Thanks to my awesome local Tucson source for hooking me up with the ad for 2011 :)

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Name: a2k 04/01/2012
Comments: do we still follow? 30 days g/t till a new sardine.? drink to my happy april fools.

Ken 08/29/2012
There is a book called Peregrinatio by an E.  (Ernest) Wolf.  Published in German.  See:

Apparently the reference is to a 1954 edition published in Munich.  Perhaps some body in German could look up the citation.

none given 10/26/2012
The mathematical equation del ~ 1/(8*e^2*lambda^2*xi^2) gives a 3-dimentional representation of a plus sign.


Comments: Level 4: E. Wolf   --- seems to refer to this exhibition: by E. Wolf 
and his daughter. Those are paintings based on crossword puzzle hints and solutions. The 
exhibitionís first full day was on 12 Dec, same day as the current mystery adís publication date 
(there was a short opening ceremony on the 10th). The show was on the 4th floor/level of the 
Salt Lake City library:  

The mystery adís author is apparently hinting that he sees his publications as an art form.
So we have a double reference by E. Wolf - A different E. Wolf (1902-1971) (as mentioned before) 
is also an author of the (Lutheran) theology book Peregrinatio.

I believe what is being referenced in this ad has something to do with this:
Leviathan. A patristic (patriotic?) note to Luther's criticism of the papacy.

Sarah 07.06.2013
Not sure if anyone has already pointed this out, but the drawing of the face could be made of letters or have some hidden within it. Like, the nose looks like an "S"
The triangle at the beginning of the equation is the symbol for change. Like the change in temp (represented by t) would be the triangle(del)t

Be dumber 08/16/2013
Want to raise some hairs on your arm? Why does this message say "SILO GO" and who is it talking to?