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Gabriel 05.03.2010

To start us off, the Greek at the top of what looks like a compass rose (??? ??S ????S ??? ?????S) 
translates to "By the glory of the Father".  This is a Bible quote from Romans 6:4.  The full quote is:  
"Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead 
by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life."  (KJV)

A quick Google search came up with a couple of other things also.  "Foster's Wharf" seems to refer to 
either a place in Beverly, Massachusetts, or a redesign of Canary Wharf, a station on the London 
Underground.  Given the line following, I would assume it's the former.

Hausdorff closure space is a mathematical term that, not being much of a mathematician, I could not begin 
to explain, but here's the Wiki link.

Lastly, this may have been mentioned before, as "Pelagian Devils" comes up quite often, but the Pelagians 
were those who denied that humans were irrevocably stained by Original Sin.  They believed that through 
Free Will, humans were able to attain moral perfection in their lifetime without Divine guidance.  They 
were, naturally, at odds with Augustine (who the Orphanage seems to revere, hence terming them "Devils")

That's all I have from a quick reading.  More to come.

Beacon 05.03.2010
	first impressions

Maps and pictures.

The top of the page seems to be a cemetary. the archicture also looks nineteenth century French. could be a belgian war cemetary.

Opposite is a "pigs" (recurrent theme) carcass.

Bottom left is a google Map search for a particular address in Dallas texas. Dallas Area Rapid Transit - DART
You could look up the addresses and work out what the search term was maybe.

Centre is a Las Vegas Nevada ( recurrent theme) which makes me think that the right hand side vats have something 
to do with either Nuclear bombs e.g. heavy water or cryogenics. the architecture suggests an older period to the vats

the maps seem to be of Australia (with Melbourne at the dot) and possibly Iceland (with rekjavic - recurrant theme-  
at the dot) But the iceland one may be wrong. The missing peninsula and large lake are putting me off.

Im fairly dure the middle image is the reichstag in Berlin. we had a similar ADW map of Berlin like the Dallas 
one with the Uban/underground . Maybe the points marked on it have a common theme?

Bunyan quote from author of  "The Pilgrim's Progress" (recurrant theme Protestantism)

Gabriel 05.03.2010
A few more things:

First of all, re: Beacon's comment on the maps, I believe that the outline on the left is actually South 
Africa, not Iceland.  Cape Town is marked with the dot.  This would seem to make more sense, as we have 
seen coordinates for Cape Town many times before.  Also, while the one on the right is Australia, the 
dot seems to mark a city called Port Augusta.  This is odd to me, as there seems to be nothing of note 
in Port Augusta.  The only vague connection I see is the similarity between "Augusta" and "Augustine".  
Is it possible that Cape Town the city is not as significant to them as the name itself?

Also, if anyone could give any insight to the meaning of the pound and asterik symbols, I would like to 
hear it.  I think we have seen these before, but I can't remember where or when.

More on the translations, now.  The quote in the inner circle of the compass rose "For victory..." is from 
Ivan the Terrible (The Cyrillic is literally Ivan Grozny).

Luther's quote that serves as the Leitmotiv here means "There was a wondrous war".  This line comes from a 
chorale written by Luther called "Christ lag in Todesbanden" ("Christ lay in death's bonds").  The chorale 
was used by JS Bach in 1707 as the main melody for an Easter cantata of the same name.  I hope there are 
some musicologists among us who can shed some light on this one, as I cannot say more about the 
significance of the piece.

Baghwan 05/06/2010
The vats are almost certainly wine vats.  I'm trying to nail down just where, but a Google Image search on 
"stainless steel vat" leads immediately to a picture of a vat bigger than, but otherwise very similar to, 
the ones in the photo.	

bhance: I ran a tineye search on them and didn't find anything either

Beacon 05.04.2010

The hash (pound) and three other symbols (asterisk, exclamation mark and star) appear around 1992. 
Before that you usually get the digits 1 through 4 or sometimes a series of from one through four stars. 
Another recurrent theme. The postings are supposed to have four levels. And there are four main charachters 
Luther ,Calvin, Adolphus,  Cromwell - all Protestant leaning by the way.

There are Pelagians Pigs Hirelings and the Revisionists who are the posters group. I get the impression 
that Pelagians are looked upon a bit like Catholics would be to hard line Protestants - educated and 
knowledgable but unworthy. The other two groups are lower in some pecking order.

The clues themselves are supposed to have four levels.

I agree on the South Africa and Australia map. the "lake" is probably Lesotho. Cape Town and Port Augustafit earlier motiefs.

i think the A and B on the map of Dallas are from a search of clubs and bars. the Door club and The Prophet Bar are part of a Chain.

do a google map search under the name and main st and elm st dallas texas

Mind you a lot of them seem to correspond with Bus or train stops. Maybe the ADW references are not people 
but places for example "Latimer" might be the Door Bar under the Latimer expressway nearby.?? nah scratch that.

Das Antwort 05.04.2010
SR = systematic review or standardized review
CL = common logic: a framework for a FAMILY of logic languages

Psychomike 05/17/2010
'tis still the insensible principle that directs all your conduct and will at last most assuredly deceive and ruin you.
bdh: see

Novio 07/26/2010
Comments: Beacon - It is a vineyard, not a cemetary. Tried to find a match to the image but no luck.

near a terminal 07/08/2010
	Couldn't take an oath on this but I've heard that Siemens has ongoing interests in what is now known as Slovakia.  
	Seems to fit one of the statements in Fraktur.

The picture to the right of the exclamation mark shows the Bundestag - The German Parliment.


near a terminal 08.30.2010
The central tower in the vineyard is clearly marked.  Appears that two lights one above the other 
are burning perhaps marking two levels.

Don 09/19/2010
 This is for Gabriel's question on 5.30.2010 about the asterisks and pound symbols. 
 Dan Tomasson uncovered the meaning of them in the logic puzzle of 4 December 1991 
 ( posted the full results on 
 his own website at . 
 I have used these solutions to find possible answers in the past.


Bill/Dave 11.30.2010
This one is nifty! I'm focusing on one sentence in particular here, so bear with me....the one starting with Winthrop, near the end.
Since I'm new to the site, I assume “Winthrop” is a reference to John Winthrop ( ), and/or the Winthrop fleet ( ) which included the Arbella and Captain Morgan as referenced in  May 1, 1987, May 1, 1993 and December 1, 1993. Interesting to note that Winthrop is buried in Boston, Massachusetts....but you guys already knew that.
So, “Skakelkomitee” is Afrikaans for “liaison committee” which probably relates to the picture of South Africa, denoted by the asterisk.
The [Areva NC {inter alia}] is a little disturbing and I hope I'm wrong, but searching for “Areva NC” returns this info:  which is a French branch of government basically the same as our Atomic Energy Commission in the U.S. They have mining operations in over 30 countries, including Niger and are “ industrial group active in all stages of the uranium fuel cycle, including uranium mining, conversion, enrichment, spent fuel reprocessing, and recycling.”
The {inter alia} part is Latin for “Among other things “ apparently:
“vis-a-vis” is face-to-face, right? Possibly “in relation to” or “as compared to”?
Not sure what “Siemens” is, other than a major electronics company that also makes trains for Australia: , but these trains operate in Melbourne and not Port Pirie or Port Augusta as the dot on the map *roughly* indicates (see:,_South_Australia and,_South_Australia ) from what I have found this far.
I've always had a hard time reading that type of font, but I believe it reads “und Gelegenheit in den Osten” (which google insisted was “der” instead of “den”) means “and opportunity in the east”, right? I could be way off here, but it sounds like a good fit to me.
Since tomorrow is December first, I'm going to hit U of A's campus and pickup a ADW...I bet they will be posting soon!

Logan 04/18/2012
	Well i noticed the word bourbon street in one of the pictures and 
	as far as i know thats in new orleans

repubgirl 07/08/2012
Comments: This is the third time John Bunyan has shown up. The first 
was in 1/22/92,  "Behold it was a dream" from The Pilgrim's Progress 
which Bryan also tied into Genesis 41:7 (KJV). He received a clue from U 
Bud The Pimp  shortly thereafter that he'd hit on a level.

Next up is in 5/1/96, "The first thing god made was time" which is from 
Bunyan's "An Exposition on the First Ten Chapters of Genesis".

And now we have the quote in this 4/30/10 ad which is from "Grace Abounding 
to the Chief of Sinners" (Bunyan's spiritual autobiography). Bunyan also 
says, "...Apart from the Holy Bible, I consider this [commentary on Galatians 
by Martin Luther] to be the best of all the books that I have ever seen for a wounded conscience.

The map at the bottom left is of downtown Dallas, specifically: the Main Street 
& Historic Districts on the west of the N. Central Expressway and Deep Ellum 
arts & entertainment district to the east of the N. Central Expressway. Note 
that "Dallas Section/Deep Ellum Cell" are referenced in the next ad 12/10/10.

If you continue North on the expwy a few miles you'll reach the SMU campus.

FBO the conspiracy theorists: sorry, this map depicts the opposite side of 
downtown Dallas from Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll. ;-)

Not sure that the points are of any significance, but I've made a run at them: 
(C) is the Dallas Farmers Market, (L) is a branch of the central library, (H) 
appears to be the Plaza of the Americas & Marriott City Center, (M) is the Chase Tower and
(O) is the Cathedral Guadalupe Church.

The map in the center is of the Las Vegas strip (i.e. Las Vegas Blvd). Note 
that this ad is from 2010 so the  map was at least 3 years obsolete when this 
ad ran. The Stardust and New Frontier were demolished (talk about structural 
changes!) in 2007. The map could be even older because I'm fairly certain the 
Westward Ho closed a few years before the Stardust.

Ken 08/24/2012
The map at the lower left corner is of the Dallas downtown area centered at Main and South Pearl.    

Generated by some sort of google maps or mapquest search but what do all the locations identify?  

Perhaps some one who live in the Dallas area could help.  One of the locations is in the center 
of a freeway.  See:	

also: The center map at the bottom  apparently shows bus stops along S. Las Vega Blvd. in Las Vegas.

Stephan 05/20/2014
In the middle of the compass is the Tetragrammaton.

The tetragrammaton (from Greek tet?a???µµat??, meaning "four letters")[1][2] is the Hebrew theonym ????, commonly transliterated into Latin letters as YHWH. 
It is one of the names of the God of Israel used in the Hebrew Bible.