Here's a much larger JPG of the same

Thanks to the Tucson crew for the copy :)

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sudomucho 05.03.2009

There's a fragment from Isabel Allende's novel "Ines del Alma Mía". It says "The navigational charts were not a well-kept secret anymore, even the fucking English had them". Following the ISBN of the book and a couple of pages. I can't figure out what the underlined numbers mean (0 0 0 5 5). BtW: Inés del alma mía means "Inés from my soul"

Cherno 05.03.2009
	there is a clue in "spanish" (Castilian), a quote of Isabel Allende's "Inés del alma mía", 1st chapter:

"Navigation charts were not secret anymore, even the damned english men were possessing those".

Martín Lutero is also spanish for Martin Luther.

The main plot of Allende's novel it's about the first Spanish woman arriving in Chile along with the conquerors.

(sorry for my english, I am not very good. for the traslated quote I used a translator online not very good, the Blit-E)

Beacon 05.04.09
The Leitmoteif is a biblical reference to Mark 4:11-12 from the poem "Directive" by the American poet Robert Frost. Fifth line from the end.

Note the numbers to the right of the Dutch Chart of the North Sea?

Actually it features the Archipeligo extending off the north coast of Holland you can just make out Texel and Terschelling. Telex has a NATO base there nowadays. The coast of england is on the other side of the chart.
Music: Martin Luther, ca. 1529; harm. from The New Hymnal for American Youth, 1930
UMH 110: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Fits in with the musical encription theme
In simple terms, meter refers to the rhythmic and syllabic structure of a piece of poetry, which is essentially what a hymn is.  Meter markings on hymn tunes indicate the number of syllables in each line of the hymn.

The map looks like a "red and blue states" electoral demographics btu I cant find any election since 1880 with had Washington state Wyoming and Nevada all on the same side!
It seems to me more like a mural drawn on a schoolyard beside the "hop scotch" squares. The child with the football is part of the drawing.

mbs 05.04.09
horizontal music:
O For a Thousand tongues to Sing
 (Wesley, Glaeser)

vertical music:
A Mighty Fortress is Our God, aka the battle hymn of the reformation
 (Luther, natch)

gwydion 05.05.09
Mention is made of an individual receiving something at ``The Steelyard'' - this may be off the mark, but Neil Stephenson's most recent 
novel ``Anathem'' refers to ``The Steelyard'' as a neologism synonomous with ``Occam's Razor'':

Gardan’s Steelyard: (1) A rule of thumb stating that when one is comparing two hypotheses, preference should be given to the one 
that is simpler. Also referred to as Saunt Gardan’s Steelyard or simply the Steelyard.

Great book BTW, even if I am, rather ironically, reading too much into this one.

Brian 05.05.09
Asked my musically inclined friend for help on this. The music running from top to bottom is 
"A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" by none other than Martin Luther. She said that the horizontal 
piece is one of Luther's hymns.

Here are the lyrics to "A Mighty God is Our Fortress" (vertical music)

Tral 05.05.09
I'm hearkening back to the 'chromatic' clue from some time back (chromatic in this case referring to music) -

The vertical melody is Martin Luther's "A Mighty Fortress is our God" (Melody: Ein Feste Burg) - Meter 87 87 66 66 7

The horizontal melody is Charles Wesley's "O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing" (Melody: Azmon by Carl Glaser)

Nika is Greek for 'victory' or 'conquest'

IC is Roman numeral 99, and XC is Roman numeral 90

He11vis 05.06.09
Down on the lower left near the map shows the digits
It sounded familiar and then I remembered hearing that back in my seminary days. 
This is a hymn from Martin Luther called "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God". Follows well with the past 
references to Martin Luther and Christianity.

mbs 05.07.09
The numbers in the lower right quad relate to the music: is a hymn notation and represent the number of syllables in each line of the hymn, in this case "A Mighty Fortress...":

A mighty fortress is our God,(8 syllables)
a bulwark never failing; (7 syllables)
our helper he amid the flood (8)
of mortal ills prevaling.    (7)
For still our ancient foe    (6)
doth seek to work us woe;    (6)
his craft and power are great, (6)
and armed with cruel hate,     (6)
on earth is not his equal.     (7)

Apparently, this is a common way to identify or index hymns.

Likewise, AZMON CM signifies the tune name and Common Meter (I believe common meter is 86.86).  Glaser wrote the tune, "Azmon", and Lowell Mason used it for a hymn called "Come, Let us Lift Our Joyful Eyes".  Mason named the tune "azmon" which is the Hebrew word for "fortress"(1).  These days, the tune is most commonly known as "O for a Thousand Tongues..."

(1) the Presbyterian hymnal companion, LindaJo K. McKim (Google Books)

hopi 05.07.09
The clue in the top right hand corner is a poem by Anna Margolin(pseudonym for Rosa Lebensboym), 
a poet who published her works in Yiddish. She has only two books to date, the first one is titled 'Lider', 
the second is titled 'Drunk from the bitter truth', from the second book there is a poem titled "Slender Ships". 
I only got the first two lines from the net, the rest you have to get from the book. Here goes- slender ships 
drowes on the swollen green water. black shadows sleep on the cold heart of the water. I hope this helps!

Also: azmon cm is a clue for another song "our god we are a church reformed".

Chris 05.09.09

Иван Петрович Павлов is Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. He is known for the experiment with conditioning.. via dogs and meal times. Also studied reflexes and involuntary actions, although much better known for his conditioned response studies.

Damen 05.15.09
The poem by Anna Margolin is as follows:

Slender Ships

Slender ships drowse on swollen green water,
black shadows sleep on the cold heart of water.
All the winds are still.
Clouds shift like ghosts in the speechless night.
The earth, pale and calm, awaits thunder and lightning.
I will be still.

I found a copy of this poem with its translation in the book Drunk from the Bitter Truth on page 88-89, here at the UofA's library.

My thought is that the poem is in someway being used to reference the planned endgame of The Orphanage.

Anthony 05.15.09

The Hebrew poem is by Anna Margolin, the pen name of Rosa Harning Lebensboym (1887-1952) a twentieth century Jewish Russian-American, 
Yiddish language poet. I can't figure out the title enough to find an English translation. A book of her poems was published under 
the title of "Drunk From The Bitter Truth: The Poems Of Anna Margolin" ( 
which may contain the poem and a translation.

The two pieces of music are "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" (vertical notation) written by Martin Luther himself. 
( ( and "Azmon" (horizontal) written by Carl Gotthelf Gläser.

AZMON CM in the next to the map (De Noordt Zee = Dutch for The North Sea) means that the hymn is in  common meter (CM) or (

The numbers represents the meter for "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"

Here are some other pieces of information for some of the phrases in the right hand column:

caeteris paribus = Other things being equal

Hotel California - Salem Hall = There is a Salem Harbor near Boston, possible connection to Foster's Wharf?

steganographically = encryption using images

Senkgrube = cesspool

Treponema pallidum = bacterium that causes syphilis

Sobol Sequence = quasirandom number generator

und nicht Antonov/Saleev = and not Antonov & Saleev (created a faster algorithm to generate Sobol Sequence)

Trinity Sunday, 2009 = The first Sunday after Pentecost (June 7, 2009)

Foster's Wharf = In Boston harbor

5/1/1998 matrix  = There is a matrix of numbers to the right of the large "Cromwell" text

Romberg-Beleznay cum Thomas Bradwardine's (patented) sub rosa modification = Use Romberg's method (mathmatical algorithm that generates a triangular array consisting of numerical estimates of the definite integral) as modified by Beleznay with Thomas Bradwardine's private/secret modification

The Steelyard (Stahlhof) = was in the Middle Ages the main trading base of the Hanseatic League (aka Hansa) in London.

Cannon Street Station [EC4N6AP] - London rail station lies on the site of the Steelyard

LAUS DEO! = Praise be to God!

channel-rhodopsins = light activated protiens (sight?)

4-ethylguaiacol = a phenolic compound with the molecular formula C9H12O2. It is produced along with 4-ethylphenol (4-EP) in wine and beer by the spoilage yeast Brettanomyces. (smell?)

Rosumovi Univerzalni Roboti = translated from Sloveninan - Rossum's Universal Robots. A science fiction play by Karel Capek famous for having introduced and popularized the term robot.

t=.02, p>.05 = statistical significance test. In this case the probability is very low

(Russian) = Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (as in Pavlov's dogs)

"Et ad haec quis tam idoneus?" = And for these things who is so sufficient? 2 Corinthians 2:16

IC XC NIKA =  Christogram - "Jesus Christ Conquers"

And here are the underlined words from the left column to make them easier to read:
cross react
Single assays are not informal
Red top
Protein binding: 95% to 98%

Tyler 05.16.2009
Lower right hand corner:
I didn't know where to start with these numbers so I typed them as a web address.
First hit was Wikipedia:
(copied below)


A mighty fortress is our God
A safe stronghold our God is still


God is a stronghold and a tower
God is our stronghold and our stay


Rejoice today with one accord

Post was listed under category METERS meaning: Meters refer to the number of syllables in each line of the text and a metrical index like this allows for text and tune matches

Now opposite those numbers are the letters

This refers to a church hymn.

The words are
1)"Salvation! O, the joyful sound; 'Tis pleasure to our ears, a sovereign balm for every wound, A cordial for our fears,"
2)"Buried in sorrow and in sin, At hell's dark door we lay:But we arise, by grace Divine, To see a heavenly day."
3)"while all the armies of the sky Conspire to raise the sound."
I searched for AZMON CM in google and found the hymn in a scanned copy of the chapel hymnal for the Harvard Divinity School.
If you look at the cross of music, the line going left to right is the actual hymn. I'm not sure about the one going South to North.

Anthony 05.21.09
For the phrase: Correlate these MAC generators - Pigs

MAC is Message Authentication Code and is used in encryption to authenticate a message and verify to the recipient that it has not been altered. A MAC generator is an algorithm that produces a "watermark" based on the contents of the entire document. Any changes to the document would result in a different watermark. The recipient would use the MAC generator and then compare his MAC with the one sent with the message.

This may be related to this sentence:  "The Hirelings, however, have given THE ORPHANAGE considerable pause with their latest gambit; transmit all future responses via the Sobol Sequence (und nicht Antonov/Saleev)."

Perhaps the "enemy" (Hirelings) are sending messages claiming to be members of the Orphanage and to combat this, legitimate messages need to be authenticated with a MAC generated from the references in the lower right corner of this ad.

What's also interesting about this ad is the large images. This could imply that there is a hidden message in the images and that printing them large enough may improve the ability to extract the message despite distortions/degradation introduced by the printing process.

We see many images of stamps in these messages. There could also be some correlation with anti-counterfeit measures in stamps. Here's an example of a technique that could be viable with these newspaper ads: "The United States has also made use of technology that allows a hidden image to be printed within the stamp design. To see a hidden feature encoded into selected stamp designs, a special acrylic decoder lens must be placed on the stamp and tilted at a prescribed angle." (from:

It's possible to order such a decoder lens:

These ads seem to be designed to be read generally without the aid of a computer. Using some kind of "lens" (a term that frequently shows up in these ads) to decode the messages would fit with this idea. That said, there does seem to be other parts of the messages that imply that a computer would need to be used to decode them. But this would be consistent with the idea that there are many members set to different tasks where some would be using computer-based encryption and others only require analog tools like books.

I have tried various image processing methods to try and tease out any secret messages in the images but have not been sucessful. This could very well be due to loss of detail in the scans and it may require the actual newspaper to see anything.

Anne 05.09.09
Unless I'm mistaken, I think I played on that USA map as a child. At least, I seem to recall a similar map painted on the ground at the school. I can't recall exactly, but it was either Whittier, Whitman or Webster elementary in Mesa, AZ.

I feel ridiculous for not remembering, because it was (in the 90's) the school where gifted students would get bused in to take a special class once a week. Perhaps someone still in the area can go take a look? The map looks cracked and worn enough to be the same one I remember.

In addition, I just realized... I think the map picture is a clip from the Arizona Republic (though, I don't believe they stated which school). Some time in the past year or two? I believe it would have been either on the front page of the Valley & State section, or the front page of the newspaper itself.

Perhaps the publication date is significant?

anonymous 07.07.09
They seem mad in this ad. Maybe the Pigs found their meeting last time.	
bmhmbh 07.12.09
Text & Musik: , 1529.

Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott,
Ein gute Wehr und Waffen;
Er hilft uns frei aus aller Not,
Die uns jetzt hat betroffen.
Der alt’ böse Feind,
Mit Ernst er’s jetzt meint,
Gross’ Macht und viel List
Sein’ grausam’ Ruestung ist,
Auf Erd’ ist nicht seingleichen.

Mit unsrer Macht is nichts getan,
Wir sind gar bald verloren;
Es steit’t für uns der rechte Mann,
Den Gott hat selbst erkoren.
Fragst du, wer der ist?
Er heisst Jesu Christ,
Der Herr Zebaoth,
Und ist kein andrer Gott,
Das Feld muss er behalten.

Und wenn die Welt voll Teufel wär’
Und wollt’ uns gar verschlingen,
So fürchten wir uns nicht so sehr,
Es soll uns doch gelingen.
Der Fürst dieser Welt,
Wie sau’r er sich stellt,
Tut er uns doch nicht,
Das macht, er ist gericht’t,
Ein Wörtlein kann ihn fällen.

Das Wort sie sollen lassen stahn
Und kein’n Dank dazu haben;
Er ist bei uns wohl auf dem Plan
Mit seinem Geist und Gaben.
Nehmen sie den Leib,
Gut, Ehr’, Kind und Weib:
Lass fahren dahin,
Sie haben’s kein’n Gewinn,
Das Reich muss uns doch bleiben.

87 87 66 667


Charlie P. 07.19.09
Channel-rhodopsins are proteins that serve as photoreceptors. In experiments conducted on zebra-fish, it has been found that manipulation of zebra-fish 
neurons with ChR2 can enable researchers to manipulate zebra-fish behavior through the application of "brief pulses of blue light." 

4-ethylguaiacol  is a compound formed during alcoholic fermentation that can give a "bacon" flavor to wines. Presence of 4-ethylguaiacol in wine 
generally indicates that the batch has spoiled.

Rosumovi Univerzalni Roboti are Rossum's Universal Robots, from a play by the same name by Karel Capek. His play represented the first appearance 
of the concept of "robot" in English. However, the robots in the story were not mechanical, but biological.

When these clues are taken together with these lines: "the first field tests...have demonstrated...that Pigs guzzling vin rouge of any grade, 
respond to the empirical exemplars. Their “will”—if they possessed such—is statistically immaterial when pitted against the repetitive 
imbibition coupled with THE ORPHANAGE’s imaginal archetypes"; suggest that the Orphanage are drugging the Pigs (the police?) and planning 
to use them to further their own ends.

The horizontal music is Azmon CM, alluded to in the bottom-right quadrant. That tune is used in the song UMH 057 “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” 
by Charles Wesley, who said that every man should sing it on the anniversary of his conversion ( 
Sheet music here: (

The vertical music is the hymn UMH 110 “A Mighty Fortress is Our God (Ein Feste Burg),” written by Martin Luther, whose meter is 
(also int he lower-right quadrant). Music here: (

Samotheus 07.30.09
"Pelagian devils" may refer to the 4th-5th Century Pelagianist heresy:

To summarise, Pelagianism proclaimed that men are sinners by choice ("Original Sin" not being inheritable, but merely Adam being made "an example of" by God)
* "The greatest coup since we went invisible - LAUS DEO!" may refer to (temporary) changes that made the term "LAUS DEO" (Latin for "Praise be to God") 
non-viewable to visitors of the Washington Monument:

Beacon 08.31.09
I note the references to stegonagraphy. -second pass as per 5/1/90 first L.
They seem to have posted a stenographic encryption in public "among local yokel pig pondscum". There has been mention of stegenography before.

sudomucho 09.01.2009
Something else from Isabel Allende is that she's related to Salvador Allende. A Chilean socialist president circa 1973 
whose main goals were the nationalisation of the mines. His government (and life) ended abruptely in a military 
coup-de-état in september 11 1973. He was surrounded in Casa de la Moneda and shot himself.

Recently declassified documents show the American government back then (Nixon?) was involved in the events that day.

Well, this is not strictly hinted by the ad except for the last name Allende, but I bring it up just in case.

Charlie P. 09.01.2009
To Anne,

I had the same reaction to that map that you did. However, I went to elementary school in Michigan, 
so I think the U.S. Map pattern must be fairly widespread, at least enough so that a cold-identification 
of the particular school in question will be all but impossible.

jc 10.24.09
The stamp is a surgarge of Liechtenstein's 1949 Map, Post Horn and Crown. It was issued on 7 November, 1950.

Ben 01.07.10
Regarding the map.  Has anyone else noticed that it's in only 2 colors?  I looks to my eyes like 
an election results map.

Juls 03/27/2016
As has already been pointed out, Cannon Street Station in London, part of the Underground, lies on the site of a medieval steelyard. 
I thought it might be worth adding that the station was redeveloped in the 1980s to provide office space above and around the station.  
One of offices (above the station platforms?) was occupied by the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange, which 
was eventually bought over by NYSE.  More here:
and here:
peace, Juls :)