June 25, 2021
posted slightly late, I'm on the road

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Silas 08.06.2021
The quote comes from the song Joan of Arc by Judy Collins

https://www.google.com/maps/place/42%C2%B021'31.6%22N+71%C2%B003'28.1%22W/@42.3587862,-71.0578365,22z?gl=us Coordinates lead here

Sea Cooke 08.10.2021
A Yarborough is a bridge hand, and a bad one at that! It has nothing over a 9 in the hand, and it is named after the second Earl of Yarborough. 
Our Earl did some betting, using the calculated odds of this type of hand occurring on a deal, or at least he proposed to take a bet to illustrate his faith in the low probability of it occurring. 

Jess 09.09.2021

The coordinates in this one are for an intersection where State Street turns into Court Street, meeting Freedom Trail in Boston, and if you go into Street View, you are staring directly at the BNY Mellon building, One Boston Place. Also at this intersection are the Suffolk University dorm, the Citizens Bank Building, and the original colonial State Capitol building of Massachusetts. Freedom Trail is also called Washington St and "staza slobode" by Google Maps, "The Path of Freedom" in Croatian. The pin, when fully zoomed in, is on the side of the street with the Old State House.
Google Images search turned up a whole lot of pictures of the clock and heraldic figures on the east side of the State House, but not very many of the west side, which is where the pin was, but that is a side door to the State House. The Boston Massacre did happen outside the Old State House, but it was on the East side of the building.
Could be something, could be nothing

FJ 11.23.2021
The quote is a slight variation on a Leonard Cohen (L.C.) song, Joan of Arc. Judy Collins did do a cover of the song though

Jill 10.11.2021
Jess (09.09.2021),
you posted some coordinates. they are in my country, in Belgium. if u say why u postted them, then i can find it.

'is in my country but its haves notting to do with horror or somting'

the blue words onder the 2th pic. is in my lan. and itt is; they are written in that book. exact that

Christy 01.08.2022
re: "autotelic"; autotelism is the belief that a work of art, especially a work of literature, is an end in itself or provides its own justification

sunny 03/12/2022
	i think the first image is nuclear chemistry

repubgirl 07/09/2022
"Baby the Rain Must Fall" by Glenn Yarbrough (written by Elmer Bernstein & Ernie Sheldon -- and, likely to no one else's interest but my own, arrangement by Bread's David Gates.)


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