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Beautiful page. Stunning.
Thanks to Mike C for the great scans - and thanks to anonymous for the 2nd copy.

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Comments: These references are mostly over my head, but I thought I'd get some
thoughts going...  Obviously, the central image is a mushroom cloud of a nuclear
explosion.  The mathematical equations in the "cross" radiating out from the
mushroom cloud are equations relating mass and energy, as in Einstein's E=mc^2,
though I don't know enough about math or nuclear physics to understand what
specific processes are represented here.  The bottom one seems to be a matrix of
some kind that might represent symmetries in particle interactions?

12 CFR 204.126(b) is a section of the regulations for the Federal Reserve
banking system dealing with exemptions to reporting securities deposits or
something, Regulation D having to do with the sale of securities without
registration under the Securities Act of 1933.  Again, this legalese is a bit
dense for me to pick apart without spending a great deal of time jumping around
government law websites.

The Federal Reserve seals in 3 of the 4 quadrants represent the Federal Reserve
banks of A=Boston, MA; L=San Francisco, CA; E=Richmond, VA

Deuteronomy 7:2 "And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou
shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with
them, nor shew mercy unto them:"

Cooperativa de Viticultores e Olivicultores de Freixo de Numão, C.R.L. is a
Portugese winery located in Freixo de Numão that bottles wine under the Licor
Regional authority (and also sells olive oil).  They have a web address at

I tried to search on the Greek characters to find that Heraclitus quote, but
Google had no match for the Greek unicode letters.  

The engravings appear to show various aspects of Judgment Day.  In the upper
right quadrant, it appears that an archangel is signalling the coming of
Judgment Day by blowing a shofar and sending out a "blast of truth."

Is the object under the angel in the lower left hand corner the Ark of the
Covenant?  It sure looks similar to how it's usually represented in engravings.

Not sure what cathedral the stained glass windows came from, but 12 in a circle
like that is a very common motif.
I found the Heraclitus quote on a Greek language page of Heraclitus'
writing fragments.  Here it is in English:

"If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it; for it is hard to be
sought out and difficult."

Christa 05.02.2008
THe largest and clearest clue on the page is "Deuteronomy 7:2" = 7:2
And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them,
and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy
unto them

The center of the picture is clearly a picture of the Nagasaki nuclear mushroom
cloud, but when looking for it's origin to be sure I found it mostly on pages
related to war with Iran, I don't know if that is a coincidence... The "Fat Man"
weapon, dropped on Nagasaki containing a core of 14.1 lbs of plutonium-239
killed 140,000 people as opposed to the 80,000 people killed in the Hiroshima

Gustavus Adolphus was the king of Sweden and was a well known military

Calvin Coolidge was an american president. Martin LUTHER inspired Protestantism
which is what eventually lead to calvinism.Calvinism is a theological system
that emphasizes the rule of God over all things named after French reformer John
Calvin. Oliver Cromwell was a Puritanically religious English military and
political leader from 1653 until his death in 1658.

That makes their timelines:
Martin Luther 1483~V1546
John Calvin 1509-1564
Oliver Cromwell 1599-1658
Gustavus Adolphus 1594 - 1632

Illuminarch 05.20.2008
Perhaps obvious, but the little circles with the bold letters in them
are Seals of the Federal Reserve Banks. A is Boston, E is Richmond, and L is San

According to this site
( these symbols were
being phased out in favor of a unified seal, beginning with the $100 in 1996.
Note that one quadrant, top-right, between Luther and Cromwell, does not have a

Perhaps there is some significance in the orientation of the axes. Luther and
Calvin are opposed in the north-south, both being theologians. Gustavus Adolphus
and Cromwell are opposed west-east, and were noted military commanders. All are

The Sunshine Gang 05.02.2008
After careful of investigation we discoverd another Hotel California
in Berlin, Germany. We are very new to this mystery and very intrigued, so sorry
if this has been mentioned before. But to our investigative knowledge, we have
not come across any mention of the Berlin hotel. Hotel California in Berlin
corresponds strongly with all the Germany references, names, etc. in previous

Psychomike 05.03.2008
Comments: A couple of translations for the Heraclitis quote:

If you do not hope, you will not win that which is not hoped for, 
since it is unattainable and inaccessible.

If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it;
for it is hard to be sought out and difficult.

If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it, 
for it is not to be reached by search or trail.

I wonder if the 3rd ~Snot~T in the first was unintended and if ~Strial~T (and
error) is a better fit for the 3rd. I~Rm a copy and pasting fool so the typos
are not mine. I could have tried translating it myself but then it~Rd probably
look more like: There once was a man from Nantucket~E 

At any rate, the 2nd was the most common translation I found but I included
these 3 for interpretation within the context of the MM. It seems the message is
that if you don~Rt expect to find or believe a solution to the MM exists then
you will not find one. That has a ring of encouragement followed by the
admonition that we won~Rt find a solution by trial and error or merely looking
up historical figures, dates, events, etc. That~Rs not to suggest that these are

The painting I~Rm not familiar with but it looks like it is meant to be cut out
and used as an overlay onto a previous page. D. Thomasson suggested an overlay
in the 12/5/2001 announcement. I~Rve posted a possible 2nd overlay to same page.
The orientation of the picture in each quarter makes me think the quarters could
be cut apart and reconnected in some way. The problem with overlays is scale.
Having originals would be ideal. Dimensions of the originals would be a work
around or use a photo editing program to resize onto a common font.

Luther, Cromwell, Calvin and Gustavus Adolphus only appear in this order in the
May 2002 announcement. First appearance of all 4 together was May 1995, all 4
have appeared in each May announcement since.

To Bryan: You recently mentioned an affinity for discord on this site. Have you
found this?

What you get when you read this stuff too much. Enjoy.

Montague Summers 05.06.2008
Comments: Christa--Nagasaki, huh? I think it's an image of a test over water or
desert--if you do a google image search on "nuclear bomb," I think you'll see
the first match (at present) is a direct one. 

To Psychomike, I remember contemplating the possibility of overlays. The 4/2/08
ad clearly models the cut-and-paste method. I once asked the proprietor of a
technical college bookstore if graph paper was ever sold in newspaper size; he
said that he thought so. (I've never seen it. I suppose you could find it online
easily enough.) As far as scale goes, I think you could get newspaper-sized
paper and use an image processor to print these out roughly to scale, though
determining the margins would be very hard without seeing the original. (Or
maybe not, I know that some of you used to work for the newspaper.)

If cutouts are part of the process, I think it has to be relatively recent, as
desktop publishing only allowed complex designs from the early 90s on. The first
thing to do, to my mind, if you believe there's something to be decoded here
other than just book larnin', is to figure out from the early ads the dates of
the subsequent non-mayday and non-advent announcements. That's one reason,
perhaps, why the "unscheduled" ones are labeled as such. (Again, keep in mind
what this would have been like without a digital archive or even the web.) The
11/23/83 ad seems to obviously point to the September date of the following
year, for example; but it's not clear how the other dates are encoded. And, it's
logical to assume, that if these were intended to recruit or be deciphered, they
would have to encode the dates of subsequent announcements above all else. With
no maydaymystery site, you'd have no idea when to expect one; and no one's
patience would extend to reading the ads of the campus newspaper every single

yalda 05.07.2008
	"Luther, Cromwell, Calvin and Gustavus Adolphus only appear in this
order in the May 2002 announcement. First appearance of all 4 together was May 1995, all 4
have appeared in each May announcement since."

Do some math and look at Smiley's hair.

Pombal 05.07.2008
The only reason I can think of while Portugal is mentioned as much as it is here is that It expelled the Jesuits.

If you've read the Pendulum, I guess you could say that what Eco says about Templars applies equally to the Jesuits, esp. in this day and age.

anyways 05.09.2008
There seem to be alot of references to Portugal regarding the
celebration of the Confessio Augustana this year.

The Coimbra Section---Coimbra is one of the largest cities in Portugal and home
to Coimbra University. It also may refer to the Coimbra Group (CG) which is a
sort of partnership or consortium of 38 European Universities.

This may be the section of the Freaks based in Europe or in European Academia,

Tras-O-Montes---Is a rather rural region in NE Portugal known as
retreat/holiday/vacation area. It is home to the Vidago Palace Hotel Resort.

Could this be this years Hotel California?	

D 05.11.2008
Hard to say whether there is any significance as to the specific image
of a nuclear explosion used, but it is not the Nagasaki explosion as someone
suggested. It is the Castle Romeo (Operation Castle, shot Romeo) test, one of a
series of thermonuclear weapons tests in the Bikini atoll. 

The image is very common as a stand-in whenever an image of a nuclear explosion
is needed, so I wouldn't assign too much importance to the specifics.

Beacon 05.11.2008

I reckon the left hand side and top right are 13th or 014 century woodcuts the like od abbrecht Durer's [LINK]

I think the Bottom right could be the Transfuguration but It lacks the figures of Elijah and Abraham. It might be the Ark when solomon had finished the Temple.

I am leaning to all four being scenes from the Last Book of the Bible called the REvelations of St John or the book of the Apoclypse. Why? Well the figure on the cloud with the sickle suggests Chapter 14 of that book. Verse 14: Then I looked and there was a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud one who looked like a son of man, with a gold crown on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. [LINK]

You also have trumpets being blown by angles ( top right)in Revelations to open seals. you have the torment of hell (bottom right) in the same Book. It is also the book oif the apoclypes (mushroom cloud) I would ike a closup of the centre but the evangalists (four gospel writers are represented by a lion, eagleOne significant representation of four symbology is in the representation of the four evangelists of the four winged beasts in the vision of Ezekiel, later reconstitutes in the New Testament as the four beasts of the apocalypse in the Book of Revelations.

The beast with the human face (sometimes considered an angel) represents Matthew, the lion Mark, the eagle John and the ox Luke.

[LINK] again Rev 4:5-11 You might also have a dove (holy spirit). these central circular depictions seem more like stained glass or Celtic Illuminated Manuscript art than wood cuts. [LINK]

Brian 05.16.2008
The scene in the upper left quadrant is from Revelation starting
around 14:14

Charles E 05.21.2008
The stained glass window depicted in the center (around the atom bomb
explosion) is Chartres Cathedral, in the city of Chartres, France (about 50
miles from Paris). It is described as the "Glorification of the Virgin Window"
or the Death and Assumption of the Virgin Window." That last title seems appropriate
for the atom bomb imagery.	

Brian 06.03.2008

Deuteronomy 7:2
It's phrased a little different in the JPS (Jewish Publication Society) Tanakh 

"and the L-rd your G-d delivers them to you and you defeat them, you must doom
them to destruction: grant them no terms and give them no quarter."	

near a terminal 06.04.2008
 No matter how complicated the mathematics the right programmer could
reduce it all to 1s and 0s.  Seems obvious but think of the huge amount raw
material they could generate from what we see on this page. Remember too that
much of the early atomic bomb research centered on "Trinity."  One commentator
called the Book of Revelation "the Trinity enraged and settling accounts."  You
could be real specific about how to detonate your rage with that many 1s and Os.	

Christopher J. 06.11.2008
The mathematics in the side panels all seems to be based on quantum
mechanics, specifically relativistic quantum mechanics because of their use of
4-vectors.  The parts under Gustavus Adolphus and Cromwell look like the math
that goes into a particle in a box, but done in a relativistic fashion I'm not
familiar with. The part under Calvin is more linear algebra but is seems really
obscure.  The part under Luther is more quantum mechanics but without seeing
more it's hard to say what.  	

Brian 06.11.2008
Stained Glass around the mushroom cloud.

This is the north rose window of Chartres Cathedral in France.
Here is a site with info on the rose window window: 
And the process by which one can derive the dimensions of said window:
It should be noted that Chartres is affiliated with the Knight's Templar.
Chartres is also famous for its labyrinth on the floor. 
Diagram here:

Wikipedia also has some pretty good info on Chartres.

(BDH here:

Page: 08-may1.html


Name: Beacon


Comments: I sent you a long version of comments on this. did you get it/
The comments refer to

- the probable source of the woodcuts
- the reference to the Book of Revelations in them e.g the descent on a cloud
with a sickle, or the sounding of trumpets to open seals.
-the images in the centre being of the Evangalilsts (Matthew, Mark, Luke John)
as they appear in classical representation. and the slight variation in the
Celtic versions e.g. Book of Kells each being associated with animals.
A great-cross page with the symbols of the four Evangelists. These symbols are
the winged beasts of the Apocalypse, whose distribution to the Evangelists here
follows the system popularized in the West by Jerome, i.e., the man or angel for
Matthew, the lion for Mark, the bull or calf for Luke, and the eagle for John

BDH: Yes, sorry for the delay, it's all posted above. These pages came in right when I was in the midst of moving cross-country so everything's late.

forewarned 06.14.2008

The four names you have already figured out. However, I think that the
names are themselves connected. Luther and Calvin are famous Protestant
religious reformers while Cromwell and Gustavus Adolphus are famous Protestant
military commanders. 

Cromwell was a Puritan, a primarily English religious movement based on the
teachings of Calvin.

Gustavus Adolphus was the King of Sweden and therefore was a Lutheran.

The stain-glass in the center is called a "rose" and the position occupied by
the mushroom cloud is the position normally occupied by Christ. 

The picture of the bomb is not that of Nagasaki but of another test, possibly

Furthermore, the Confessio Augustana or better know as the Augsburg
Confession (an important Protestant event) took place on June 25, 1530 and the
478th anniversary will be June 25, 2008. 

However, this is not the true anniversary of the event. In 1582, the Catholic
Church adopted the Gregorian calender and eliminated 10 days due to the
inaccuracies of the previous Julian calender. Protestant countries took longer
to adopt the calender, often adopting it in the 18th century. 

Consequently, the exact date of the original Augsburg Confession would have been
closer to June 15th, 1530.

Brian 06.14.2008
Found the image of the upper right quadrant here: link

The artist is known as Monogrammist MS - There are several speculations as to who these initials actually refer to. His illustrations were featured in the first Bible with Luther's translations.

I think its likely that he is the artist of 3 of the four pictures here. The one in the lower right looks like someone else's work.

bdh - nice find!

Dan 06.14.2008
I don't know much about this game, but it fascinates me.

Now, I'm studying to be a Lutheran pastor (which entails a study of ancient
Greek) so immediately, several things about that stuck out.  The first is the
obvious pairing of Luther (reformer) and Gustavus Adolphus (ruler/military mind
associated with Lutheranism) as well as Calvin (reformer) and Oliver Cromwell
(ruler/military mind associated with Calvinism.)  The passage from Deuteronomy
likewise about conquest.

In the translations of the Greek you have listed, the first one is the most
literal, and in my opinion, the most accurate, but I am not too sharp on Ionic

If Luther is a major figure in all of this, I might suggest you get a copy of
the Book of Concord, which contains the Augsburg Confession (mentioned in the
text in Latin as Confessio Augustina), the Apology to the Augsburg Confession,
as well as the other fundamental documents of Lutheranism.

Continuing on the theme of Luther, if the guy who made this is a great student
of the Reformation, he'll surely note that Luther and Calvin didn't exactly get
along.  Their followers didn't, either.  To this day, the more conservative
types of Lutheran insist that they are not "Protestants" as such (a term
reserved mostly for Calvinists, in their view).

The images of the old paintings (angels blowing trumpets, the harvest being
harvested, a heavenly king, martyrs under the alter in heaven, and demons doing
something, but I can't tell what) are all obvious references to the Final
Judgment found in the New Testament, especially Revelation.  Most of this
imagery also appears in apocalyptic books of the Old Testament, too.  The
sickles specifically make me think of the Book of Joel.  I'd think that the
stained glass could be something along the same lines, but I can't really tell
what it's supposed to be.  It might also be arch-angels, or something.  The
pictures are too small, and I can't tell.

TGIF 06.18.2008
I don't know, but I wonder if, when it says Mistah Kurtz will present
the new line of jams and jellies, if that could be the new members of the club.

I could be way off, but think about it.	

sarah 06.28.2008
	I just looked through all the texts and my overall impression is that
there is some sort of radio frequency we are supposed to find - perhaps
somewhere near the police radio frequencies or ham radio or *something*.

rich 06/24/2008

several people have sent in hints regarding the mushroom cloud in the center of the design. I would like to remind them that we've seen the them of harnessing atomic energy repeatedly in the ads. Let's not forget that releasing nuclear energy causes to transmutation. That's big cheese in alchemical circles. Often used as a metaphor for spiritual transformation.

Perkins 06/30/2008
Chartres has been attacked and occupied by Protestants several times
(16th C, Franco-Prussian War) and also by the Nazis.

The window shown here is devoted to the Glorification of the Virgin.
Historically, some Protestants have characterized such iconography as
Mariolatry. The nuclear explosion would thus fit in with the martial theme.

Tral 06/08/2008
Ham radio would certainly fit with all the pork references. I've been
toying with the idea of  a radio frequency for some time, and that would seem to
fit in with the May 2007 announcement where Cromwell's text hinted at extracting
a message via "the manner that can be seen by all but used only by us".

I'm further pressed to believe that we're dealing with frequencies (specific
radio, television, generic electromagnetic?) by the Freak  203 e-mail suggesting
a look at all things Chromatic.  

Mathematically, the chromatic number deals with graph theory and determining how
many unique 'colors' may be applied to the vertices of a graph such that no two
adjacent vertices share the same color.  This is generally used in coloring
political maps so that no two countries that share a border are colored the

Another meaning of chromatic, and the one that screams 'frequency' to me, is the
musical chromatic scale.  It consists of 7 'natural' notes, and 5 'non-natural
notes'.  The slip of paper in the 5/16 delivery has the 'chromatic colors' on
the front of it with an equation, but the back of the paper has 'Page 1 of 7' on
it.  This could perhaps reference 1 of the 7 natural notes in the chromatic

I don't recognize the formula on the front of the paper, but it does have
certain similarities to formulas used to determine the chromatic numbers of
graphs.  Perhaps there is a way to determine a ham radio frequency using the
natural chromatic musical tones and applying graph theory equations to them?

Since by this point, we're terrifically past the 6/25 date of the assumed
transmission, we may not be able to test any theories, but who knows if this
could apply to future Maydays.

Of course, I could be truly over analyzing, and seeing patterns where there
really are none.

morlem 07/10/2008
Comments: Each block of mathematics is sitting inside a triangle in hyperbolic
space. I believe the names facing one another (ie. Calvin-Luther) are joined by
parallel lines in hyperbolic space.  This means the figure is a cross in
non-Euclidean space with the priests at top and bottom and the warriors on each
side. As noted by another commenter, the mathematics describes relativistic
effects, which require non-Euclidean geometry.  Interestingly, the atomic
explosion in the center is an example of a quantum-relativistic effect.  Quantum
mechanics explains how the hydrogen molecules are able to transmute into helium
and relativity describes the transformation of mass into energy.  What this all
means, I cannot say.

Euronaut 07/15/2008

Comments: As for Mistah Kurtz: he's dead...

Mista Kurtz is a character in Joseph Contad's novel Heart of Darkness
( Poet T.S. Elliot used the quote
"Mistah Kurtz - he dead" as an epigraph to his poem The Hollow Men

The mentioned Portuguese Licor Regional is grape juice fortified with grape
spirits and goes by the name of Numantinu:
It is produced by the mentioned Cooperation.

The mentioned "jams and jellies as per [12 CFR}" seem to point at a code of
Federal Regulations concerning jams and jellies, however the actual code for
those is not 12 CFR but 21CFR. 12 CFR is the Code of Fedral Regulation
concerning Banks and Banking...

Should we maybe read 'banks and banking' for 'introducing our new line of jams
and jellies'?

yalda 08.02.2008
Comments: 39.987411 -74.247853

Triangulate the three Banks given above and find that.

Also, smiley has seven hairs now, TAKE NOTE. Do you think anything is

Gnower 08.02.2008
Your solution goes like this. The answer is 42, the number of Judges of
the Underworld and the Name of God. The Pyramids hold the Key of Solomon. They
are a mathematical map that point the way to the New Jerusalem, the city of
Edinburgh. It is 4/42nds west of the Great Pyramid and 3/42nds north. Inscribed
in the landscape by the Knights Templar are all the essential clues that reveal
the secret of ALL SECRETS. Begin your education by accessing this site:  By clicking on the π symbol a doorway will open to the
truth. Mohammed said, 'And over it is nineteen'! The √1444 = 38 (2x19) The
angle of the third pyramid at Giza from the Great Pyramid is 2/19ths west,
tangent 0.777. It indicates an important longitude west of the Great Pyramid,
which itself defines the gravitational zero meridian at 31.1344 degrees East. The
Gematria of the O.T. is the mathematics of the Giza pyramids and they are the map
pointing the way home. History, particularly the geography of the O.T., has been
a lie since Helena, mother of Constantine, found a piece of the 'True Cross' in
Palestine. She was a pagan Briton who understood a different version of the lie
she created. All is in full view. It is a description of how the Earth vibrates
as a set of frequencies in TIME, one day of which is 616 years, x 42 = the
precessional cycle. The pattern can be analyzed from the acid rain data in the
Greenland Ice Sheet. Every 13000 years the Earth rings like a bell, it is about
to strike again. Be prepared - and stop the game now. You are being manipulated
in ways you don't understand. It's time for a reality check. 
GNOWER, a friend in the Wilderness.

Brian 09.14.2008
Comments: Two things:

1. Bryan, have we seen this Gnower guy before? Gnower, if you are still looking at this site 
could you possibly explain how you arrived at your conclusions? If you are going to say such 
negative things you should tell us how you've come about these realizations. A declaration 
like this without evidence or proof makes your statement hollow.

2. When I first looked at the images in this announcement my first thought was about paper 
money. Of course the Federal Bank seals added to this idea. The two are related though. The 
techniques involved in making these woodcuts did in fact lead to the development of the 
technology used in printing paper currency.

Brian 11.15.2008
I highly recommend people see the movie Zeigeist. You can watch it online free of charge. 
I thought it might be significant to mention as it deals with the Federal Reserve System 
and how it could very well be the downfall of this country. Look at it this way, the Fed 
manufactures money and then LOANS it to banks with interest. This interest is equal to 
the face value of the currency combined with outstanding debt. Also, by having control 
of HOW MUCH money goes into circulation, they are able to control inflation. This all 
leads to a never ending spiral of debt and inflation, all work of the hands of the Fed. 
Maybe that's why the Federal Bank Seals are on images from Revelation.

One theory about the Securities act of 1933- This was the year that brought the removal 
of the Gold Standard. People were "required on or before May 1, 1933 (coincidence?) to 
deliver all gold coin, bullion, and certificates to a Federal Reserve Bank, branch or 
any agency, or to any member bank of the Federal Reserve System." I think most of you 
understand the ramifications of this action, but understand that during this time the 
Federal Reserve System was controlled by a few very powerful individuals.

Another interesting result of this is that many of the 1933-S St. Gaudens $20 double 
eagle were melted by the mint before they reached public hands. Today it is the one 
of the rarest and most valuable of all US coins. The last one appeared at a public 
auction in July of 2002 and sold for a whopping $7,590,020 in July of 2002.

My question is, who's side does the Orphanage take in this matter.

_Herald_ 11.04.2008

Comments: Not sure of the relevance but the picture in the upper right quadrant has the text 
"Ve Ve Ve", which also appears as a qoute from a religous sermon as -
"Ve, ve, ve, quanto sunt tenebre. Ve quia deum offendi ... Ve quia diabolo concensi."

Not being a latin speaker I can't get a good translation.

And I can't help thinking the V's are linked to the "Veni Vidi Vici" on the tie.

Kim 10.22.2008
I just began viewing this site in the last few days. I've scanned a few pages concerning SR/CL at
the beginning of each page. Since many of the clues have some biblical/religious reference here 
is how I related the SR/CL biblically.
The / usually stands for ratio. It's often used when applying chemical ratios. While the letters 
are all  capitalized SR could stand for strontium (Sr)and CL could stand for chlorine (Cl). 
Strontium has an atomic number of 38 and chlorine has atomic number of 17. Instead of expressing 
the chemical in a ratio of Sr/Cl, substitute the atomic numbers for the chemicals which would be 
38/17. The atomic number ratio for the chemicals would  would be 38/17. Since number ratios can 
be expressed with a :, substitute : for /. This would leave 38:17. When you google 38:17 you 
arrive at many biblical references. Here is a link for all the biblical verses 38:17,

In regards to ORATE PRO NOBIS. This is a Litany of the Saints. It is plural asking more than one 
saint to "pray for us". The pictures show the second coming of Christ which signifies the "end times". 
Given the recent banking crisis, the money symbols on the pictures might signify the end of monetary 
stability which leads to overall world crisis. The Federal Room is probably a clue regarding the 
banking laws. Baylor college and a Federal Room where the federal law documents are kept. Since 
there is a reference to federal law, the Federal Room might be a clue to where the federal law 
document concerning the banking laws are located.

golitely 10.17.2008
Figured it couldn't hurt to pass this along although I personally wouldn't want to anger the freaks.  
Don't think I'd care much for Gnower but don't fear his/her/ wrath the way I do the freaks.  The freaks don't
forgive or forget, ever.  They may wait but they don't forget and they don't forgive.  So why all this prolog?  
616 (mentioned by Gnower who is almost certainly not a freak) is found in many manuscripts as the alternate 
number for 666.  Some of your readers who understand a critical apparatus could tell you which verse and 
which papyri or manuscripts and so on.  If the freaks have mentioned the Knights Templar I can't remember 
seeing it but perhaps someone else has.  Personally I think they might use knowledge of the sort Gnower 
has as a conduit without believing any of it.  I do think they believe the in the C.A., which is easily 
the scariest thing about them.  For an entirely different set of reasons (than Gn.), be careful, Mr. Hance.

Perkins 12/09/2008
A bit more context about "hirelings": this was used particularly as a term of abuse in the 
mid-17th C controversies  about episocopacy in England. Milton, for instance, wrote an anti-Erastian 
tract with the word "hireling" in its very long title, using it to refer to state-funded members of 
a church hierarchy.

I don't know what relevance this would have in an American context, strictly speaking, though, 
unless we consider tax-exemption to be state funding.

[[more from a 2nd submission]]

I've seen that people have made this observation before, but it bears repeating: these texts are 
clearly an example of bricolage. Ever since the beginning, however, the bits and pieces have come 
primarily from books. Using internet search engines indiscriminately is only going to add noise 
to the commentary.

The early communications mention with contempt those contributors who only seem to know what they 
learn from the web, and that was nearly ten years ago.

The text on this page, for example, may have been deliberately designed to be resistant to random 
googling. You have to be able to transliterate the Heraclitus quote, for example, and know how to 
contextualize (-numerize?) the equations. There's also far more image to text than is normal, so 
you have to know something about the subject and style of painting to identify it reliably.

[[more from a 3rd submission]]

Another lead on the nuclear references: we used to hear a lot (and still do) about disaffected former 
Soviet scientists selling their nuclear weapons expertise on the black market, etc. Though there are 
fewer of them, South Africa also has disaffected nuclear engineers.

South Africa figures prominently in these texts. The colonial background and the role of the Dutch 
Reformed Church in the creation of the South African state are probably two obvious reasons why.

Maybe the utopian ideal here is to establish an autonomous commune (modeled on Calvin's Geneva in 
terms of religious liberty and personal freedoms, I suspect) and build nukes to ward away the ATF. 
A pastoral version of North Korea.

Orange 12/10/2008

After having browsed around some of this stuff I think that SR/CL is probably 38:17 and since it is a chemical 
compound that turns red when burned,  it also probably symbolizes the Labour party in some way; being that all 
this stuff is on May Day, the most popular date for “Labour Day”, and red is their predominant color.  

That says to me that SR/CL actually means Job 38:17.  Job = "Labour."  Job 38:17 says:  "Have the gates of 
death been opened unto thee or hast thou seen the doors of the shadow of death?"  Since the picture says 
SR/CL: Leitmotiv, I take that to mean that Job 38:17 is a reoccurring theme according to the authors.  

Thus, the authors are trying to say that we as a civilization have seen the potential for total annihilation 
time and time again, and that the along with the weeping philosopher cry that we as a civilization have not 
“changed our ways.”  They go on to say SR/CL: Leitmotiv: “If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not 
find it; for it is hard to be sought out and difficult. - - Heraclitus ("the weeping philosopher") - >known 
for his doctrine of change being central to the universe, and that the Logos is the fundamental order of all, 
according to Wikipedia.  

I think this also serves to those who don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea  of Christianity, as the 
author’s way of saying: “This holds true to you, because it is rooted in logic.”  I also think that this 
Greek quote is somewhat parallel to this bible passage:  Rev. 16:15 “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed 
is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.” I take all of 
that to actually mean that the authors believe that we are on the verge of total annhilation, and that the 
Rapture prophesied in the Holy Bible is soon.  It is a warning to all those who Christ saved to be vigilant, 
and wait, that the time is near for His return, and statement to those not saved to be warned, and seek out Jesus Christ.  

Since there is a nuclear explosion in the middle of the picture, I take that as a symbol of ultimate 
change / destruction / the doors of the shadow of death.  I take the mathematical stuff which “point” from the 
four names to be simply a symbol of logic, they aren’t meant to be solved, or the entire  equations would 
have been listed; not the cut off versions.  Since they point from the religious figures’ names, 
(all protestant and believers that Jesus Christ ensured a direct conduit of communication  and salvation from 
man to God), to the circle of 12 (possibly representing the 12 disciples of Christ) I take that to mean, that 
it is logical and correct to follow the four names’ ideas on Christianity, and that they are truly “derived” 
from the 12 apostles accounts on the life of Jesus Christ.  

The reason the authors took the picture of Christ out of the middle and replaced it with an explosion is, 
in my opinion, to represent the rapture.  These things seem to be more of a warning  to Christians and all 
people to be ready, and that the authors believe that the day of Judgement (obviously the 4 quadrants 
representing the final Judgement) is closer than ever.  Their proof that we are close is in the idea, that 
we have developed such a lust for destruction, a.k.a. weapons of mass destruction and a society that is based 
on money, not Christ.  

I think that the Federal Reserve symbols further indicate that the love of money, or the idea of money 
will be judged during Rapture, and that money or the idea of it is not the key to heaven but a something that 
will be judged along with people in the end of days.  Notice that the symbols all exist in heaven in judgement 
scenes, not on Earth as in the upper right quadrant.  

I take that to mean, that during the Rapture, as a reminder that your money will not save you, it will only 
serve as a subject of judgement in Heaven.  The angel in the top is most likely “looking” for followers of God 
to take back. Deuteronomy 7:2 further supports my interpretation ”And when the Lord thy God shall deliver them 
before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show 
mercy unto them:”  Basically reinforcing the idea of the end of days; by saying not to believe those who say 
God doesn't exist.  Although I know that this verse doesn't directly mean that, I think if used in this context it does.  

Don’t know if this is right at all of course, but I think it might help with some other interpretations.

willyzh 02/12/2012
Comments: Wow this is definitely one of my favorite clues.

Starting at the beginning, yep a nuclear detonation, a release of massive amounts of energy, 
placed in the center of a cross, a nuclear blast being an intersection between the earth and the
 heavens/the material and the energy plane. Shoot, I could even say much more about shrooms, but I think we all get the idea.

I got the translation for the top quote from Heraclitus: "If you do not expect the unexpected, you 
will not find it; for it is hard to be sought out and difficult."

The next thing that caught my mind was the Fed. reserve L. I get that the fed is failing and that it 
will most probably herald in the end of times. We have been trying to provoke a war with Iran ever since 
the whole gulf thing started, preferring instead to look to Afghanistan and Iraq for a long time. Newt 
Gingrich wants to preemptively attack Iran to undermine their stability and economy, especially since 
they started producing Oil at a competitive level and are supposed to be working on a nuke, although 
I don't think they have one and its just more of an excuse to go to war.

So anyway the L caught my eye, probably because it is positioned rightsideup. Sooo I followed it 
clockwise around the quadrants. L-E-A. Ok, triangulated roughly and ended up somewhere between 
nebraska and kansas. That can't be anything.... looked to the upper right quadrant... VE VE VE. LEAVE!

So when the bomb goes off, and the fed starts folding because everyone is freaking out for various 
reasons, Leave your money behind, perhaps? DOn't rely on it anymore? Leave your home and venture out into the wilderness? Well Heraclitus said it wasn't going to come about easily... And it's the only picture of the four over cities.

Also the Ve Ve Ve heralds in the end of times and calls the peeps out to be judged. Ve literally means "Woe" in Latin.

The whole hymn is:
Ve, ve, ve, quanto sunt tenebre. Ve quia deum offendi ... Ve quia diabolo concensi.
Woe to, or, or, how much are the shadows. Or because it offends God ... Or consent for the devil.

Seems to me that the -x-y coordinate is the archangels looking in the book of life on judgement day. 
Folks are waitin around lookin apprehensive. Either that or it's the Fed (symbolically) being exposed 
and stripped naked (one fellow is pulling the altar cloth).

And we have heard about the upper left, judgement day scene. The angels are harvesting the good eggs.

If our new lines of jams and jellies features a federal deposit regulation, well, why not look at that 
to see what jams and jellies are? I found this:

(b) The exemption in ? 204.2(a)(1)(vii)(A) applies to obligations owed by a depository institution to a 
domestic office of any entity listed in that section (the exempt institutions). The exempt institutions 
explicitly include another depository institution, foreign bank, Edge or agreement corporation, New York 
Investment (article XII) Company, the Export-Import Bank of the United States, Minbanc Capital Corp.,
 and certain other credit sources. The term exempt institutions also includes subsidiaries of depository institutions.

I got to be honest, I am not sure how exactly that fits, but I think these fellas have to fund whatever 
it is they are up to somehow. There is tons of fraud in the black market, I've seen it go down..

Im gonna jump forward and say this: these people are ushering in the end of times. undermining government 
in every way possible. Talking so much about disease, chemicals, military like coordinates.... etc. etc. 
At first I wasn't sure if they were black market communist anonymous types... or the supposed Illuminati. 
They seem to be on both sides. I thought England and the U.S.A. were going to bring about one government 
under socialism (the agenda), but now i think these fellas are into it. The actual profile i would give 
them is something like, "Russian-born communist orphaned orthodox Jewish scholar counter-culture 
revolutionaries." There is so much education and scholarly stuff in here.. perhaps they have their hands 
in legitimate money as well as the black market/drug dealing/credit card fraud stuff...

Anyway, so we all know we are headed for nuclear war. I think these people want us to throw away our money
 at the first sign of the apocalypse so that the world will be unstable enough to instill their New World 
 Order. The two sides of a supposed war don't seem that different at all. I thought moral communism would 
 be a great way to live, and I thought it would be fun to try to bring it about, I even have a solid idea
  on how to do it, and this reads like a bunch of borderline lunatics are gonna do it for everyone in the
   name of God. Um. Is that good? Oh yeah, while nuclear war is occurring...

IDK i would chill with them. Beats these powder headed lizards crawling around the sold world now.

I apologize for teh way my comments read. This puzzle had my head spinning for 2 days. I don't even want 
to get into the math and physics aspects. There is so much going on here. This is a top dog secret society. 
I'm gonna go with my original answer: Lulzsec. Hit me up fellas- there's no intelligent life down here. 
Seriously. Get me out of this. LOL like i have a choice. I just want the end of the world to be fun for me toooooo

near a terminal 07.10.09
Someone wrote that the Freaks envisage "a pastoral version of North Korea."  Can't say for sure but from what else we 
see from the Freaks, North Korea would be Gallo's third squeezings.  Pale stuff not worth emulating.

cingularity 10/19/2015
Does the 12 circles relate to the 12 apostles, or the 12 Federal Reserve Banks?

Stephan 08.11.2016
the angel sounding the trumpet in the picture:
Trumpets Are Sounding Around The World (from the sky):

bhance: this clue was an ancient Greek word "ekpurosis", character encoded as seen here:

Sea Cooke 10/31/17
you may find it useful that all four are found
“not merely coloured, but are beautifully painted with blue, green and red cover colours”
Luther contributed ideas to the image designs of the engraver and for the finished result  a third also added his hand –
their embellishment became part of the precious art,
and the fingerprint to identify. cf

R.C. Christian 09/14/2020
I believe this to be connected to the rosicrucains the cross with a rose in the middle is some of their symbology. 
The anniversary goes back to the year 1530.Around 1530, more than 80 years before the publication of the first manifesto, 
the association of cross and rose already existed in Portugal in the Convent of the Order of Christ, home of the Knights 
Templar, later renamed Order of Christ. Three bocetes were, and still are, on the abóboda (vault) of the initiation room. 
The rose can clearly be seen at the center of the cross.[5][6] At the same time, a minor writing by Paracelsus called 
Prognosticatio Eximii Doctoris Paracelsi (1530), containing 32 prophecies with allegorical pictures surrounded by 
enigmatic texts, makes reference to an image of a double cross over an open rose; this is one of the examples used 
to prove the "Fraternity of the Rose Cross" existed far earlier than 1614.[7]. Also the hairs one the guys head seem 
to change ive seen 4,5,6,7 one ad !

 with many heads had the numbers 4546 . Also look into Luther rose or Luther seal 1530 one google.Calvin was 
 originally trained as a humanist lawyer. He broke from the Roman Catholic Church around 1530. After religious 
 tensions erupted in widespread deadly violence against Protestant Christians in France, Calvin fled to Basel,
  Switzerland, where in 1536 he published the first edition of the Institutes. rosicrucians info

Perry 05.06.2021
The mushroom cloud at the center of the page is also in the 5/1/2021 issue of ADW, likely meaning that the 
location it alludes to is obtained by starting at the edges for each of the four problems and meeting at the 
center. Maybe, at least.

Also Gabriel's Horn is included in this issue as in 5/1/2021, and it points to Luther. Maybe start here?