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Perkins 12/11/09
I'm mildly impressed by the obscurity of the Rimbaud quote; it comes from a school
exercise he wrote in the style of Villon, and could be translated as 
"(They) will be hanged for a free lunch." 

"Repeue" is an Old French word.

Don 12/11/09
A random quick thought (I'm not sure anyone else has mentioned this yet). I am wondering if pi means that we 
have to draw a circle(s) on the page to find part of the message (circumference=2[pi]r or =[pi]d in which 
case 3 might equal d or r). If this is the case then the 3 might be the center of the circle. I'm sure 
if this is correct then it will work on the golden ration and pi puzzles on other pages.

Also the captain obvious in me says that within the box, the first two lines, and that is surrounded 
by the approximation of pi (3.142)is a substitution cipher.


G.E.B. 12/11/09

DR 12.28.09
Mistah Kurtz is either a reference to "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad or to its 
citation in the poem "The Hollow Men" by T.S. Eliot. Since the poem is full of imagery, 
I would guess the latter. Mister Kurtz is the subject of the protagonist's search through 
the Congo in Heart of Darkness. His "moral senses" are discovered to have been completely 
subsumed by "native savagery", including bloodshed.

The poem, notably, ends with:

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

"Finland Station", according to Wikipedia, was used by Finns escaping the Russian revolution 
in 1918. A bomb exploded there inside a statue of Lenin on 4/1/09.


The clues on this message lead me very precisely to a small Iranian village. No other unaltered 
permutation leads me to a populated area. I have refrained from actually naming the village or 
my methods of finding it, given the possible goal described below, which I would not want to disrupt.

I wonder if the Orphanage is involved with Bible smuggling. If that is their goal, and this is 
happening on a large scale, communicating in code would absolutely be necessary, since some 
countries arrest and/or execute Bible smugglers.

It doesn't seem likely otherwise that our Christian friends would be actually meeting in Iran, 
though the village certainly could be used as a code name.

If you round my numbers a bit, you end up VERY close to 31N, 51E, also in Iran, which could then 
be either coordinates or driving directions. Other options remain possible.

I also guess that "pigs", their common epithet for their enemy, is a reference to Jesus' 
admonition to not "cast your pearls before swine". Jesus reasons that the swine will trample 
the pearls, then turn around and gore the thrower.

As for publishing on May Day every year, it seems likely that that date is used as an offset 
for calculating other dates. There's no other good reason to use the same date. For instance, 
if the value "142" appears in a publication, the date would be 142 days from the previous 
(or current) May Day.

The number in this publication is either 367, 368, or 489, depending on whether you take the 
value literally or increment it by 1 as they suggested (and highlighted and starred) in one 
of your letters. These would depict May 3, May 4, or September 2, 2010. (Or, again, possibly 
offset by one day, depending on whether they start counting May 1st at 0 or 1.)

I also think it's probable that some of them are using your website to communicate, rather 
than subscribing individually to the university paper. If they're smart (and they are), 
they would only view it via anonymous proxies or open (or hacked) wireless networks.

Nephroth 01.15.2010

Most notable for being the arrival point of Vladimir Lenin in 1917 before the start of the October revolution.

rich 01.19.2010

Comments: Re:
The Jacksonborough curse
Lorenzo Dow
Lorenzo Dow's curse
Brian 01.26.2010
A while back, I was looking at the page from December 5th 2001, which is the one that 
turned out to be a magic square. Recall that it contained the phrase "destruam et aedificabo," 
meaning destroy and build. So I used the solution which Mogul provided and rearranged the 
announcement so that everything was in numerical order. The very first thing that appears 
is the word Ersby, which is located in Finland. Could this be Finland Station?

As an addendum to what I just posted: I omitted all of the the cells which contained numbers when I did this.

MadBrain 02.04.2010
Engels & Diehr:

Danio rerio:

AAQ88 is, of course, the dead man's hand.	

near a terminal 02.16.2010
Deep Ellum has been in before.  Unless it has changed, potables reign supreme.

james 03.15.2010
wachet auf, ruft uns die stimme = wake up, call us are correct

Kimberly T 04.02.2010
Bachet auf, ruft uns Die Stime is all reference the Second Coming of Christ.

See the link below, this refers to the Parable of the 10 virgins. Interpretations of the above include,
"The Bridegroom soon will call us"
"Slumbers, Wake, The Bridegroom Cometh"
"Awake, Arise, It Is The Warning"

In what little time I have had to research things in the various clues, all seem to be pointing the end 
times which have been prophesied in the Bible and by various seers.

The publication May 2009 showed a mushroom cloud in the middle surrounded by other pictures. The pictures 
had Christ coming down on a cloud, another the angel sounding their trumpet of warning and the incredible 
thing were the symbols from the US dollar imprinted upon these pictures.

As we know, we have suffered financial catastrophies lately, and perhaps economic collapse in the near 
future WebBot predictions are true for what we are to experience at the later part of 2010. It appears 
the US money symbols were a warning that the end times will start with economic problems.

If you look at the last few publications many references are to people who rebelled against the religious 
status quo such as Jenny Gedes. It appears the last two publications are warnings that what has been
prophesied is in the making at this time.

This publications appears to refer to the swine flu when vacination by referring to Elixir,porcine and 
clinical specimens.

I do not know what Deep Ellum Cell has to do with the vacination but Deep Ellum is a place in Dallas Texas. 
Maybe the two major hospitals there had something to do with the trials/development.

Engels and Diehr appears to refer to missing data regarding health status and missing data is primarily 
related to worse health. Perhaps this is reference to the fact there isn't data on the swine flu vaccination, 
thus the missing data would lead people to be more ill than if they didn't have the vaccination.

Here is the link to the publication referenced in this publication.

Then you have the AAQ88 which is Dead Man's Hand and the reference to the second coming of Christ.

bhance 04.05.2010
	Those digit grids sure look like the total-distance-driving-from-city-A-tocity-B that you find in the back of 
	any average road map, but I'm having a hard time nailing down which one/which cities 
	they represent.


Comments: Ace can be 1 or 11, right?

Also, I think I know the name of the org that is placing these ads. They are a serious group, 
not to be trifled with, and wish to change the course of history and will almost certainly do it.

Take great care in your research, everyone. I stopped conducting my own because I never recognized the scope and nature of the group until I'd gone a little too far.

Josh 01/20/2011
Comments: The portion of text referring to the journal of clinical epidemiology is about 
"Imputation of missing longitudinal data."

Danio Rerio is a freshwater fish, the zebra fish.