being used in this ad.  But the two
systems are _not_ the same, even if given a certain historical name for the mechanical form of
the verse, the languages are different and from different periods of history. Painless way to
add another couple of levels and simultaneously mock those they despise.

Brian 02.23.2008
To the left and right of the picture are numbers with things attached to them. if
you use gematria you find connections between the two columns. 


The letters represent the order the appear column one is on the left and two on the right.

HJ 02.28.2008

The dominant theme/leitmotiv is about the Ides of March, March 15 - the only ad on
that date is from 3/15/85.  Does that old ad contain some key to understanding this ad?

Neil SCO 04.12.2008
SR/CL: Leitmotiv: 

I think this has to do with MIME encoding. 

ANN: Pan 0.128 "SR/CL: Leitmotiv: Toynbee Idea"

his is another incremental release -- bug fixes, some speedups,
a little more polish, and one of the better release titles in awhile. ;)

It doesn't actually tell you what its a build for only gives some names of programmers. Some
Scandinavian by the way!. Since there are references to Switzerland. 

Alan Olsen
Per Hedeland

Posted by Charless Kerr. Possible search  for that name within the origin of the adds? 

The clues are like walking in the dark none of them connect or have an order. Maybee looking
for the creator is a better idea????

Brian 06.05.2008

Notice how some of the letters appear different in some words. For
example the k in Stark ('s investigator), the a in was (when i was) the n in
learned and the r in instructed, the l in will. Perhaps these differences are
significant, perhaps not... But this is not the first instance i've noticed
something like this. 

Perkins 06.30.2008
The Blok poem is in anapestic trimeter. "Anapest" derives from a Greek
word meaning to "strike back" or reverse. Hollander switches from iambic to
trochaic in his example, whose perhaps unexpected connection with these
documents' key obsession explains its presence, as it's nothing more than
exemplary doggerel.

anonymous 12.09.2010
	It doesn't say 'barnacle', it says 'Noach'/Noah.