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name: j 07/19/2012
i'm brand new to the site/mystery, so forgive me if i'm telling you what you already know, but my 
initial thoughts for the ad are this:

the hebrew at the top is not modern hebrew, but biblical hebrew from 1 Samuel 2:16 "surely burn first the fat" 
(from right to left.).

also, the 482 anniversary of the Confessio Augustana would have been June 25th of this year.

and finally, the "Mistah Kurtz" references not only refer to Conrad's character in "Heart of Darkness", 
but also to T.S. Eliot's use of the line "mistah kurtz.. he dead" in the beginning of his book "the Hollow Men" 
as an epigraph referring to the death of Guy Fawkes.

Ken 08/28/2012
 	Not related to this particular ad, but has anybody ever noticed that the December ads usually (but not always) 
 	appear on the first Wednesday of December.   By tradition a roasted pigs head was prepared for the 
 	first Wednesday of December.  See:

Ties in with the repeated roast pit references?   I wonder if there is some pattern to the other 
seemingly random ads.  And why do a few December ads NOT follow this pattern.

Mau 11/03/2012

I'm new to this too, but I'll give it a go. The very first thing we are 
introduced in this "These are not natural events; they strengthen from strange to stranger."
Which is incredibly true. In the first sentences we are told that the loyal order 
is instructed by the orphanage to place the digital itinerary for the summer tour 
(applicable Banach Space...) A Banach space is a vector space X over the field of 
real numbers R or complex numbers C which is equipped with a norm and which is 
complete with respect to that norm

Then we are told that De Moivre will present Dallas Section's most recent Neurological 
investigation sub specie the Bayesian application which avoids the strategic hazards 
of adiposis universalis.

A- De Moivre is a French Mathematician who's formula links complex numbers and trigonometry
B- Bayesian probability is one of the different interpretations of the concept of probability 
and belongs to the category of evidential probabilities. The Bayesian interpretation of 
probability can be seen as an extension of logic that enables reasoning with propositions 
whose truth or falsity is uncertain.

Finally we are told that Peggy Dow's calculations have in excess of 2 SD's of empirical confidence.

I believe that this is the strangest one of all, maybe bc of my lack of knowledge in Peggy 
Dow or bc the 2 excess of SD's could be films or clips of something long forgotten. Anyways 
Peggy Dow = Actress, not Mathematician, which brings me back to my original point.

"These are not natural events; they strengthen from strange to stranger."

The whole texts starts off with fairly advance mathematical concepts, then it mixes 2 of 
them with a biological concept "adiposis universalis" which is  excessive deposition of fat 
throughout the body, including the viscera.

And finally the Peggy Dow's concept of her calculations leading to some excess of empirical confidence.

I'm not sure yet what they have in common, but I believe it has to do with how the mathematicians 
are related and most likely how they affected either film industry or just a single film long 

jp 01/11/2013
Politik der verbrannten Erde - scorched earth policy.  Le Nettoyage - "the cleansing," or "the cleaning." 

skipper 01/23/2013

Comments: Bayesian is a term which is often used in neuroscience in short it refers to a model of brain 
function based on uncertain probabilities. So he will discuss a model application which avoids the 
strategic hazards of (excessive fat?).  I suspect this might be a metaphor, perhaps the brain model 
relates to wealth and hoarding, or perhaps the group is growing with new members, and the 'strategic 
hazard' is the increased risk associated with that.

Moving on, Cytochrome p4502C19 is an enzyme in humans that is important for metabolizing drugs that 
prevent seizures.  SD's probably just refers to standard deviations. What IS interesting is that Taenia 
Solium is the scientific name for the pork tapeworm, which actually infects neural tissues, and in cases 
of heavy 'infestation'. can cause epileptic seizures.

Two conclusions spring to mind, either the orphanage is quite literally interested in neuroscience 
(and seizures specifically), or they are using the ontology of this medical field as a code, to encrypt 
purely cultural/political ideas. The specificity of terms might suggest the former, but the last few 
sentences are difficult to interpret literally which leads me to favor the obfuscation theory.

The final sentence is quite clear when translated and applied to this context, a scorched earth policy 
regrettably but necessarily precedes the cleanup of these (pelagic/freewill/luciferian?) (pigs/parasites).	

Michael P 01/28/2013
I did some research on some bits an pieces from this Text, hopefully it helps somewhat.

William Stoughton was a puritan who played a major role in the Salem Witch Trials.

The reference to the Crytochrome P450 2C19 was interesting, cytochrome is an enzyme that breaks down substances, 
hormones, drugs etc. However the P in P450 refers to pigment, and strangely enough the pigment for Cytochrome
 P450 2C19 is Red. Could be another reference to Mao/Communism?
The Mistah Kurtz line talks about Taenia Solium a pork tape worm and an infestation of pork tape worms 
Taeniasis    probably referring to all the Pigs. The part I thought that was interesting was the mention 
of Ireton  who I think is Henry Oregon who was a general in the Parliamentary War and also son in law of 
Oliver Cromwell - who I think is named at the bottom of the Text. Both were Puritans and I remember 
Cromwell being involved with the New Model Army some elite Puritan fighting group but I could be wrong . 
Maybe someone else can see some deeper connection here.

The other thing that got me was the last line about how A Scorched Earth Policy(politik Der verbrannten erde) 
unfortunately precedes The Cleaning(Le Nettoyage)  I found this one pretty creepy/weird

I'm still pretty new here so forgive any faults. I do hope this helps a bit.

Just a thought: has anyone begun taking underlined/ bold/ italics words out or grouping together
words or equations that are in brackets or parentheses   remember P.E.M.D.A.S.  parentheses 
exponents multiplication etc. just another idea .


Amy 05/01/2013
 Possibly related to nothing but Ireton could be Bishop Peter Leo Ireton who was bishop of Richmond from 1945-1958.
 The Peggy Dow mentioned is probably this one -

swede 08/18/2013
I don't know whether my last comment posted or not, but what I first thought of when reading Gustavus Adolphus at 
the bottom of the page was the three deceased Swedish kings with that very name. Here's the wikipedia for the most 
recent one (he died in 1973):

Jay 03/12/2013
Calibrate optical aperture as per 5/1/96. They are telling you to look at the mayday file at that time.

The hebrew in May Day 96states burn first the fat from right to left. This may mean to remove 
adolphus and cromwell from the equation.

I believe there to be 4 locations-North, Canada, West U.S, East UK (mostly). and I am not sure about south.

I am interested in the north as I live in Canada, May Day 96's north(UP) points to april 88 #3 
which is "nothing that can be lost is worth possessing": "beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for 
mourning" I think that this may be a pass phrase to get in.

opaleg 04/05/2014
References to seizures.. and then noticing that 'da lunatic' and 'u bud'. The latter mentioning that the former essentially went into seizure while communicating.

Might be the same person, both. I think the orphan keeps it all and them all in the mind, separated and compartmentalised.

Walt 05/02/2014
	The quote is from Shakespeare's The Tempest: Act 5, Scene 1, lines 237-238.

charles 05/11/2014
	One of the gustov adolfus' was at the battle of breitfeld. They too were fighting against the church and 
	hapsburgs iirc. Which references 2014 ad.

FJ Torres 07/17/2015
The quote ''These are not natural events...'' is also found in-
Mores Catholici Or Ages of Faith;+they+strengthen+from+strange+to+stranger.%22&source=bl&ots=OJPsmYkQJr&sig=JlnafTs13RrIFmKGZgDsxt81pYc&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCYQ6AEwAmoVChMI3qXv7_zixgIVg7geCh3uZwnP#v=onepage&q=%22These%20are%20not%20natural%20events%3B%20they%20strengthen%20from%20strange%20to%20stranger.%22&f=false
page 703
The author-

Stephan 03/02/2018
Hus Hall @ The Hotel California
I think it is a reference to JAN HUS.