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Jacen 05/02/2022

Comments: 1. Several possible mentions of colleges today- Cambridge, Martin Luther, Gustavus Adolphus, Calvin.

1B I have colleges on the brain, because the Dallas Hall shown on page six is at Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas, 3225 University blvd. Phone # 214-768-2000. Plus code R6W8+32 Dallas, Texas. 32.8453264,-96.7853946 Interestingly enough, it contains Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences (See #5

2. Realition is spelled interestingly.

3.Page 8, from Macbeth, Act 3, Scene three, Line 24 BANQUO, to Fleance "It will be rain tonight."
FIRST MURDERER "Let it come down!"
The three Murderers attack.
"O treachery! Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly, fly!
Thou mayst revenge—O slave!"
He dies. Fleance exits.

Another dead man, see #5

4. William Wordsworth used the expression, "The child is the father of the man" in his famous 1802 poem, "My Heart Leaps Up," also known as "The Rainbow."

"So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!"

5. Dead man's hand, a poker term, reportedly held by Old West folk hero, lawman, and gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok when he was murdered while playing. Though there are other attributions as well, the image shown matches the one on wikipedia at the time of publishing.

5B. Dead hand is automatic nuclear weapons-control system constructed by the Soviet Union. It is designed to launch nuclear ICBMs if a nuclear strike is detected in Russia. It launches 15P011 command missile with a special 15B99 warhead.

Anon 05/03/2022
	 Playing cards. 8-15-1971

Hayden 05/02/2022

I definitely think there is something special about the 2008 May Day post, that needs to be in full color to notice. (page 1, references 2008 post. 
"kleur illustrasie" is "color illustration" in Afrikaans.) (page 12, shows a, presumably, full color issue of the may day 2008 post hung on the wall. 
then the black and white issue on the laptop. maybe this was obviously, but I definitely think there is something there

aaron 05/31/2022
quote from tempest

swiss protestant is thurnysen 

farewell pigs in italian

i translated first setence something about crying out from depths

f.j. torres 07/08/2022
page 12- a mensa logo on the wall
interesting, considering the turn that org. has taken in the last few yeats.

PirateNeo 12/05/2022

The pictures of the nuclear blasts are (left) littleboy and (right) Fatman, AKA the bombs we dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki, 
littleboy had a 15KT yield and fatman had a 21KT yield, im pretty sure the message here is obviously Cromwell is stronger then 
aldolphus, but who knows maybe its the # from the bombs yields thats important.

second, the playing cards, 8AA8 can be representative of UNICODE i find it a bit of a coincidence that the unicode 8AA8 when 
representing chinese returns this glyph 誨 "hui" which translates to "instruct" "admonish" or "teach" this also may mean
 nothing but considering the other chinese connections and the meaning of the translation

about the cards again, "hole card" refers to the facedown card on the table or the dealers card, so the card we should be focusing on is that one, blackjack is a common game that uses facedown dealers cards, so 8+8=16 aces would be 1 in this instance so a total of 18, going of the blackjack thory the facedown card would need to be a 3 to be a 21, again this is assumption

i also looked into 5-1-92, ive noticed some other biblical themes in emails and puzzles if you read that backwords it could be psalms 92:1-5 92:1-5&version=KJV

theres actually a space between psalm and 92 in the URL

"entre nous" is french for "between ourselves" or "between us"

it COULD be construed as "teach the way and glory of giving praise onto the lord between us" 

This is the Youtube page of the man who made the sheet music used in this puzzle

here is the original version of the sheet music linked to the NBNguitar website (guy is good)

considering that he has it for free on his site i doubt he has anything to do with it, but he is a 
relatively unknown artist who on his youtube says he plays in 5-star clubs.

If you look up sheet music for hotel california on google you wont find the NBN version till you scroll down a good bit and the 
first hit is his pintrest page, there are MUCH better versions of the sheet music and ones that dont have NBN guitar superimposed 
onto it at that, so they chose this one for a reason.

this is what they mean by lascaux they are estimated to be 17,00 years old.

the more interesting part to me is the underlined "realiztion" this seems like a very deliberate misspelling of realization, or an old spelling im not sure, EITHER WAY, this was underlined for a reason

je te le jure devant la seul vrai juge translates to "i swear to you before the only true judge"

Apres nous, le deluge translates to "after us, the deluge"

blood in, blood out is also a term used in street gangs meaning that in order to join you have to kill a member of an opposing gang, and the only way to leave is to be killed

zwischen den zeiten translates from german to "between the times"

the text on page 8 Banquo "it will rain tonight" and first murderer "let it come down" is a quote from shakespeare's macbeth

THE Child Is The Father Of The Man is an idiom given to the world by famous poet William Wordsworth. It first appeared in his poem “My Heart Leaps Up” that
was out in 1802. It means that the behaviour and activities of a person's childhood go a long way in building his personality

"a tale told by an idiot" is also a qoute from macbeth qoute from sparknotes for context

"These words are uttered by Macbeth after he hears of Lady Macbeth’s death, in Act 5, scene 5, lines 16–27. Given the great love between them, 
his response is oddly muted, but it segues quickly into a speech of such pessimism and despair—one of the most famous speeches in all of Shakespeare—
that the audience realizes how completely his wife’s passing and the ruin of his power have undone Macbeth. His speech insists that there is no 
meaning or purpose in life. Rather, life “is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.” One can easily understand how,
with his wife dead and armies marching against him, Macbeth succumbs to such pessimism. Yet, there is also a defensive and self-justifying quality 
to his words. If everything is meaningless, then Macbeth’s awful crimes are somehow made less awful, because, like everything else, 
they too “signify nothing.”

"well begun is half done" is a saying that means if you start a job well then finishing it will be easy.

 "whats past is prologue" is a qoute from shakepseare's play The Tempest, the phrase means that history sets the context for the present, it is 
 engraved on the nation archives building in DC and is used by the military to signify similarities between histories wars, think "war never changes" 
 from fallout.
 im only submitting this because they chose the eagles hotel california sheet music, but the song is actually refering to a real hotel "the beverly hills hotel"

now im not saying that they are referring to this exact hotel, I do know however that most people dont think the song refers to a real place (at least anyone ive talked to about it)

it COULD be where they hold their meetings or whatever, it is a very popular place high class from what i can tell.

they could also be using "the hotel california" as a codeword, it could be symbolic.

a (paraphrased) qoute from henley:

"decided on the theme of "Hotel California", noting how The Beverly Hills Hotel had become a literal and symbolic focal point of our lives at that time, We were getting an extensive education, in life, in love, in business. Beverly Hills was still a mythical place to us. In that sense it became something of a symbol, and the 'Hotel' the focus of all that LA had come to mean for us. In a sentence, I'd sum it up as the end of the innocence, round one"

 The Lid of the basket on page 9 has a Graph drawn onto it, the design is uneven which could be explained but if you look at the left side you can clearly see increment markings.

casper 12/30/2022
I translated what sally said and this is what I got:I swear to you before the only true judge