June 25, 2021
4 pages, each attached here as an image

Man, I'm I going to want to go to town on that binary :)

Don W 12/30/2021
In the photo of the CD collection there is 3 framed pictures that must be further examined. I will continue to research but I wanted 
this in the communities hands as quick as possible the photos on the left and right are maps. 

Examine one against the other as it is a "find the differnce" puzzle. You will see the differnce, look for the brownish spot contained 
in on the left map but not the right. I am no cartographer but these maps look a little weird anyways. The center picture looked like 
a collection of stamps and the word law is clearly visible. I simply searched law stamps and almost immediately hit gold. Here is the 
link to the exact picture in the announcement


Significance, undiscovered.

Also a simple Google of debauch currency is a solid hit as well.

Update: the framed pictures on the left and right are also stamp collections of world war 2 Vist this link to see the exact photo, 
notice the red areas and how they correspond to the brown areas of the picture in the announcement.

Given the first announcment was centered around a stamp, and the connections to the stamp auction house, I think this is too 
strong to be coincidence.


DW 12/30/2021
The cemetery is the Old Burying ground, Cambridge Massachusetts 

Dogood 01/22/2022
binary is unlikely to have much meaning past being where the binary for the following references come from
[binary does not translate to text... unless a, likely mod, operation must be done]

[includes topic of Shakespeare: that he used more than just stereotypes within the characters he wrote]
Bloom presents one of the boldest theses of Shakespearean scholarships:
that Shakespeare not only invented the English language, but also created human nature as we know it today.

The art of our necessities is strange That can make vile things precious. — William Shakespeare, King Lear.
according to good ol' wiki the first know play was Saint Stephen's Day

Good King Wenceslas
BY JOHN MASON NEALE later sung by Bing Crosby
for the 26th dec. about a saint...Saint Stephen's Day

Saint Stephen was first martyr, accused of blasphemy over his teachings.

DW 01/24/2022
James Hampton, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly, ca. 1950-1964, mixed media, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of anonymous donors, 1970.353.1-.116

Montagne 02/13/2022
b) "art of our necessities is strange" is a reference to King Lear
c) and d) are both quotes from the song "Good King Wenceslas"
Connection to kings?

shoreblech 02/16/2022
First Image Last Paragraph.

"J.Hampton" refers to the Artist not the Politician.

"Object#1970.353.1-116" Referers to the Object Number
that the Smithsonian American Art Museum
uses for one of their exibits namely "The Throne of the Third Heaven"
made by formerly mentioned J.Hampton.
(See https://americanart.si.edu/artwork/throne-third-heaven-nations-millennium-general-assembly-9897)

Since northing(0)
and refuse (1)
must be a crucial key to decifer the following binary i thought i`d share.

However i can't make anything of the binary yet, it surely can't be translated as normal binary

anon 02/28/2022
 the highlighted binary thing on the second page seems to translate to "髰孆" it means "saucy" acording to google translate, 
 i would try to translate the entire thing but it takes too much time

PeetyPinch 03/19/2022
Hello, I believe I have some information that can solve some things on this page.

So let's start with "Leitmotiv". That word's definition is a repeating piece of music, or in this case text. Maybe that 
"Fie, fie, fo fum; I smell the blood of a Pelagian." would be repeated throughout the newer MayDay mystery papers, but 
I'm not too sure. And speaking of "Pelagian", a Pelagian is defined as a person who believed in the words of Pelagius 
that the original sin (possibly talking about Adam & Eve) did not taint the entirety of the human race. He said that 
the human race had the freedom to do right or wrong, and in the eyes of other Christians, they believed that being 
a Pelagian was an act of heresy, since that saying doing wrong would be okay, would be an act of sin in their eyes.

If we go back to the first phrase that would've been introduced, we can guess that the phrase "Fie, fie, fo fum; I 
smell the blood of a Pelagian." is the point of view of a Christian, but very exaggerated and violent, because that 
phrase can mean that someone is going to kill somebody else. And since the word "Leitmotiv" is before that phrase...

That means that for the next MayDay papers, there will be a certain phrase that would be through the eyes of a Christian

Chris 03/31/2022
"Hither, Page, and stand by me" and "Heat was in the very sod" are phrases from the 2nd and 5th verses (respectively) of Good King Wenceslaus.
Hope that helps! 

K ukkonen 04/04/2022
Pelagianism is a heterodox Christian theological position that holds that the original sin did not taint human nature and that humans by divine grace have free will to achieve human perfection.
eine echt datenleitung die unseren zwecken dient
Translates to a real data line that serves our purposes and 0R1 could be a reference to Atmore Municipal Airport and the object reference I think is The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly, ca. 1950-1964, mixed media, Smithsonian American Art Museum, it was the Gift of anonymous donors, it’s number 1970.353.1-.116.

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