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"behold it was a dream" - ??? bunyan ???
And [Pharaoh] slept and dreamed the second time: and, behold, seven ears of
corn came up upon one stalk, rank and good. And,
     behold, seven thin ears and blasted with the east wind sprung up after
them. And the seven thin ears devoured the seven rank and full
     ears. And Pharaoh awoke, and, behold, it was a dream.
                                                 --Genesis, Chapter 41

Via direct message from our friends, the Orphanage..
(I lost the email, stupidly..but it was in 'jive'. Not kidding, it was written like some sort of well versed pimp, for lack of a better description... :)
That was a joke. But it was in jive-speak )
General idea:
That we've hit upon a level, this bunyan quote and its reference to Genesis, how the quote was taken and reworked in meaning and form by Bunyan has something to do with a level..
Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan - Wanna read it?

6/22/00 carlos txlates greek:

- the greek on the top is from Luke, chapter 10, verse 19 and seems to
translate as:

"[...] and over all the power of the enemy."

clue=Bunyan is in reference to John Bunyan (1628-1688) preacher and author of Pilgrim's Progress.
Here's a decent bio with some extracts from the book:  Note the
first extract from Pilgrim's Progress on that page, and it's similarity to the "dream" quote above.
hance: yes, this pops up elsewhere too...
clue=Riemann zeta-funktion: Melanchthon
This was possibly issued by Melanchton?

clue:  References to the Riemann zeta function appear on a few pages and I haven't seen
anybody try to tackle it yet so here goes:

The Riemann zeta function sums an infinite series. There's a good introduction to it

Riemann hypothesized that all of the "nontrivial" zeros his function defines actually
lie on a "critical" line.  This has been demonstrated to be true for the first 1.5
billion or so zeros, but never proven. Proving this has been considered by many to be
the most critical outstanding problem in math. It has implications for prime number
research, and recent research links the zeta function and its zeros to eigenvalues. For
example, here's the abstract for a 1998 paper related to the subject:

"The Riemann zeros and eigenvalue asymptotics
"Comparison between formulae for the counting functions of the heights tn of the
Riemann zeros and of semiclassical quantum eigenvalues En suggests that the tn are
eigenevalues of an (unknown) hermitean operator H, obtained by quantizing a classical
dynamical system with hamiltonian Hcl .  Many features of Hcl  are provided by the
analogy; for example, the 'Riemann dynamics' should be chaotic and have periodic orbits
whose periods are multiples of logarithms of prime numbers.  Statistics of the tn have
a similar structure to those of the semiclassical En; in particular, they display
random-matrix universality at short range, and universal behaviour over longer ranges.
Very refined features of the statistics of the tn  can be computed accurately from
formulae with quantum analogues.  The Riemann-Siegel formula for the zeta function is
described in detail.  Its interpretation as a relation between long and short periodic
orbits gives further insights into the quantum spectral fluctuations. We speculate that
the Riemann dynamics is related to the trajectories generated by the classical
hamiltonian Hcl =XP. "

I'm sure you all followed that as clearly as I did.

The zeta function, according a paper with a pdf link here:

also has the following rather remarkable properties:

1. The Rieman zeta function is a fractal.

2. The Rieman zeta function is a "library" of all possible smooth continuous line
drawing in a  plane.

3. And, which even the authors of the paper found to be "ludicrous and shocking," but
true, the Riemann zeta function encodes, and repeats infinitely, all possible
information. As the authors put it "all human knowledge is already encoded in the
Riemann zeta function." (Note that they do not say all "present" human knowldge.)

So it's a pretty weird, mysterious, mystical formula, but it's the zeros that hold the
most interest.

Then, over on the right, we have the instructions to Chemnitz: "Generate zeros as per
prime numbers, ADW, 3/15/85. Except when you look at that ad, the only numbers are: 1,
2, 85 and 88..

Go figure.

The Godel is from an article entitled: "An Example of a New Type of Cosmological
Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations of Gravitation." There's an Einstein theme to
the volume; he was celebrating his 70th birthday. I can't access the article since I'm
not a member of the APS.

near a terminal: 11.16.01
clue:  Something that might help Bob (I wonder if that is his real name) is that the numbers come between the zeros.  I don't
know excrement about this advanced math but in a big string of numbers, the zeros come between the non-zeros.  So obvious it
takes a slow guy like me to suggest it.  The numbers would isolate the zeros and give the meaning, if you knew what you were

Bob: 11.28.01
clue:  Well, NAT, you caught me. Bob is not my "real"  name. I was Christened "Robert," and known to others for some
years as 'Bobby.'  At some point (actually, at a point relatively close to May 1, 1972), I decided I preferred to be
called 'Bob,' and I have been so known to my family, friends, and colleagues for lo these many years. So, while Bob is
not my 'real' name, I feel comfortable using it to submit posts to these pages.

I will say I've found many of your clues to be very useful. You seem to have unusual insight, and I'm investigating
your point on the zeta function. I'm guessing you're pointing at the connection between the zeta function and the Golden
Mean. At least, that's where I'm starting.

Anyway, thanks for the tip, and keep up the good work, buddy.

cynic2 01.21.02

clue:  Does anybody know where this castle is located?  I suppose the webmaster wrote "arm pointing" next to the picture. 
That must be correct because I think it is possible to make out a hand pointing at the castle. Anyway look at the Godel 
quote and there is a reference to needingly only "two points" for a location in some kind of special space.  One of the 
things I've been able to read about Godel is that he wrote some paper on time-travel.  Like it could be done but not done 
in the space we deal with everyday. Takes special space of some kind but his point was that such stuff really does exist. 
There are much later references to stopping time and so forth, like years later, somebody sent in a clue last year about 
light being stopped at Harvard by somebody, can't find the reference right now.  But this is way back in 1992, like 10 
years ago.  It must be a coincidence but many references in these things seem to pre-date later developments in physics.  
I'm not sure what to make of that.

Also, the castle of course was built centuries ago and there is another reference to Bunyan and Doubting Castle in a 
later ad. I realise this isn't very clear but it seems like they were talking about doing something with stopping time 
years before the recent developments.  There are also references to all time being the same time which I think was from 
Kant, a quotation from Kant.  The stuff the webmaster just put on about clocks, pictures of clock and old timepieces, 
seem to fit this same thrust. Couldn't you do more with money and finance if you had more time to analyze?  Again these 
are very random thoughts but I don't think this stuff is as impractical or otherworldy as it first seems to be.  If 
somebody were smart enough it could be used in everyday life.

name:  nyx 03.28.02
clue:  probably doesn't mean much - the circle with the cross inside is an elemental [or alchemical] symbol 
for the Earth element, or more specifically, Earth [the planet] itself.

Score one fore Repubgirl!

Repubgirl: 06.25.02
FOUND IT! Johnstown Castle in County Wexford.
Photo. Brief historical snippet
Soon after the Normans landed at Bannow Bay in 1169 they built a castle at Johnstown, 
which is about 5 miles outside of Wexford town. This estate has a long and varied history 
and one of the previous owners Hamilton Knox Grogan Morgan (about 1820) had a laboratory 
in the ballroom wing of the present castle and was "adept in chemical science".

After the death of the last private owner, Lady Maurice Fitzgerald, in 1945, the estate 
some 1000 acres of farmland, 400 acres of wood and amenity areas, 3 lakes and buildings) 
was handed over to the Nation to be run as a horticultural college. This horticultural 
college, where students studied for two years before finishing at the Botanic gardens, 
was in operation up to the 60s.

...and... from here:

Johnstown Castle, the noble mansion of Hamilton Knox Grogan Morgan, Esq., the a principal 
proprietor of the surrounding district, was occupied for one night by Oliver Cromwell, 
who on the following morning reviewed his troops in the demesne preparatory to his 
attack on Wexford.

near a terminal: 06.28.02
The really strange item about doing chemistry in a ballroom at this castle brought something to mind that I don't have time
to run down but there must be a connection.  Somewhere in these things there is a reference to "some dance to remember, some dance
to forget."  I think there are other dancing references, which struck me as out of character when I read them--why would totally
serious counter-culture freaks be interested in dancing?  I think it was a veiled reference to their experiments which seems to
strengthen what "Bitter the Clown" said about alchemy.

Haskeller: 07.01.02
The US Army Corps of Engineers pops up in an image search at google on the words Johnstown castle. Guess what, their history
started in 1775 at Bunker Hill.

Eric : 07.31.02
"Behold it was a dream" is a quote from _Pilgrim's Progress_.  At the beginning of the book, Bunyan says he fell into a
deep sleep and dreamed of a man... etc.  He tells the whole story, then at the end, says that he woke up, "and behold, it was
a dream."  Doubtless he was echoing Genesis consciously.

Also, no one seems to have submitted a translation for the Latin quotation, so I'll do that:

"A continuum is the whole thing, the two certain conjoining (or which coincide when take together as wholes) parts of which
have something in common... namely, they have a common end point."

Juls: 04.16.2003
1.618033988 appears to relate to Mistah Kurtz re.5/1/91

Beacon 12.18.2003

Johnstone Castle was eventually passed on John Francis Fitzgeral
His heir was Maurice Victor Lacken
Who gave it to the state.

Preamble then ...

1. The Settlor and the said Maurice Victor Lakin as a free Gift to The Nation shall convey and assign The Estate
to The Minister subject to the provisions hereinafter contained but otherwise free from incumbrances.

... reat of Act

AS an aside the preamble to the above Act refers to Fitzgeralds and Hamiltons.

These might relate to Irish  physicists William Rowan Hamilton and particularly to Fitzgeralds of
Fitzgerald/Durze? /Lorentz contractions i.e. Fitzgerald lay down the mathematical basis for Einsteins Special

Beacon: 12.18.2003

It is a link to JFK!

Anonymous: 03.19.2004
Check out this page:
Look at Grogan coat of arms and more ... adam ...
Partes Flagrante 05.16.2007

The author of this text copied the Leibniz from the epigraphs to the "Real Numbers" chapter of Numbers by H. D. Ebbinghaus, et al (Springer, 1991). The volume is held by the Science/Engineering Library at the U of Arizona.

The translation there provided is "A continuum is a whole when any two component parts thereof (or more precisely any two parts which together make up the whole) have something in common. . .at the very least they have a common boundary" (Leibniz, Mathem. Schr., VII, 284).

Furthermore, I suspect that book was found browsing the "new arrivals" section of the library. We should probably think of these things as blogs avant la lettre. Many times people encode their diaries.

Marco Polo 10/22/2020
Has anyone noticed that the 'arm' pointing at the castle ( which is obscuring part of the tower part of the castle ), 
isn't in the reflection in the water? Which means that the image isn't simply a photograph taken by someone, it's a 
photograph of a photograph ( if that makes sense )