Letter to my PO box contents:

I got this late, I'm sure it sat in my PO box a few days. I apologize for the delay!

envelope front
envelope back
inside jacket
a CD
CD contents (a directory - 'Audio','Hawaii','Hebrew','Other','Orphanage.txt' )
four photos
extra stamp - this was loose. inside, as if it fell off or unglued

Mike C 06.19.2006
Hi Bryan,
I was looking at your newest postings last night. The "Hebrew" images are all from 
The key of Solomon. Several are specific to Saturn. The other "fix" image refers 
to halley's comet  The 66AD sighting is recorded in the Talmud. Not sure what it 
means though. I'm also a bit surprised that there hasn't been a summer anouncement 
this year. Checkout this URL

The strangest thing I notice is the very familiar almost friend like tone in the 
Orphanages short note.

chubasco: 07.10.2006
has that style of handwriting been seen before?  if not then i think we are all in for lots of trouble.  one crazy doesn't
frighten me but the government tell us that is all it took to kill kennedy.  if there are lots of these determined crazies spread
around the world then anything could happen.

look at that extra stamp.  there are earlier pictures of belgian churches and places of power.  i think the phrase places of
power is from castaneda and his screwball sorcer tales like don juan and the rest of the crap he wrote before dying of cancer.  i
say crap because he made up the narrative and passed it off as real but i'm told by those who are real anthropologists that the
bending of time and space does occur for a few people.  the use of peyote and other drugs are just warm-up exercises the real power
is from years of concentration.  odd connection to think of castaneda and the belgian stamp but what struck me months ago when
working through the weird pictures they send is that they are only secondarily exotic.  what almost all of them deal with it seems
to me is places of power.  like you get better reception if you have cable tv than the old plug in the wall models.

tweakerago: 07.26.2006
	Are you sure the freaks sent these?  This thing has gotten big at least in some circles.  Could be that others are also
sending in items to see if they can test the freaks or get a response.  I've thought about doing that kind of thing because the
more they tell us about themselves the less we know.  Then again the freaks may use esoteric even magick purely as a medium. 
Doesn't mean they believe in Crowley or Kabbalah or squat.  I have 3 friends who think they are nihilists and about 4 who think
they are hardass fundamentalists.  I'm leaning toward the fundamentalist Lutherans they pretty much claim to be but it's mixed in
with bombthrowing 60s and dead radicals and live conspiracy.  I'm sober as this is being written and realise how crazy all that
sounds.  So the esoteric Saturn sigils might be them or it might be somebody testing them.  Probably it is the freaks themselves
but gawd only knows what message is being sent.  That was not as clear as I meant it to be.  they do know and they are doing
whatever it is but at a faster pace because they either think the world is coming to an end or they intend to blow it up
themselves.  Couple of my friends think they know way too much about Canadian uranium to be just loose in the head.  Take this for
what it is worth but it would be easy to send a bunch of sigil stuff and just count angles or left handed hooks for zero and 1. 
Smart and sane don't often go together.

bystander 07.29.2006
i check in on this huge mess now and again.  have you stopped posting updates?  a friend told me she sent one in weeks ago
and nothing ever appeared.  i said that was the webmaster's business but when you get to it i'd like to comment on this one from
canada.  it seems different and it seems the same.  so i'm not sure if it is genuine but it also fits them because i don't see or
hear a particular voice or style the way some of your contributors do.  i think the group really is diverse but also much the same
the way that everybody flying from london to stockholm is headed in the same direction bought tickets on the same flight are on the
flight roster and so forth.  so whether this one seems more conversational or as more of one voice speaking to hance doesn't seem
that odd to me.  i think they are all totally nuts and might be dangerous in several ways but i doubt that they all dress the same,
talk the same or even live the same lifestyle.  if the thing about fluidity in lifestyle is true and i think it is then i'm more
than afraid because it has to mean they can adjust their methods to fit their subject matter.  as this is being written israel is
learning that hizbullah or hezbollah or spell it any way you want is not just a fanatical bunch of camelfuckers.  i don't like hez
any better than the israelis but not only are they tough they are adaptable.  unlike some of your contributors i see constant
adaptation in these.  sure they're weird and i don't claim to understand what they are doing but the last news report i heard was
that the hezbollah missiles are falling deeper and deeper into israel.  maybe it is not a bad thing that the crazies like hance and
speak to him conversationally.  i doubt that they intend to converse with their hated opponents.

hance - yes, it's still active. I'm just as busy as ever, but the MM continues.
stubjie 08.07.2006
	I don't think this one is from the freaks.  I can't see the Orphanage ever using the pronoun "I."  In fact there
is considerable evidence from ad after ad that the Orphanage is a group perhaps even a large group.

Jessica Augustsson 08.15.2006
	I think it IS the Orphanage, or at least one of the freaks, because I just received a similar package, and the
general writing style is the same, even if some pronoun usage is slightly different.  And while Bryan might have his
home address more readily available, I don't.  This is the second (or third?) physical mail I've received from them. 
And I guess it didn't come as early as I thought it did, since yours seems to have arrived in June.  (I've been in
Manhattan and not home in Sweden to pick up the mail lately.)

clue:  The images in the Hawaii directory come from the book _A Cultural History of Three Traditional Hawaiian Sites
on the West Coast of Hawai'i Island_ and can be seen online in context here:

004.jpg: http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/kona/history1.htm
005.jpg: http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/kona/history6b.htm (scroll down a bit)
006.jpg: http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/kona/history7j.htm (bottom of page)
001.jpg: http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/kona/history9.htm (scroll down)
003.jpg: http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/kona/history9i.htm (near the bottom of the page)
002.jpg: http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/kona/history9o.htm
007.jpg: http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/kona/history9w.htm (near the bottom of the page)
I haven't read these yet, so don't really know what's in them. More with that as I get time.
Jessica Augustsson 08.16.2006
	The Halley's Comet transiting Nero's chart can be seen about halfway down the page here:


According to http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/great_comets.html the greatest brightness of Halley's comet at its return in 66
was around 20 March (date of closest approach to the Earth). Its perihelion date (closest approach to the Sun) was on
26 January.

Seutonius wrote in the Life of Nero about a "stella crinita" or a blazing star just about the time of the discovery of
the plot of the Pisonii.  (Chapter 36: http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/world/readfile?fk_files=113819&pageno=16)
According to Suetonius the purges of the traitors started after the observation of the comet, which gave Nero (or his
advisors), the idea or the 
excuse for the blood bath. Until that time Suetonius' text seems to indicate that Nero was not sure as to how to act.
Perhaps the number and caliber of people linked to the plot, caught Nero by surprise: aristocrats and intellectuals. Or
perhaps he was trying to figure out whom he could lump together with the plotters (e.g. his wife Poppea who had nothing
to do with the plot was also killed in 65), and get rid of all the personae non gratae in one stroke.

So, is this to indicate that the Orphanage is trying to determine who their own enemy plotters might be, and how far up
they go?  Or something completely different.  :)

fandango23 09.10.2006
1 thing that seems to be true over the years is that the orphanage works through subgroups.  I suspect that the subgroups
have different foci or emphases.  So the woman in Sweden who thinks it really is the orphanage might be right in the sense that the
orphanage ordered it done but 1 of the subgroups in Canada sent it.  We know they are heavily into Canadian uranium so they must
have somebody or several somebodys up there watching their investments.  It wouldn't take much more time to mail stuff to Sweden.

Slubgub 09.30.2006
In most of the world including the English speaking world until very recently comets were seen as harbingers of disaster and
total upheaval.

Lindsay 11.16.2006
I'm quite sure that the pictures included in the envelope are from the Metro Toronto Zoo.
Though the view of the water casts some doubt. Though for some reason I recognize that building as
being downtown along the Lakeshore

	Lindsay is right: the picture on the bottom right is the Canada Malting plant. It has been derelict for a number of
decades now, as the authorities debate its fate. It has been a popular mecca for urban exploration fans. I've been inside the
building, and it's quite fantastic.
Mike C 12.28.2006
To throw in a little more detail. i believe that the whale picture is from marineland ontario (Niagra falls Canada) and
the camel picture is from the Toronto zoo. i've been to both, they look familiar and seem to match other peoples pictures
found on the web. The deer/horse picture could easily be from that same part of Canada. What intriges me is the age. i'd guess
those photos were taken in the 1970's. Is there anything on the back of them? or did you get a photocopy?

Brian 01.09.2008
The marking on the CD that has three parallel lines intersected by one line could be
a Kabbalistic Cross and Kaballah is up the Orphanage's alley	
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