Delivery to Jessica, recovered 08.15.2006


I know it's been awhile, but life happens, I suppose.  In any case, I've 
received a data disk from, I presume, The Orphanage. I guess they're 
giving me a nudge.  :)   The envelope has no postmark, but I think it 
came in time for the May 1st ad.  We've been living temporarily in 
-- redacted! --, so haven't been back to get the mail very frequently.  So I 
didn't get this until yesterday.  Sorry about that. 

Images of the envelope, the disk, and the contents of the disk can be 
found here: -- url redacted --

There were a number of mp3s...I haven't worked out what they are yet.  
And an image typical of them, showing something about the appearance of 
Haley's Comet (the dates and pictures seem to correspond to that, anyway.) 

I'll see if I can figure out some of the music, or perhaps some of the 
other clue-providers happen to know what they are. 


bhance: The disk contents are a subset of the one I received on 06/15/2006.

  • Disk
  • Disk envelope
  • read.txt
  • Other/fix.jpg
  • Audio/1.mp3
  • Audio/2.mp3
  • Audio/3.mp3
  • Audio/4.mp3
  • Audio/5.mp3
  • Audio/6.mp3
    Steve B 09.09.2006
    	The chart comes from the Neronian astrological charts chapter of a book. The excerp can be found in:

    It is Halley's comet transiting Nero's chart. Nero's chart is a recreation of the planetary positions so that one could predict
    what the Roman astologers would have told Nero.
    This excerpt was taken from pg 315 of the book "The Nero Prediction" by Humphrey Knipe -Best historical fiction award 2006

    Slubgub 09.30.2006
    I'll join the side that says the freaks did not send this but somebody who thinks along their lines did.  The Chinese on the
    disk is written by somebody who doesn't know anything about Chinese orthography which the freaks do understand and use.

    Blank 10.14.2006
    	That is Hebrew, not Chinese.

    dunkind 10.23.2006
    Doesn't look like the Freaks because the 7s don't have a bar through the middle.  I seem to remember all their
    mailings had a bar in the 7s.  Of course they might be using an agent or some third party as a buffer.  I seem to remember
    something like that in a cold war thriller spy novel.  The KGB would route stuff through Bulgaria and the Bulgarians would
    then get hold of someone in America but it would be a random contact like a furniture store.  They'd buy like 2 couches and
    a chair and during the purchase ask the store owner to mail a letter so the postmark would be from Hoboken or Reno, Nevada
    or Seattle and so on.  The idea behind it was to do only one tranaction with any given small merchant and then pick another
    random contact.  The CIA was baffled at first because the random nature of the mailings made tracking impossible.  I can't
    remember how it ended.

    Well, I couldn't access the link on the bottom of the page to post a "clue", but in regards to "Jessica's Delivery,
    8/15/2006", the astrological chart....I think the first post hit it on the money, but I couldn't help but notice this....

    ...This page refers to an asteroid possibly hitting the earth on March 21, 2014.
    The chart seemed to show a (comet?) falling, rather than streaking by (as the others were) on that date, though no year is
    mentioned in the chart.
    This may be sheer coincidence, but I thought it worthy of at least a passing mention.
    The chart I'm refering to I found on your site at....

    Best Wishes,

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