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03/30/2016 ScarlettP

The "Leitmotiv" at the top of the page is a translation into Afrikaans of the lyric "Welcome to the Hotel California" - from the song by the Eagles. 
The translation was almost certainly done by Google Translate or some other machine translation program, because a flesh-and-blood professional 
translator would know not to translate proper nouns (like the name of a hotel).
(Sorry I didn't include this in my earlier clue, but given the many references to Luther and other religious leaders, it may be worth noting that 
traditionally, the majority of Afrikaans speakers in South Africa are (at least nominally) members of one of South Africa's Calvinist denominations).

04/21/2016 Anonymous
Luther may be a reference to the Lutheran Bible, maybe Genesis chap I 2nd verse.
Which follows:
" Und die Erde war wüst und leer, und es war finster auf der Tiefe; und der Geist Gottes schwebte auf dem Wasser "

Roughly translated
" And the Earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the deep; and the Spirit God swept over the water "

Also, where it says Leitmotiv: "Welkcom by die Hotel Kalifornie" is an obvious reference to the song Hotel California. 
The theme (leitmotif) being stuck in an inescapable situation.

gavroche 04.25.2016
Page top: "Welcome (by?) to the Hotel California." Might be a reference to the Eagles song.

Galatians chap. 3: Either a chapter explaining how acceptance of Christ leads to blessings, or condemnation of blindness to the Lord's miracles.
Lisboa: Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.

Agony is frugal: Fragment of a quote by Emily Dickinson. Full quote:

	Safe despair it is that raves -
	Agony is frugal.
	Puts itself severe away
	For its own perusal.

Il sub linguam: (Il) Under the tongue
Hoi poloi: Objectives poles (possibly opposing objectives or polar objectives)

This isn't really a hint, but it lays out some information as a reference to those who would like to go more in-depth. As for the dates, 
I did not bother, but perhaps they may be referencing earlier entries.

Good look to everyone else!

Oops, forgot something - "animus audax" (underneath the smilies) means "His mind, reckless." Could be another quote, not sure.

Tra 08/26/2016
Safe Despair it is that raves- Agony is frugal. Puts itself severe away For its own perusal. - Emily Dickinson

Paul 10.13.2017
Surely hoi poloi here is an error for hoi polloi, i.e. the common people, the uneducated masses. These errors seem to be creeping into the texts recently.