Aug 23, 2021
Three parter

Sent via irregular channels -bhance

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SCADAVerse 08.25.2021

Sea Cooke 08.31.2021
Dear Mr Hance,
There is a Scots song, said to be the most popular of its ilk before the arrival of Auld Lang Syne, which carries a captivating mix 
of sadness and reassurance. It is called “The Parting Glass” and this is an alternative term for a stirrup cup, our doch-an-dorrach, 
meaning drink of the door. The lyrics are of farewell from a guest departing. 

Grayson 09.08.2021
The last slide refers to the Official Lyric Video of Ain't No Grave by Molly Skaggs (M.S.}}) *cover of the original Johnny Cash song*, the 
"newspaper background" can be seen scrolling in the back of the YouTube video. The scrolling background appears to be text from the Bible, 
or maybe the Gospels (I'm not familiar enough with either to say for sure, excuse my ignorance).

"He took back every key" is a line from the 3rd verse.

Also, in the beginning sentence "The gathering air for the Plenary, I believe they are referring "air" in the musical context, which would 
mean they are perhaps using this song as the "theme" music for this Plenary Session.

It was a fairly easy one to figure out, however, what exactly is important about this song and music video I'm still not sure. 

Jill 10.08.2021

idk or u see it, but if u hold smilyman in a mirror, u see his nose is a "2"

"emoji's man nose is a '2' & the hair is a '1'"

kaivóv = diging, Kák = how 

anonymous 11.09.2021
Zeta Function 

Robin 11.18.2021
All the codes of the recent note are from the riemann zeta function

yannis 11.19.2021
 the song ain't no grave gonna hold me down is about dead(p3) THE CALIFORNIA HOTEL/HOTEL CECIL(p2) a woman got 
 murderd in that hotel she went missing for a couple of weeks later she was found in a water supply tank. that 
 could be the clue for (p3) "the gathering air for the plenary will be drawn from public"

JB 01.08.2022
To me there is something funereal about the last part of the Announcement. I believe someone has died - wonder if this is relevant?