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Scan taken from the online PDF - thanks Mike C. - ad was published Apr 30 as May 1st was a Saturday

oldwvlf 05/01/2016

Comments: I. DATES
        A. Exterior:
                [ 5/1/82, II
                12/5/2007, I
                3/10/93, I
                5/1/85, III
                6/22/05, III
                12/2,/2015, II
                9/1/92, III
                3/23/16, I ]
        B. Text:
                “The Arbella was scheduled to make a landfall on 6/24/2016”
                “Darboux (5/1/82, II) and
                Laguerre (9/1/92, III)
                functions of hyperspace (12/2/14, II) in Riemannian space
                - vats of Full Doctrine to proceed overland by the established route (5/1/85, III)

        A. Un, porc, silent, and GluN3, 1, 3, s, Riemannien
                un - not, lacking, opposite; “one”, french - article thing (a, an)
                proc -prokos -  pork/pig/swine/tame swine, glutton, wedge-shaped battle formation
                GLUN3 - NMDA receptor
                Riemannien - Geometry of surfaces

III. Leitmotiv: “He calls whom He will.” - John Owen
        A. John Owen (1616 – 24 August 1683) was an English Nonconformist church leader, theologian, and  academic administrator at the University of Oxford. He was briefly a member of parliament for the       University, sitting in the First Protectorate Parliament of     1654 to 1655. (wikipedia)
        B. From Chapter 13 of The Mortification of Sin:
        “as it is the great prerogative and sovereignty of God to give grace to whom he pleases (“He hath mercy on whom he will,” Rom. 9:18; and among all the sons of men, he calls whom he will, and    sanctifies whom he will), so among those so called and justified, and whom he will save, he yet         reserves this privilege to himself, to speak peace to whom he pleaseth, and in what degree he   pleaseth, even amongst them on whom he hath bestowed grace.”

IV. Latin/French:
        A. both consule Planco et in praesentia
                In the consulship of Plancus (In the good old days) (Horace)
                and in the present
        B. paupiettes de porc
                Stuffed Pork fillet
        C. vis-a-vis
        D. Et ad haec quis tam idoneus?
                Corinthians II 2:16 - "aliis quidem odor mortis in mortem aliis autem odor vitae in vitam ET AD HAEC QUIS TAM IDONEUS?"
                In English - "To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life. AND WHO IS SUFFICIENT FOR THESE THINGS?"

                Also in:
                May Day, 1986 advertisement
                Feb. 8, 1989
                May Day, 2009
                May Day, 2002

        E. Orate pro nobis.
                Litany of the Saints, pray for us
        F. cf.
                The abbreviation cf. derives from the Latin verb conferre, while in English it is commonly read as "compare". The abbreviation advises readers to consult other material,                 usually for the purpose of drawing a contrast. Many usage guides recommend against the          common use of cf. to mean "see also". (wiki)

V. Places:
        A. Lambert Room of the Hotel California (?) Lambert room possibly haunted room in St. James hotel
        B. 33’42’3’’ N., 118’15’05’’ W
                Two Harbors, colloquially known as "The Isthmus", is a small unincorporated community island village on Santa Catalina Island, California with a population of 298 (Census of                 2000). It is the second center of population on the island, besides the city of Avalon.
        C. 425 S. Palos Verdes, San Pedro 90371
                0002788890-0001-3-L044 EDWARD C EUM?            CDS AT PORT OF LA
                Port of Los Angeles, City Government Office
                330 Centre St., San Pedro 90731
                Los Angeles Port Police Headquarters
                330 Centre Street
                San Pedro, CA 90731
        D. Nova, Albion
                New Albion, also known as Nova Albion, was the name of all North America north of Mexico, from "sea to sea," claimed by Sir Francis Drake for England in 1579. The extent                 of New Albion and the location of Drake's port have long been debated by historians, with               most believing that he came ashore in the Bay Area on the coast of northern California.
                Albion, "the white", is an archaic name for the island of Great Britain. The name refers to the White Cliffs of Dover.
                The site of Drake's landing officially recognized by the U.S. Department of the Interior and other bodies is Drake's Cove, in Drakes Bay. The bay is in Marin                   County, California, near Point Reyes, just north of the Golden Gate. 38.034°N                   122.941°W

VI. Things:
        A. Summer Tour
        B. Feast celebrating 486th anniversary of Confessio Augustana
        C. “body of experimental and practical divinity” - John Wesleys Hymns
        D. nigrostriatal pathway -
                dopaminergic pathway (excess dopamine neurons in the substantial nigra is a main pathological function of parkinsons)
        E. droves of Pigs - reference to chemical crap going on, swine flu, virus
        F. Luke 14:23
                And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel themto come in, that my house may be filled.
        G. 5HT
                serotonin - regulates mood, appetite, sleep
        H. GluN2B/ GluN3 -
                the NMDA receptor family of glutamate receptor ion channels is formed by obligate heteromeric assemblies of GluN1, GluN2, and GluN3 subunits. GluN1 and GluN3 bind glycine,               whereas GluN2 binds glutamate.
        I. 377.2 nM - dosage:
                Haloperidol  ; Haloperidol Decanoate, ; and Haloperidol Lactate  also Haldol  -  Haloperidol is an antipsychotic with very strong antidopaminergic action.  It has a  high               frequency of side effects  - dystonias, akathisia, pseudoparkinsonism. It has minor             antihistaminic and anticholinergic properties.  Haloperidol also has sedative properties.               Dopamine receptor antagonism, is mainly of the D2 receptor subtype, and can cause                       akathisia, psychomotor agitation, anxiety, and restlessness, which ‘may worsen the                      condition of some patients’
                5HT7 (Irreversible silent antagonist) – 377.2nM[46] (
        J. Arbella
                 the flagship of the Winthrop Fleet on which, between April 8 and June 12, 1630, Governor John Winthrop, other members of the Company (including Dr. William Gager) and Puritan           emigrants transported themselves and the Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Company from          England to Salem, thereby giving legal birth to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (wiki).
        K. cell of Hirelings
                John 12:10  But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth            them, and scattereth the sheep.
                Menial workers (in text named government workers at location above)
        L. Pelagian devils
                Pelagius (circa 360 – 418)[1] was a British-born ascetic moralist, who became well known hroughout ancient Rome. He opposed the idea of predestination and asserted a strong            version of the doctrine of free will. Declared a heretic.
                - heretics = police?
        M. Golden Hind
                - Golden Hind was an English galleon best known for her circumnavigation of the globe between 1577 and 1580, captained by Sir Francis Drake. She was originally known as                      Pelican, but was renamed by Drake mid-voyage in 1578, in honour of his patron, Sir                      Christopher Hatton, whose crest was a golden 'hind' (a female deer). Hatton was one of          the principal sponsors of Drake's world voyage.
                - See connection to Drake’s landing at New (Nova) Albion
                -  the Ceryneian Hind (Greek: ? ?e????t?? ??af??), also called Cerynitis or the Golden Hind, was an enormous hind (deer), who lived in Keryneia, Greece. It was sacred to                      Artemis, the chaste goddess of the hunt, animals and unmarried women. It had golden             antlers like a stag and hooves of bronze or brass, and it was said that it could outrun                 an arrow in flight. The capture of the hind was one of the labours of Heracles                  (Hercules).
        N. Darboux/Laguerre functions of a hyperspace
                - geometric topology of functional hyperspace mathematics, see paper: Two-step Darboux transformations and exceptional Laguerre polynomials
        O. Riemannian space
                - In Riemannian manifolds, the notions of geodesic completeness, topological completeness and metric completeness are the same: that each implies the other is the           content of the Hopf–Rinow theorem.
        P. [vats] of Full Doctrine…en route 5/1/85 - note: is this referencing vats of chemicals being  transported?


                SUBJECT: Responsibilities for Research, Development, and Acquisition of Chemical Weapons and Chemical and Biological Defense

                […]The Fund Obligation for Chemical and Biological Warfare is assigned Reports Control Symbol DD-DDR&E(A)1065 in accordance with reference (g).

                4.2.3. Operating as the DoD Executive Agent and in coordination with the other Military Departments, prepare the annual report required by 50 U.S.C. Section 1511 (reference (f))               on funds obligated in the chemical and biological warfare program. The report shall             include a separate section on the use of human subjects for the testing of chemical or          biological agents. The report shall be provided to the Under Secretary of Defense                       (Research and Engineering) by 1 December of each year.

VII. People:

        A. Jenny Geddes (c. 1600 – c. 1660) was a Scottish market-trader in Edinburgh, who is alleged to have thrown her stool at the head of the minister in St Giles' Cathedral in objection to the    first public use of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer in Scotland. The act is reputed to have  sparked the riot which led to the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which included the English Civil  War.
        B. Ridley & Latimer - burned at the stake in Oxford 1555
        C. Friedrich Myconius - Lutheran theologian, colleague of Luther
        D. Johan Walter - lutheran poet/composer
        E. Winthrop - noted above

M.B. 05/03/2016
Comments: The dates around the edges are dates of other Mayday ads.

In consule Planco means “in the time of Plancus consulship”, it's a quote from Horace and basically means “the good old days”. Et in praesentia means “and presently”.

John Owen is a Calvinist (which seems to be a recurring theme with these), as well as briefly a member of parliament.

The Arbella and the Golden Hind are both Elizabethan ships. The Arbella carried puritans (led by Winthrop) to the Americas, the Golden Hind was Drake's flagship.

Luke 14:23 “And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” was used by Augustine to justify (on the grounds of the word “compel” to justify the persecution of the Pelagians, who held to the belief that original sin did not exist and human beings were condemned for only their own sins. There is a mention in the posting of “Pelagian devils”.

The nigrostriatal pathway is a neural pathway in the brain for the delivery of dopamine, it's malfunction is involved in the occurrence of Parkinson's disease.

Jenny Geddes was a Scottish puritan who threw a stool at a minister attempting to use the Anglican Book of Common Prayer in a Scottish church, which started a riot which resulted in the English Civil War.

5-HT is neuroreceptor for serotonin. GluN2B and GluN3 are proteins involved in memory formation in the human brain.

Latimer and Ridley were protestants, put to death under Mary Queen of Scots and are listed in Foxe's Book of Martyr's.

425 S. Palos Verdes is the address of the Port of Los Angeles.

Friederich Myconius was an associate of Martin Luther's.

Riemannian geometry is the study of the geometries of smooth manifolds. It involves the use of calculus to determine the angular relationships, volumes, areas, etc. of various geometric curves in two and three dimensional space.

So, it looks like a lot of puritans and brain chemistry this go round.

Torch 05/04/2016
Jenny Geddes was a Scottish market-trader in Edinburgh, who is alleged to have thrown her stool at the head of the minister in St Giles' Cathedral in objection to the first public use of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer in Scotland.

The act is reputed to have sparked the riot which led to the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which included the English Civil War. (sourced from Wikipedia)

keyN2Language 05/20/2016
I am fairly certain that "Hirelings" refers to Roger Williams's ministry, not any film.

Ken 05/22/2016
Addresses are for the Port of Los Angeles offices and Port Police dept.  Longitude and latitude are also for the post of LA area.
Ridley and Latimer were two Anglican bishops burned by Mary Queen of Scots.
Lambert Room of the Hotel California?
There is a Lambert Room here:
Westcott house is an interesting place.  Some parts of its site are password protected.   Are all references to Hotel California references to Westcott House?

Long latitude is the Long Beach harbor lighthouse

The term "irreversible silent antagonist" refers to a class of drugs.  Probably haldol.

The 5HT, 377.2 nM. GluN2B and GluN3 refer to receptor areas of the brain that such drugs act on.

Kristina 08/28/2016
This is probably common knowledge but 5HT is serotonin, one of the main neurotransmitters in the human brain and the most pharmacologically 
targeted neurotransmitter (e.g. for treating depression, etc.). 5HT7 is a receptor for 5HT and is one of the most targeted receptors for 
different psychiatric disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, depression). There's lots of drugs that are used to treat schizophrenia, depression, 
etc., however, some of the most common antipsychotics (olanzapine, fluphenazine) and some of the first antidepressants (tricyclic 
antidepressants, which include amitriptyline, imipramine, clomipramine) are neutral (or SILENT) antagonists of the 5HT7 receptor. One 
of the first antipsychotics still in use today is risperidone, which is an IRREVERSIBLE SILENT ANTAGONIST (in neuroscience called an 
inactivating antagonist of the 5HT7 receptor, works in an irreversible/pseudoirreversible way)

Julian 08/23/2017
The Latin sentence at the end means, "And who is suitable for these things? Pray for us." The word for "pray" is a plural imperative, meaning 
the speaker is addressing it to more than one person.

Aura 10/11/2016
People, this is definitely an ad to some kind of event. All of them are. Most of the text is IMO just noise.
 Some of the things might be important and these are most likely the reoccurring elements.
The meaning of all the "clues" is most likely much more obvious than the ad tries to portray it.
The most likely explanation for all this is some local group of (very old by now) dorks announcing their annual meeting in 
this way and chuckling every time when thinking about a possibility of someone "deciphering" the date and time for the meeting.
P.S. the "code" here is probably mostly internal jokes and stuff and so even if obvious it would be hard to figure out 
for those outside the group.

2 college guys 10/28/2016
Long clue, we are new but have done extensive research:

Starting from the THEREFORE:
The Arbella was the ship that John Winthrop sailed to the New World in order to start up The Massachusetts Bay Colony. On this ship is also where Winthrop delivered his "City on the Hill" speech.

The Golden Hind was a ship captained by Sir Francis Drake and is known for its circumnavigation of the globe. As the ad says there was landfall in Nova Albion, all land above Mexico, which is now known as Drakes Bay.

Earlier in the ad it talks about the Arbella as well and on this one it talks of another place that it tried to land. The coordinates 33°42'30"N., 118°15'05"W are a dock right next to San Pedro which makes sense because that is right next to the two addresses that are given.

Hirelings- people that are consumed with material goods

Peligian devils- followers of a man named Pelagius. Their belief is that there is no original sin in the world. In other words man doesn't sin inherently but rather only sins because we see that our elders have sinned.

Jenny Gedes- threw a stool at a preacher for using the Anglican book of Common Prayer. This one action led to a riot and was one of the factors that started the English Civil War
Nicholas Ridley- he was a bishop that was burned at the stake by Queen Mary/Bloody Mary and is one of the three oxford martyrs of Anglicanism
Hugh Latimer- Bishop of Worcester that was burned at the stake by Bloody Mary and is known as one of the three oxford martyrs of Anglicanism. The other one is Thomas Cranmer
Friedrich Myconius- a collegue of Martin Luther. One time he was on his deathbed and barely could write to Luther to say goodbye and Luther wrote back promising that Myconius would out live him. Myconius made a full recovery and outlived Luther by 2 months.
Johann Walter- Lutheran composer
Darboux and Laguerre are both very decorated mathematicians. We tried to focus on the simalrities of the two as well as with Riemann and the only connection was geometry. We are still going to look more into how the geometry relates so stay tuned for more info on that.
The Latin at the end: “Et ad haec quis tam idoneus? Orate pro nobis”
Best translation we could find was: “Pray for us, and for these things who is so sufficient?”

Fields of Gold 10/23/2017
If the edges tell you as much as the middle, then the middle tells you as much as the edges.

A clever person might attempt to calculate the 'distance' between dates.

Cotton Eye Joe 01/20/2020
This color (#914aee) has an approximate wavelength of 377.2 nm