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From repubgirl:

I noticed your reference to "Lamas Day" in "The Mystery" section as May 1st.

"Lammas Day" refered to here in Ireland and Scotland is August 1.  McNab and
MacLeod are probably references to "clans". A galloglass is a follower,
supporter or soldier owing allegiance to an Irish clan chief.

Could this be a role playing game you've stumbled upon?  They've possibly
mapped out Arizona into different countries and that's why you continue to see
the references to different countries and cities...maybe New York, Washington,
etc. are designated to represent cities in AZ?

From repubgirl:

This reference is another reason I suspect this is some kind of
roleplaying game.  Check out and

From repubgirl:

Walvis Bay is the major seaport in Namibia, Africa.  Luanda is the major
seaport and capital of Angola.

Luanda and Angola are the two states North of South Africa on Africa's Atlantic

The Cape is a reference to South Africa?  Thus the reference to The East
Indiaman and/or the British East India Company?

Kananga and Kisangani are both cities in Congo which shares it's Southern
border with Angola.

Juba is a city in Southern most Sudan (which borders the Congo to the East) on
the White Nile.  If I remember correctly from my Geography class...the White
Nile flows North to Khartoum where it joins with the Blue Nile and continues
North as the Nile River through Egypt to the Mediterranean.

If you look at a map of Africa  (and take the words at face value) the "full
doctrine" would have traveled by ship around the Cape to Walvis Bay and then
Luanda.  Then traveled Northwest "overland" (by train most likely) through
Kananga and Kisangani bound for Juba.  Then up the White Nile to Khartoum where
someone has already filed the manifest (official shipping document enumerating
the contents of a package) in order for it to be picked up from the shipping

I didn't see this in your lexicon...maybe it's not necessary...but, a
chronometer is a clock.

From Ceit

maybe nothing but McNab = son of the Abbott, The Isles are the Hebrides 
off Scottish coast, and were the heart of Gaeldom and an important part of the 
Highlands. Iona was the Island where St Columba set up his monastary, and it 
had already been home to the Christianity and monastaries  for centuries. 
MacLeod could either be Lewis or Harris,which are actually the same Island 
divided by a mountain range. Then as an after thought , wasn't Duncan MacLeod 
the character from Highlander? Maybe that is the clue..."High Land" 

hope my ramblings help...I haven't a clue what the game is myself 

Webmaster: A little something from the peanut gallery....
clue=cities in congo-kinshasa

Yes, 2. 503, 469 = 11431455 in octal... what significance this has, I've no clue... w.t.f. - its 26332d in hex if anyone cares
From Carlos 08/13/00

In one small fit of net wandering, my curiosity took me around to check
the MacNab/MacLeod thing. Well, it seems both are very old and
historical clans of Scotland, whose descendants still keep their
tradition and heritage going on nowadays. Just check:
clue="East Indiaman" might very well be referring to the East Indian Company, the trading company founded in 1600 by charter
of Queen Elizabeth.  It was key in British colonialism.  Check this site for more information:  A very interesting site!

dave: 05.15.01
Actually, 2,503,469 != (Octal)114431455 as stated in the announcement. It's equal to 11431455, notice the
extra 4 in the octal number in the anouncement! Probably doesn't mean anything, but the Octal number in the
announcement actually equals 20067117. Do small mistakes like this mean anything?

Norman 07.26.01
clue:  We have Scots in the family and I know that all the Mac names can also be spelled Mc.  It 
doesn't necessarily make somebody Scots or Irish, although Mac is more common among the Scots and Mc 
among the Irish.  I mention it because MacNab is the more common spelling and they do use Mac in the 
later announcements.  Most likely this is the point about "mistakes convey meaning" in the sense of 
bits and Information Theory.  An additional letter, an additional vowel, more space, less space and on 
and on.  I really sympathize with the people who think this a joke and maybe the club members laugh 
their asses off when they read our attempts at deep analysis but it looks real to me.  I worked one 
summer on a construction crew doing the systematic surveying so the grunts would know where to put 
their jackhammers. The chief engineer had a head that never made a change without a reason. He was a 
dork in most ways and I hope never to see him again but there are people out there fully capable 
handling the details for something like this.  Not real sure I would want to meet the ones that do the 
architectonics but anybody who is a graduate student in math, engineering or chemistry has known at 
least one or two people who could calmly insert errors in the middle of very complicated stuff.  It 
takes a weird detachment rather than raving madness to be a total Detail Freak and they are found in 
some abundance on most university campuses.

Judson: 08.30.01
clue:  It's been noted that (2503469)10 != (114431455)8, and that an extra 4 has been
added.  The fact that the number has been taken from a photocopied ticket with the
admonision to "Admit One" seems interesting, so it seems very reasonable that the extra
4 is intentional.  It's meaning escapes me, but I think the 4 is what comes out of this
part of the message - the number on the ticket would be annoying to produce perfectly,
but inserting an extra digit into the radix conversion is trivial.
I notice that the form of this message is slightly different and that it explicitly
reports itself as "(Unscheduled)"  This might be a change in policy of our group. 

cornasdf: 10.23.01
clue:  ck, i know it is dumb but there were other pop culture/movie references.  in the movie 'Highlander' the hero was of 
clan Macloud or possible MacLeod.

somebody: 05.04.02
The extra number four: The Babylonian text also had a couple of number fours...

What does it say under the ticket, at the left?

"Freedom is the recognition of necessity" - comes from hegel, apprears in Engels' Anti-Duhring.  Maxism again!!?

Juls the Heathen ;-) : 04.14.2003
clue:  Re. Duncan, chief of the clan MacLeod: the 'Duncan' is, on one level at least, probably not a person atall.  
The MacLeods in question are probably those of the Isles of Skye and Raasay.  On the Isle of Raasay is a high 
point named Dun Caan, spelling variant Dun Cann from Martin Martin, 1698.  This is a naturally defended high 
point upon which is situated a trig point (for surveying) - UK National Grid co-ordinates: NG 579 395, may 
also be expressed in the form, and more accurately as 157915, 839525; altitude 443m OD (metres above sea level); 
lat/long: N57.22.53, W6.01.46 approx. On the MacLeods of Skye and Raasay, their seat is at Dunvegan and they hold 
an item which is referred to as the 'Fairy Flag' which has associated folklore attached to it, but which is believed
to be in actuality a piece of a silk banner retreived from a Saracen source during one of the crusades - the last 
is probably irrelevant so I won't go into it any further, I suspect the locational info is more important.  Dun Caan
is also reported to have been the site of a battle between the men of Raasay and the MacKenzies.  I am not entirely 
sure but the clan MacLeod may once have claimed overlordship over the clan MacNab - if so, that could be important 
in terms of the hierarchical relationship of associated data.  Waes Hal!

Juls: 04.16.2003
The MacNabs do not really have much of a historical connection to the MacLeods so that idea I had was wrong.  The 
MacNabs are not 'of the Isles', there lands were in central Scotland.  Their clan seat was destroyed by Cromwell, 
nothing remains and its precise location is uncertain.  The 'isle' referred to may be the one that constitutes the 
only remaining piece of clan land - a tiny island in the river Dochart at Killin on which the clan burial ground is 
located - lat.long. (in degrees/minutes/seconds - sorry) N56:27:50, W4:19:05. This is the best that I could estimate 
it with the resources I have available, it may not be of the required precision, will try and get a better est. later.

Jessica Augustsson: 04.16.2003
Followup to Juls and Dun Caan:  On the Isle of Skye is the town of Portree.  It is built around a natural harbour above
which is the town centre and Somerled Square, built in the late 18th Century as the island's administrative and commercial centre.
Nearby is the Royal Hotel, on the site of McNab's (MacNab's) Inn, the place where Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart) is
said to have taken leave for the last time in 1746 of Flora Macdonald,who had famously vouchsafed his sea escape from Uist amid the
striving and searching power of the Redcoats. MacNab was also known to have fed Johnson and Boswell particularly well when they
visited Portree in 1773. 

Juls: 04.17.03
Re. The MacNab - well found Jessica!  I've confirmed this and looked up location data, and here it is:

National Grid ref: NG 4830 4354: Lat./Long. N57:24:44 W6:11:34.  Now my guess is that what we need is the bearing
from the Royal Hotel to Dun Caan, and the distance between them, I'll figure that out later since I have an OS map
of the area to hand. What to do with that data, of course, is another matter LOL..

Vic E Babes: 08.31.2003
Highlander - the clan McLeod - "There can be only one" - referring to the battle between the immortals.

Admit One :)

hance - lord, did that movie suck.
restless ne'er-do-well: 06.26.2004
There are several mentions of Capt. Morgan... He was a British privateer in the 17th century who operated around Jamaica,
and also sacked Panama. He ended up being knighted by Charles II and became Leiutenant-Governor of Jamaica. (Plus, he has a brand
of rum named after him.) Certainly this is another reference to British Imperialism.

Paul 12.19.2004
The Cape Peninsula, where Cape Town is located is alternatively known as "The Cape", "The Cape of Good Hope" and "The Cape
of Storms". Cape Town was set up as a refuelling station in 1652, under Jan van Riebeck, as a resupply point for the Dutch East
India Company, or VOC. This vitally important port (linking Europe and the East before Suez) was later taken by the British. 

Andros 02.18.2005
There is a British Historical Games Society that does miniatures wargaming.

Michael 09.04.2005
	An East Indiaman was a type of trade ship used by England in the 17th century.

D. Thomasson 10.26.2006

This is another announcement about freedom, faith, resurrection, and eternal life.

However, just like everyone else, I like to focus on the most apparant error first.

In this case, the added "4" in the octal conversion of the decimal ticket number 2503469:


Well, we already know that this is an error, but keep in mind that when letters, words, or numbers are added to, subtracted from, or rearranged in these announcements, there is usually a purpose.

The number "4" is certainly an important number in this announcement, just as 5, 7, and 12 are.

1+1+4+4+3+1+4+5+5 = 28 = 4*7 and 2+8 = 10

Change 10 decimal to 10 hexadecimal = 10000 binary. (10000 = infinity or eternal life as per the Chinese)

1*1*4*4*3*1*4*5*5 = 4800 = 48 = 4*12 and 4+8 = 12 (government of God)

also 12 pental = 7 hex, 7 dec, and 7 oct.

In the text of this announcement, there is a reference to make a correction to the octal number.

Set chronometers as per "Drink for my friends and water for their horses."

"Set chronometers as per" can mean "synchronize your watches," or it could also mean "make the following correction."
There are multiple meanings to nearly everything in The Orphanage announcements. By using simple English gematria (A=1 and Z=26), we can apply the numeral equivalents for each letter in the previous phrase, add up all the number values, make the total a hexadecimal number, then convert that number to decimal to get the necessary correction.

D(4)+r(18)+i(9)+n(14)+k(11) + f(6)+o(15)+r(18) + m(13)+y(25) + f(6)+r(18)+i(9)+e(5)+n(14)+d(4)+s(19) +
a(1)+n(14)+d(4) + w(23)+a(1)+t(20)+e(5)+r(18) + f(6)+o(15)+r(18) + t(20)+h(8)+e(5)+i(9)+r(18)+
h(8)+o(15)+r(18)+s(19)+e(5)+s(19) = 477
Change 477 decimal to 477 hexadecimal
Convert 477 hexadecimal to decimal = 1143

Thus, 1143 should be the corrected first part of the octal number: 11431455.

In our computerized world today, we use another method of equating letters to numbers, or numbers to letters. We use ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange).

By converting all the letters in the name "Jesus Christ" to their ASCII decimal equivalents, we get a total of 1143.

J (74) + e (101) + s (115) + u (117) + s (115) + C (67) + h (104) + r (114) + i (105) + s (115 ) + t (116) = 1143 decimal

1143 can also relate to John 11:43:

And when he [Jesus] thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.

Read all of John chapter 11 to learn about the death and resurrection of Lazarus.

You would expect numbers to follow the "latitude as per" reference. However, only text follows. Therefore, it makes sense to convert the letters to numbers, as is the case with nearly everything else in all these announcements.

F(6)+r(18)+e(5)+e(5)+d(4)+o(15)+m(13) + i(9)+s(19) + t(20)+h(8)+e(5) + r(18)+e(5)+c(3)+o(15)+g(7)+n(14)+i(9)+t(20)+i(9)+o(15)+n(14) + o(15)+f(6) + n(14)+e(5)+c(3)+e(5)+s(19)+s(19)+i(9)+t(20)+y(25) = 396
Change 396 decimal to 396 hexadecimal
Convert 396 hexadecimal to decimal = 918

I'm sure that if you search on "918 gematria," you will gain lots of new insights. Here are just a couple links to get you started:

As we did with 1143 by making it John 11:43, let's turn 918 into Matthew 9:18 because it also references resurrection.

While he spake these things unto them, behold, there came a certain ruler, and worshipped him, saying, My daughter is even now dead: but come and lay thy hand upon her, and she shall live.

Read all of Matthew chapter 9 to learn more about the death and resurrection of the daughter of Jarius, and about other miracles performed by Jesus.

Another interesting reference to 918 is in Luke 9:18-23 (Peter's great confession) where Jesus asks his desciples "Who do you say I am?," and Peter answers: "The Christ of God."

I could go on and on for hours explaining more detail about this announcement, especially about the numbers 4, 5, 7, and 12. However, I'll let you read John chapter 6 concerning the feeding of the 5000, along with other passages about miracles in the Scriptures. The bottom line is, these miracles all relate to F-A-I-T-H. The focal point of John chapter 6, and the Mayday Mystery announcements can be summed up in the following two verses:

John 6:40 = "For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him, may have eternal life; and I Myself will raise him up on the last day."

John 6:47 = "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes has eternal life."

Please reference my other posts about ticket number 2503522 found in the 99 May 1 announcement.
Griffin 06.24.2008
This got me thinking about how funny it was that The section is 'ON
CAMPUS', but the activity below it is 'Off campus Student center'

Which made me think. SC/CL  'Student Center (or Science Club)/Creative Lab?'

Comments: Another Nautical Reference.