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06.25.2004 - I verified this in our own archives, it's legit. -bhance

	see ADW April 19 1983 for a discussion of this quote. "we will find a way or we will make one"

Griffin 06.24.2008
Isn't Khartoum a city in the east?

Also, Coordinates seem to play a large part in the early few. Maybe related?
Also, Vide ADW (D.V.) 3/15/85 possibly is telling us to relate the current
article to Teh march Fifteenth article, in 19785.

Randomly, There is a Novel, by George Orwell called 1984. Though unrelated, I'm
guessing, The idea of Springtime and march happens a lot.

seth 05.13.2013
"VIDA" means "LIFE" in Spanish.

Khartoum is the capital of Sudan, also its a name of a 1966 movie

bdh notes: the scan is so bad, this may be "vide" and not "vida"
Grace 09/30/2013
Okay, I started getting interested in this May Day Mystery and have been reading a couple of textx yet not in such depth or detail hence I might be too young to understand some of this research - my knoweldge is not that broad as yours however, I will still share my opinion.

"we will find a way or we will make one" is a quote by Hannibal and the story goes as there was a warrior who after his statement successfully crossed the Alps and defeated his opponents, the Romans, after another sent against him.
Now, this might suggest that the 'geniuses' behind these may day newspapers are hinting that they are onto something and stating that they have some powerful beliefs about the world and what they are capable of doing.
They might be hinting that they want to change something since it was published 1984 they might have already reached what they were planning to do or are still trying to achieve it since they still publish them to this day.
"The strange things is, we can change our brain, even as adults…and…when we do…we can change our world." - I dont remember who exactly quoted this but that's the clue they might be suggesting.

Khartoum is the capital city of Sudan. The second largest. It's name orginates from kartum ??????? meaning 'end of an elephant’s trunk'also the nickname of Khartoum is The Triangular Capital. Now I think this is a clue to. the other two corners are the cities of Omdurman and Bahri.

Now, I might be wrong but I think they chose Khartoum because a) they might have a connection b) they are trying to give us a clue about its history, perhaps it connects to these pages somehow c) because of its nickname.
I haven't researched the significance of the capital's nickname however I think it is of great value to this clue. Perhaps these three cities form a triangular form on purpose. There must be more to it. Perhaps they are hinting of the key word "triangle" and I have researched some of its meanings:

In Western society, the triangle most often has highly Christian meanings when used in a religious context. Because the Christian God is a trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost united in a single godhead – he is commonly represented by a triangle.

As a three-sided polygon, the triangle represents the number three, which is meaningful to many groups. As such, triangles and other symbols made of three parts may be used to present such concepts as past, present, and future or spirit, mind and body.

As a Summoning Symbol

Some occultists use the triangle as a summoning symbol. At the culmination of a ritual, the desired being is expected to appear within a triangle inscribed upon the floor. The occultist often performs his ritual from the protection of a circle.
Point-up and Point-down Triangles

The orientation of a triangle can be important to it's meaning. For example, a point-up triangle might represent a strong foundation or stability, as it is rooted to the ground through a solid base.
The elements of earth and water formed from point-up triangles, even thou these are the two more material elements. Symbols for air and fire are formed from point-down triangles.
Point-up triangles can also represent ascension toward the spiritual world, while the point-down triangle can represent a descent into the physical world.

The uniting of a point-up and point-down triangle creates a hexagram.

Also, I dont think the students and staff are the only ones who are capable of creating these crazy symbols, languages, numerals. In some of the pages there are nams of cities or some capitals and i think they might be connected to somehow 'helping' them; they might have the same goal (?).

Alright, I might have not helped, this must be crazy but at least I tried

Nat 11.01.2019
Vide means see or reference to text
adw stands for arizona daily wildcat, the newspaper the mayday mystery was originally published on
dv might stand for daisy vargas, the head of catholic studies in the university of arizona	

a. bunst 04.21.2020
Khartoum is the capital of Sudan. On 6 April 1985, there was a Sudanese coup d'etat. There is also a 
1988 Khartoum Declaration by the UN.

On 3/15/85 the first domain name was set up, ever.

Vide can mean empty, vaccuum, void, stuff to do with voids and emptiness in French.

VIAM INVENIEMUS AT FACIEMUS mean "I shall find a way" or something like that.
I shall find peace and human rights in Africa. Void ADW, internet domain dates, Khartoum.
This stuff is really baffling and really quite confusing!

Woodford 04.20.2023

Vide - Latin for “see”. Has to be an e, it doesn’t have the serif that you see on the other a characters in the scan.
ADW - Arizona Daily Wildcat
D.V. - Deo Volente, Latin for “god willing”

So “_Vide_ ADW (_D.V._) 3/15/85 for:” is just telling us, at least at the time, to wait until 3/15/85 to receive the two pieces of data listed below. D.V. - god willing - is an old colloquium for “hopefully it will come to pass” type of thing.

It is interesting to note that both Vide and D.V. are underlined. In the 80s, it was more common to underline book titles, movies, names of ships, etc. or it could just be calling out some importance to those words.

The Latin quote and call out to Hannibal is like referencing Carthage (modern day Tunisia), and/or the Alps that Hannibal crossed to get to Rome.

The reference to Khartoum (capital of Sudan) and the expectation of receiving coordinates starts to paint a picture of some kind of Africa-based location thematic. 

Carthage/Tunisia (maybe it’s capital city of Tunis)
Sudan - capital City Khartoum
Italy - capital city Rome (not to mention an extreme over use of Latin…, even for the 1980s)