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I figured I'd call the phone numbers on the page. 13034997111 is some sort of atomic clock. The time here was 2:27pm and there was 21:27. The clock is in english. Someone wanna find out where that might be? 303 is Denver(Boulder?) CO area exch - Webmaster

Same thing happened with the 808 number, but a female voice. Same time zone. They both said "coordinated universal time".

The last (900) number either had a busy signal or I couldn't access it (I tried on two different phones.). Good luck, ya'll!


OK, I've figured out a bunch of shit for this page. You'll all love me.

  • The four corners, with all the phone numbers etc, are all references to time. All of those phone numbers lead to the Nat'l Institute of Standards Coordinated Universal Time System, which is this huge coordinated network based off of atomic clocks that tracks the exact time. All of those numbers are access numbers for people to call if they need the exact time. This same data is also transmitted via shortwave, for whatever purpose...
    • Upper left, Luther, refers to the rate at which cesium vibrates per second. This rate is used to determine exact time in atomic clocks. You can read all about it here, or here, but its boring stuff.
    • Upper right - Boulder access number. Read about it here. This, BTW, is actually the home of the huge ass radio station that does the shortwave broadcasts.
    • Lower left - Hawaii access number. Read about it here. This is a sister radio station to the above.
    • Lower right - Access number to the US Naval Observatory's master clock. (The U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. time signal number). Mentioned here.
  • The background at the bottom of the page, below the center and above the bottom, is from the Bibliography (?) of the Cryptograph 1997 meeting. Read it here.

From Repubgirl
The map is the area around Los Angeles International Airport.

  • "Les bons souvenirs sont des bijoux perdus" == The good memories are jewels lost - from
  • "The visionary is the only realist." == Frederico Fellini (awesome director...) at the 1993 Academy Awards.
  • Little bit o' bio on Jonathan Edwards.
    From Nicodemus
    The source code at the top of the page, on the left half is an excerpt from an 
    encryption algorithm called "A5 - the GSM Encryption Algorithm"  It seems that
    it's used in cellular phones, or perhaps PDAs like palm pilots (anyone know 
    what a GSM phone is?)  
    Webmaster: Yep. Global System for Mobile communication
    There is also reference to espionage and specifically, 
    a lot of politics in 1994 on the export of this said algorithm, expecially to 
    sadam hussein.  There is mention to it being strong, then weak.  The code on 
    the right doesn't seem to turn up anything.  However, I *think* it might be 
    lisp, as apposed to the c on the left.  But it still looks like it's doing 
    very low level stuff, based on the hex codes and such, 
    it may be another encryption algorithm.  
    Now I'm new to this, and have really only looked at this page so far, but 
    here are a few thoughts: This page is heavy on cryptography and encryption. 
    the programs, the text at the bottom, which as hance pointed out is 
    from the Bibliography (?) of the Cryptograph 1997 meeting.  
    In that top box it talks of setting registers.
    The full source code of A5 GSM:
    effort to crack it:
    The 3 word saying in the middle of the page seems to be important, 
    of course.  With all lines leading out from it.  However, i 
    can't even ascertain what language that is.  In german, 
    ton means tone.  However, right below that is hebrew.  
    I will call on a jewish friend who knows hebrew to 
    translate it for me.

  • I believe the center phrase is greek, but I read about as much greek as your average gnat.
  • Hebrew: Theres about nine other pages I want your friend to look at if you get ahold of them.
  • Think: LEITMOTIV means 'dominant theme' - this ad's dominant theme seems to be cryptography, encodings, time, etc.What that means, I dunno.
    Webmaster: JPEPPER's hebrew help:
    the first two words are "I G-d". typical beginning for blessings, etc.  usually 
    the whole line is I, G-d, king of the universe.
    other two words i dont know. biblical hebrew is hard, so i need to get 
    a bigger and better dictionary.
    The 4th level hebrew word is forever. always.
    The 303 number is the atomic clock dial-in for computers. is in denver.

    From carlos
    I just did a bit of fiddling around with the Perseus dictionaries.
    Regarding the ad of may 1, 1998, the greek phrase on the center of the
    ad means "redeeming the time" (not 100% about the conjugation, it could
    also be "redeem the time" in imperative sense). This seems to come from
    the New Testament, either Ephesians 5.16 or Colossians 4.5. Considering
    how time-centered is this ad, the translation should come as no

    clue=More random notes:
    The equation at the very bottom is curious.  It looks like they are trying to 
    write gauge invariant form of a Hamiltonian, BUT, 
    they forgot a power in the equation... sloppy or deliberate.  Really, above 
    anything else, I believe it is simply the signature of 
    Mr. Schrodinger, whose name we see quite often.  Call me naive, but I believe 
    that the recurring characters are members of this 
    cabal. In this announcement, in the box right above 5/1/89, we see Winthrop, 
    Schrodinger, et al.  Followed by information 
    (instructions) of some sort.

    mikey 05.13.01
    A great deal was made on the 1990 May 1 page about June 25 being the magical day of everything
    happening...well, the 468th Anniversary of the Confessio Augustana is June 25, there obviously is a 
    big thing surrounding June 25...

    clue:  The computer code on the left, and the right, is C/C++, not lisp.
    It seems that each of the 5/1 ads, there is a box instructing how to set, or prime, the encrypt/decrypt 
    code they are using.  In this ad, it's the box in the lower middle.
    Also, it's my impression that the higher levels (3rd & 4th) and paramount in understanding the message.  
    All the greek/sanscrit/etc is interesting, but I think only useful where the text is obviously bold, or
    obviously intended to be the encrypted text, or keys to the text.
    There's more math going on here, that hasn't been fully explained, and it way beyond me.
    I really like the idea of all these quotes being markers to the real numbers.  Most of the LEITMOVIT 
    and many, many of the quotes site the source.  Sooo, I'm guessing the location in the source document 
    is more important than the actual text quoted.

    cynic2 07.12.01

    clue: After reading "costas" in MetaFile all I have to say is that he is deceiving himself. He doesn't know enough to draw those conclusions and he is totally ignorant of American fraternities. From experience I can tell you that no "bunch of brothers" could grind these out. Besides the level of intelligence it would require is the point of consistency. There is no Greek organization which has that much theological grounding especially year after year. "costas" is unduly impressed with himself. His point about the Greek being archaic totally misses the mark. If these people are religious fanatics with some kind of hidden agenda then the only Greek they would give a flea fart about would be ancient Greek.
    webmaster notes: this was in response to a thread costas posted on metafilter, found @, and while we've already ruled out the frat-boy possibility (all of the frat boys I've ever met find it hard enough to master years of nepotism, scholastic fraud & date rape, let alone something like this) you shouldn't slight the guy for at least spreading the word.
    Norman 07.17.01
    clue:  Can somebody figure out how far from the map is the Los Angeles 
    MacArthur Park?  It's only a thought many of the quotes may tie in with 
    the maps.  
    Here they could triangulate between the quote (MacArthur Park), the 
    address at the airport and an address in the "MacArthur Park" 
    announcement.  Something in this one tells you to activate the 
    triangualation or something like that. It's
    difficult to say it clearly but the engineering types will see the point.  
    Much of this reminds me of advanced surveying along aerial mapping lines.

    haskeller: 08.08.01
    clue:  Haven't found where the path start...yet...
    Two things I have found in the lower middle box:
    The alphabet after Agenda looks like south arabian.  
    The text after winthrop looks like Ethiopic.

    cynic2: 11.30.01
    clue:  Something just popped into my head as I was flipping through these--Jonathan Edwards was a scientist as well as a
    theologian.  We don't think today of those two being closely connected but in his time they often went together.  In
    these ads or mandalas or messages science and theology are closely bound together and they seem really strange because
    of it.  Other periods of history wouldn't have thought it particularly odd and these people take a long historical view. 
    That is so obvious that it is easy to lose sight of it--somebody who doesn't care about being politically correct or
    appearing thoroughly modern is much freer than most of us because they aren't boxed up the way most of us are.

    Jessica: 12.05.01
    clue:  My first excel doc (ugly, though it may be) lists most of the people (it hasn't been updated with the latest ads) and
    includes their various job categories.  Very many of the people on these pages were both theologians/philosophers and 
    scientists. Take a look!

    near a terminal: 12.26.01
    clue:  The quote from Eliot is another of the continual references to time and especially timeless value seen apart 
    from change.  I am just deep enough to remember hearing something in a lecture that all philosophy seeks the 
    permanent within the transient. I have only known a  couple of dedicated people in my life and they had the same 
    concern.  I admired them but also feared them and wish I could explain why.

    name:  nyx / 03.28.02
    clue:  the Freaks and Mistah Kurtz clearly have Egyptian hieroglyphics after their names; I misplaced my
    hieroglyphics folder, so I can't send a translation along just yet. Owsley's code is astrological symbols
    [pisces, saturn, and virgo - pisces represents emotion, saturn represents restriction, and virgo represents a
    'neatness'; a resolution to things].
    I doubt I could translate the Egyptian accurately without a larger scan - some of the symbols are very alike.
    also, this diagram seems to suggest a cabbalistic tree of life diagram - I can't see the whole thing at once,
    but it reminds me very much of one.

    near a terminal: 06.26.02
    clue:  Reading through these I always look for the parts I can't possibly understand and then give it a moment to see if anything
    comes to mind.  I notice on this one a reference to Hz which I'm pretty sure is Herz, so they are probably dealing in fequencies. 
    If you set the different languages to different frequencies I guess you'd get different results or maybe different places and
    times.  It could be that German is at one frequency and French at another and so on.  Well if they do that some of this could be
    simple substitution codes where one letter simply stands for another and so on.  I don't mean it would give real words in another
    language but it would give a block of letters and then that would be analyzed by some set of rules.  My point is that what worked
    on one language would then never work on another. Shifting focus and that kind of thing. It would require anohter filter or series
    of filters which I think may be the point of the different electronic references or even musical references.   They could tell you
    which filter to use.

    Barbadel - 08.08.02
    The hex numbers 0xbbcbee56 0x90bcb6de in the top right section are from a blowfish-encryption-algorithm
    You can find more details on:

    Juls: 04.26.2003
    Box, bottom centre - script following name Winthrop is Ethiopic, a syllabic script used to write Amharic, Oromo and Tigrinya
    - all living African languages. Transcribing it into the international phonetic alphabet suggests that what is written may well be
    in one of those languages.  The script folloing 'Agenda' appears to be a southern Arabian script from antiquity, this is a
    consonantal script ie. no vowels.  It will probably be impossible to decipher either of these or much of the others, but the
    location indicated by their usage may be of some significance. 

    Juls: 04.27.03
    A further wee thought on the box bottom centre - one factor which may be useful to consider is the type of script that
    follows each of the names, ie: syllabic, consonantal, pictographic.  Sorting each statement according to the type of script used in
    the word following each name would allow one level of categorisation to be applied to the data.  I'm now fairly sure that the
    script following 'Kant' is ugaritic cuneiform, that following 'Schrodinger' appears to be the same (and the former is given as a
    ssp of the latter which might support their being the same) but I have been unable to identify the first character in this
    instance.  Ugaritic is a consonantal script, so there are no vowels, which always makes things that little bit more difficult.
    A couple of very useful websites:
    The list of ugaritic characters listed on these two websites are slightly different and it is necessary to look at both to identify
    all those used here.  As for the unidentifiable character, it may be simply be that this character had a shorter or possibly
    ephemeral usage and does not appear among what is probably a collection of the most commonly found and longest used.

    Joe23: 09.13.2003
    exagoramenoi ton kairon means "redeeming the time,because the days are evil" and its from Ephesians 5:16 in the bible.

    Prufrock: 06.23.2004
    The quote from Bunyan is, I believe, from A Pilgrim's Progress which was written in I believe the 17th century in Britain. 
    It describes the journey of a man called Christian through various dangers, all of which are given names like The Valley of the
    Shadow of Death & The Slough of Despond, and some of which are biblical.  It is a parable of the Christian journey to salvation.  I
    have very little math so the equation is meaningless to me.  If anyone can explain it, its relation to the Bunyan quote would
    probably be interesting.

    Appy: 06.24.2004
    I believe that the writing next to some of the names in the bottom most box (468th Anniversary of the Confessio Augustana)
    are simply English words typed in different fonts - the word next to Alberich in Devanagari script would be jsusalerada, only there
    is a floating modifier above the j- in the first bit, which to me means that it was just typed in English and had its font changed.
    I typed in the Devanagari script into Word with the font Sanskrit 99.  It's a typical Devanagari script that I have on my computer
    - you have to type in the English letters for the approximate Devanagari sound you want.  If you want to write something like, say,
    devanaagarii, you'd write devnagrI.  It was "Jesuslerd" in English letters.  I have a feeling the same is with Owsley's text,
    because you find those astrological symbols in Wingdings and fonts like that.  The Arabic after Summer Tour looks like it could
    have been done the same way as well because of the ending of the last letter (right to left of course) - it doesn't look like any
    ending letter.  May be wrong, but just a thought.

    Eri 07.12.2004
    This is a far-out guess, but I think the language on the right side of the announcement, below Cromwell and above Adolphus,
    might be Mon (Burmese/Myanmar script.) That's what it looks like to me. Here's a link with an example of the script:
    Here is more information about Mon:

    Michael 06.25.2005
    The writing after Schrodinger and "sup specie Kant" looks like the cuneiform from the August 24, 1981 ADW transmission.
    Another thing...the chemcials highlighted in the cross (apparently as a method of progression) start directly to 
    the right of the U at the top of the page and proceed counter clockwise to the chemcial directly above the star 
    and exclamation point (above vincristine).

    Juls 09.23.2005
    Re. the Hebrew: this is Isaiah 60:22 - "I, Jehovah, will hasten it in it's time" (American Standard), "I the Lord will
    hasten it in his time." (KJV).

    D. Thomasson 03.07.2006
    The cryptology bibliographic references in the background at the bottom middle of the ad come from:
    Burton S. Kaliski Jr. (Ed.): Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO '97, 17th Annual International Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara,
    California, USA, August 17-21, 1997, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1294, Springer, 1997, ISBN 3-540-63384-7 
    Cryptoanalysis of Public-Key Cryptosystems (I) and (II)
    For a more thorough Bibliography on Cryptography from around 1606 to 2005, see:

    D. Thomasson 03.07.2006
    The references of Oxbbcbee56 and Ox90bcb6de in the background at the top right quadrant of the ad come from Bruce Schneier's
    Blowfish block cipher.
    They should actually read:  #xbbcbee56 and #x90bcb6de.  See:

    AE Taylor 03/02/2021
    The language underneath Cromwell is Burmese (Myanmar)
     This is what I could get, it's not perfect at all but its something.
    I saw the letter that asked you what the language was.
    And he that is circumcised keep the commandments of God.  Ham was circumcised before the 
    circumcision.  This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints.  
    Promise  For the grace of God is upon you.  It can be achieved through faith.  
    I have become your father.  Abraham is the one who is called the Son of God.  
    All in him, - your.  Seed