April 1 2022 - "INTERIM"

xel 04/21/2022
	does the word "maiali" refer to the Italian torpedo in ww2 that first appeared in 1941?

Chris 04/26/2022
World War1,World War2,World War3.
A beautiful death is a birth

Trip_Glass 05/24/2022
Addio maiali is Italian for goodbye pigs

Robert Hungerford (!) 11/29/2022
Speaking in a completely personal vein: I liked the comment about death--and birth.

Lolly 02/17/2023
Responding to xel: "maiali" is Italian for "pigs"

Leitmotiv (seems to be a variation of the term 'leitmotif', which is a musical device/recurring theme in music)

Leitmotiv: addio maiali seems to be saying that the theme or recurring theme/message here is "Goodbye, PIGS" (since PIGS seem to be a running reference in a lot of this material).

Who/What the PIGS are?  Not sure.  In a christian/islamic/jewish (probably others) religious context, pig/pork is a forbidden/ poison meat not to be consumed.  Could be a reference to "others", or "those not in-the-club", as it were.  In short: the public.  Could also be a reference to police/law/govt/authorities. 

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