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Inveniemus viam aut faciemus.
We will find a way -- or we will make one!
- Hannibal (as cited on the iron gateway leading to Williams Hall)

(aparently this is inscribed on a gate at Univ. Pennsylvania...)

Also recieved this, significant only in its anonymity:

clue=The translation is:
"We will find a way--or make one."
name=A friend
Kitchener Khartoum:
  • Info, Here.
  • Here, too

    bronto 06.11.01
    clue:  `Chinese' Gordon, killed at Khartoum in 1885, is mentioned elsewhere.  Horatio Herbert Kitchener
    reestablished British control there in 1898.  At some point he was made a lord, Earl Kitchener of 
    Khartoum. In 1914 he became secretary for war; drowned in 1916.  (This is all from a small dictionary 
    of British history)
    bob 07.24.01
    clue:  What message could this ad possibly convey, other than saying "keep 
    your eyes on the ADW?"

    Judson: 08.30.01
    clue:  Two points strike me: this message was for 3/15/85 - the Ides of March, date
    that historically, Julius Caesar was assainated.  Especially important, IMO, since the
    quote from a previous message is reiterated and attributed this time to Hannibal.

    cynic2: 01.02.02
    clue:  Look at this one here is a clear reference to British imperialism.  I wonder if the deeper meaning isn't 
    that Kitchener won back the Sudan after the Muslims temporarily won Khartoum when Gordon and all the defenders were 
    killed.  Like nothing is ever really lost if you keep plugging away at it.

    sjwk: 09.07.2003
    The site linked here does show a similar quote attributed to Kitchener. It is different to the one in
    the ad though:
    "We have to make war as we must and not as we would like to."
    Not sure if the difference is in the least relevant, or whether that site is more or less likely to be accurate than the

    KL Smith: 12.14.2003
    Does anyone know the context of this quote.  It is one of my favorites, but I do not know why,
    where and how he said it.  Does anyone know??

    Juls 06.26.2005
    The Kitchener quote is from when he was a Field Marshall in the Gallipoli campaign.  
    I can only find the version which SJWK gives - IF it is a deliberate misquote then the most significant differences appear to be
    the replacement of the word "we" with "one", which occurs twice, and the inclusion of the word "necessary" - noting from the MayDay
    '85 announcement "Cruel necessity"  (Cromwell), and the use of binary code.

    macy 08.27.2005
    " we will find or make the way"  maybe to rome?  Hannibal tried to conquer Rome but was never totally successful.

    scheidel21 09.09.2006
    If we look at the 9/13/84 ad we see that the 1 and two correspond to the one and two here. 1)Khartoom coordinates , do we
    know where the quote was made? 2)looks like coord for 85-88 were redirected to the 5/1/85 ad. 

    Jordan 01/04/2013
    Didn't Hannibal originally say "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam."- "I will either find a way, or make one."

    gc 10/24/2014
    So, both quotes basically mean the same. One way or another, you have to do what you have to do.