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Charlie P. 12/16/2008
There are three main themes in this ad: salvation through faith, biochemistry, and nuclear bombs.

BWV 199 etc refers to a Bach composition known as "My Heart Swims in Blood" ( about a sinner who finds salvation with God. The Leitmotiv comes from a commentary by Luther on the Letter to the Galatians where he expresses the importance of faith over actions.

Matrix-molecules are molecules that impact the function and structure of tissues. ChannelRhodopsin-2 is a chemical harvested from the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii algae, which is used in the mapping of the neural networks in the brain. Kreuz Bonn-Nord is a road in Bonn near the Life and Medical Sciences Institute Laboratory of Chemical Biology.

The company Magnetfabrik in Bonn produces industrial magnets, presumably to be used in a calutron (a device used to separate isotopes of Uranium for use in atomic bombs or nuclear reactors). The quote by Leona Woods (a female physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project) is in response to the atomic explosion at Bikini Atoll.

Misc: The Latin translates to "consuls that the commonwealth is not harmed" which was the formula used by the Roman Senate in decrees issued during times of crisis granting extraordinary powers to the consuls for a short period of time. The reference to 4/7/2005 could possibly be an indication of an ad we missed. The astronomical map at the bottom shows shows a constellation known as the Scutum Sobieskii, which was named in honor of the Polish king John III who lifted the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683, a move that turned the tide of the Ottoman march into Europe.

We also have another reference to Saul, who we've seen before in 1-May-1995 and (indirectly) in 3-December-2003

Martin R. 12/21/2008
"Som fartyget passerar genom dimman, utan att dimman märker något. Tystnad. Lanternans svaga ljussken är signalen."
-- T. Tranströmer

This is the last few lines from the last poem, "Epilog", in Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmers debut poem collection "17 dikter" (1954).

It translates to:
Like the ship passes through the mist
without the mist noticing anything. Silence [underlined].
The lantern's dim light is the signal.

Beacon 12/25/2008
The star map in the centre is it seems to me taken from a plainisphere. It depicts 
the constillations Scutum (The Shield) and Sagittarius (The Archer)The Slightly 
brighter bit is the Milky Way. The dotted line is the ecliptic i.e. the path the 
Sun makes in the sky. the north Celectial pole (90 degrees north declination where 
Polaris - the North star is very near) is in the direction of the top of the triangle. 
Saggita (the Arror is north and Aquila (The eagle you can just see "LA") north east. 
Teh line below LA is the celestial equator ( zero declination)
You can just see the declination measurement (north or south of the equator) on the 
right hand side minus ten and minus 30 just to the right of Sagittarius. Declination 
measures north South but right ascension measures (in 24 hours)how far away you are 
from a point in the sky called the first point of Aries (but now actually in Pisces) 
anyway the 19h line runs right down the middle of Scutum. Maybe a time of a meeting?

The quote is 1 Samuel 31
about the death of Saul
but I cant find an exact match.

Leona Woods quote links in with the earlier motif of the Trinity site and atomic physics

On the opposite side: Rhodopsin is a chemical protein in your eye that is photosensitive. 
It allows your retina to "see". chlydmamonas
Is a monocellular Alga.

The outside text reads around in a spiral. The Monthly notices of the royal Astronomical society is mentioned
page 128 if issue 295 is

a paper about looking at our inner galaxy and doesn't refer to lensing at all.

It might refer to issue 128 page 295 but this is not available online.

all the above seem to have light in common.

Someone from Germany 12/25/2008
"das freundliche Hotel direkt am Kurfürstendamm" refers to the Hotel California at Kurfürstendamm 
in Berlin once again, as this is its slogan.	

Tral 12/30/2008
I'll play Captain Obvious on this one, but at least it's a starting point.

This appears to be an invitation - be it for those wishing to join "The Orphanage" or for members of 
The Orphanage itself.  The instructions on how to solve this part of the mystery, on the border of 
the announcement, tends to suggest this is an invite for those wishing to join.

The quote from Transtromer is from one of his poems.  The quote specifically deals with signals 
transmitted through fog or mist - shrouded.  The underlined word, Tystnad, is "Silence".

The instructions (around the border) read as thus: Take the silences (musical rests) as per 
BWV 199 (BWV referencing the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis, number 199 - which is My Heart Swims in Blood) 
within the context of the 3/20/91 announcement.

The only thing I can see as relevant in 3/20/91 is the circle divided in 4ths.  I propose this 
symbol is an abstract function that is defined on 3/20/91. The idea being to arrange the rests, 
or perhaps the measure number for each of the rests, and apply it to a cypher text. Something 
analagous to taking a sheet of paper with holes cut into it and overlaying on a page in the book 
- the resulting letters showing through the holes of the cutout page spell out meaningful words 
of a message.

Continuing on the next set of instructions, "insert analogously: The Lamb Shift: 1/22/1992", 
we see again, the abstract circle divided in 4ths in the 1/22/1992 announcement.  We also see 
a pattern that lends itself to a process - the {} brackets in the form "A { Text } B".  I propose 
these are analagous, i.e. "Use Encrypted Text A and { Key Text } with Plaintext B" to solve the 
'riddle'.  In the case of the quartered circle in 1/22/92, I propose it reads "Defined Process 
A in conjunction with { Key Text } Decoding using Process B (the quartered circle)"

The next set of instructions "zero-point fluctuations: 4/29/2005, Third Level" is a bit more 
abstract - perhaps because I don't know the 3rd level solution to that announcement.

These first three instructions seem to describe the process by which the message may be decoded 
using previous messages as the decoding mechanisms.

The next 2 sets of instructions dealing with Macro and Micro lensing I believe describes the 
way one may actually attain the encrypted message.  The instructions relate to the "transmitted 
data" which logically must be the message one is meant to decrypt using the first set of instructions.

The last part of this section gives a deadline and an operative to "Turn in" your work to - namely 
Jenny Geddes, who's contact information you can get from the 5/1/2006 announcement.  The deadline 
is Quinquagesima, 2009 at 09:00 GMT.  Quinquagesima is the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, so that 
means for 2009, you have until 24, Feb, 2009, 09:00 GMT to crack the cypher and send in your work.

As for the box in the middle of the page, Greek is not my strong point, so someone else will 
have to translate that.

{Channelrhodopsin-2}ADW 5/1/98{Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii} I believe refers to the "proccess" type 
cypher I outlined above, and may not be relevant to this particular announcement.  (It could be 
part of the 5/1/2008 announcement - a means to piece more together for that announcement)

"The fireball..." quote is from Leona Woods, one of the physicists who worked on the first nuclear 
reactor and the first atomic bomb.

"das freundlich hotel direkt am kurfurstendamm" translates to "The friendly hotel right on the 
Kurfurstendamm" - not supringly there is a Hotel California, right on the Kurfurstendamm, that 
uses this phrase as its motto. (

The triangle features the constellation Scutum. Again, this may not pertain to this particular 
announcement.  Some things of note: Scutum is Latin for Shield.  The constellation was originally 
named for the Shield of Sobieski to honor the Polish victoy in the Battle of Vienna.  It may be 
that the ascension and declination are more important, as numbers and coordinates usually play 
a heavy role in these puzzles.

"Saul was sore wounded..." is a rough translation of 1 Samuel 31:3.  I'm not sure which version 
of the bible translates it this particular way, or if it's just the author's interpretation 
(which could be why the bible reference is missing)  Again, this may not be applicable to this 
particular announcement, and may be just standing in for a future announcement to reference.

Remember, these announcements are not self-contained - you may be looking at clues for future 
announcements encrypted into this announcement.  This encryption method not only binds all 
the announcements together, it also provides for some very nice red herrings for those trying 
to solve every part of one announcement at once - in fact it makes it impossible because 
there are multiple stages of multiple puzzles in one piece.

Matt 12/30/2008

Not sure if this has been thought of, as I just started looking at this site a few hours ago 
and haven't been able to look at everything.  I have a thought about "SR/CL."  One thing I've 
noticed is the mixture of scientific references and biblical/historical references.  What if 
the "SR/CL" is meant to be taken literal.  "SR" standing for "scientific reasoning" and "CL" 
standing for "Common logic."  You'd get "Scientific reasoning over common logic."  Maybe this 
is tied to the secret societies goal in someway. This might also tie into the use of the smiley 
face as a "logo.:  The "S" shaped nose over the "C" shaped mouth. I hope this helps and I'll 
be spending some time looking over the site to see if I can come up with any other help.

Gabriel 12/31/2008
Comments: äîáðî ïîæàëîâàòü â ãîñòèíèïó
bh: can anybody read this? thx.
Perkins 01.03.2009
	The Russian seems to be "Welcome to the Hotel California." The quote from Luther is from his commentary on Galatians.

Perkins 01.06.2008
Re the google books link from Gabriel, that seems to have come from searching for the word with "(sic)" after it. 
I can't read the work referenced well enough to know what the context is there, but it seems pretty clear that the Russian 
word here is intended to mean "hotel."

If further proof is needed, go here:


Perkins 01.06.2008
The Monthly Notices reference is S. Refsdal, "The Gravitational Lens Effect," MNRAS 128 (1964): 295-306.

And here is a link to the Refsdal paper:

There's a reference to 4/7/2005 here which seems to imply that there was an ad on that date. There's not one archived on the site, however. (Though there is a 12/7/05.)

bhance: Hm. Anybody want to check the Wildcat's 04/07/2005 archive for me?
Perkins 01.06.2009
	The Monthly Notices reference is S. Refsdal, "The Gravitational Lens Effect," 
	MNRAS 128 (1964): 295-306.

	Re: the google books link from Gabriel, that seems to have come from searching for the word 
	with "(sic)" after it. I can't read the work referenced well enough to know what the 
	context is there, but it seems pretty clear that the Russian word here is intended to 
	mean "hotel."

If further proof is needed, go here:
Hi Bryan,

 The message I have been able to find with in this text exists within the text surrounding this ad appears to be some sort of challenge.  First how I found what I found, the first major clue is Sequence the silences as per BWV 199 which is “My heart swims in blood” a cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach.  The silences in the text are simply 1/8 and ¼ measures.  I first went with the 1/8 measure and simply counted every eighth character whether it was a letter, space, number or punctuation.  If it was a space or punctuation use the nearest letter or number.  Insert into the appropriate place anything that is underlined and do not use anything that appears in bold.  That yielded me the following:
I broke it down like this:
“e ia rgt lamb 1992 pu n25 iy esna e ieon sfi tta temi hr15 a r2 do ecd y s09 su s09 h cnn sl ni uv cd900 Tomas d’Aquino li e ie”
Which appears to be Italian using both Google translator and Babel fish gave me:
” ia and lamb Rgt 1992 pu N25 iy esna íéôñï challenges and issues tta hr15 to r2 do ecd S09 and S09 on cnn h sl ni uv cd900 Tomas Aquinas and them ie”
Cleaning up a little and trying to intrepid what is trying to be conveyed I believe that this is some sort of challenge given by Esna and Ieoni with a date markers (production?) from CNN.  (1992, S09, S09, hr15 and N25)
       That is what I have been able to glean from this ad so far.
P.S. I sent you in the mail a disk with my basic overview on this whole thing.
bhance: I've posted Don's letter over here.
Andrew H. 03.25.2009
As mentioned previously, channelrhodopsin-2 is a light-gated ion channel expressed by Chlamydomonas 
reinhardtii.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the author(s) of these ads aren't 
molecular biologists, so I would assume that the mention of channelrhodopsin-2 is symbolic - it's a 
light-gated ion channel, so it "opens upon seeing the light".  Also, its excitation wavelength is 
480 nm (4+8+0=12), if numbers significance is still important.

ADW 5/1/98 mentions both light ("in that country the sun shines night and day...") and the mind 
("the material world exists nowhere but in the mind").

By matrix-molecules, the author(s) is talking about molecules used in materials science, not biology 
(those are extracellular matrix molecules, and are always referenced with 'extracellular' included).  
ADW 9/20/2000 mentions "I will let down the net" in its leitmotiv, but I can't really draw out any 
greater connection between the two than that.

myopic 02.05.2009
At the top right of the image, you can see a name Tomas d' Aquino. The main google search pulls up a 
guy from Canada who is head of a organization for CEO's, however, after doing some more digging, 
I think it has to do more with a former Catholic priest, 1274 death, who is thought to be one of 
the greatest theologians in there history of the Catholic Church.  However, if you did a little bit 
more, if you can look into some Catholic history, the last name Aquino actually refers to An Italian 
diocese immediately subject to the Holy See.  It was a town of around 29 cities in the province of 
Caserta. Like others here on the site with this mystery driving them crazy to solve or know more about, 
I could be way off base here.	

anonymous 07.10.09
Aquinas wrote little known commentaries on the Pauline letters in which he affirmed predestination. "Mystery" 
figures very largely in Thomistic thinking especially the last six months before his death.