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Sea Cooke 06/26/2019
cf Ja, Ich bin ein Hussite

Nikola Jokic 10/13/2019
Thesis: It is about the Reformation, its ideas and methods and their heritage.
Evidence: in the text several well-known people of the Reformation were called. What they "did" for the 489th birthday of the Confessio Augustana is just a caricature of their actions several centuries ago. Reformation without compulsion is considered as a popular reformation, such as in Genoa in Switzerland at the time of Jean Calvin.
"New order of the age" is the interpretation on the consequences of the Reformation in the course of the early modern period.

Some dogmas and the Leitmotif of the Reformation are more clearly interpreted, but what the Reformation has to do with the UN is not clear to me.

It may well be that the circumstances of the Reformation are compared with today's climate protection movement. This is the most likely comparison on today, if the authors would intend it.

That is what I think,

Sea Cooke 10/23/2019
Comments: On the Hus Hall:
I have hitherto taught and held all the opinions of Jan Hus unawares ... in short, we are all Hussites without 
knowing it. Paul and Augustine are Hussites to a word.

Henry Kaufman 11.02.2019
	Remember when they told us to start from the outside and go inward? I think this may have something to do with !⭐*;# maybe. 
	Stay in touch with me and I think we can work together to finally solve this once and for all.

Cas 07.26.2020

If you look at the last puzzle (April 25, 2018) we see the symbols aroundthe outside associated with the 4 
names that are mentioned frequently. Luther corresponds to the star. Cromwell has the hashtag. Calvin has the semicolon. 
Gustavus adolphus has the exclamation mark. 

Joseph 05.10.2021