is outdated as all hell. Don't bother reading it, as I will soon be moving its information elsewhere in the site. You're better off reading the recent section.
-bhance 6/19/00
We were all wrong, they ran it on the 29th. I'm wrapping up two big projects right now + I've got finals, so I can't attack this although it looks like we've got a lot of easily decipherable stuff in here - Julian dates, etc. And a direct mnention w/ "reinforcements via the web"
Been updating a few pages, clues here and there. Carlos writes

I think I have found a nice way to deal with all the greek texts on the
ads: Project Perseus has excellent dictionaries and the original
versions of lots of the greek literary classics. I only had time to
work on the following two bits, I will send you more when and if I have
the time to play with the dictionaries:

For the ad of jan. 20, 1988, I think the short phrase in 1) can be
translated as "have mercy on us, son of God". The quote from the Illiad
on 6) is translated in the mentioned site as "my heart bids me fulfill it,
if fulfill it I can, and it is a thing that hath fulfillment"

Someone else wants to check/help me with the greek (I don't speak
greek, by the way)? Then go to Project Perseus site:
Looks pretty cool. Anyone have a whole bunch of time to spare?
Let's see:
  • Got a letter in the mail you'll all probably want to look at, but I'm wondering if posting it wouldn't blow some sort of key development somewhere. I'm leaving it unposted until May 1, then it's fair game for posting as far as I'm concerned...
  • Been reading Kipling's Kim, and nailed down a better definition of the Great Game. Been pondering the tie-in with this mystery.
  • Since May 1 falls on a saturday, I'm opening a betting pool to see when the Mayday 1999 ad gets posted. I've got $5 on the following Monday... :)
  • Repubgirl took $5 on the Friday before, so...
    This week sucked, so nothing really got updated, but I took a cue from one of the previous emails and decided to blow off about 3,000 important things I should have been doing and read Magus instead.

    Damn, was that a good move. One of those rare books you can't put down until you've burned all the way through it, thus blowing six or seven hours of your time. You can read the synopsis at from the above link, but... needless to say some of the parallels were uncanny. Disturbing.

    Making a few minor updates after not touching this for a long time. Mental note: whoever propogates this madness has a whole lot of free time on their hands, be sure to factor that into the psychological profile. :) That was humor, folks.
    One final note: You've all got your secrets, perhaps we've got a few of our own. Who knows, maybe one day they'll all overlap and we'll compare notes, but in the meantime, follow your own advice and think about us collecting the obvious, and then reconciling that with the details, inconsistencies, small bits collected and assembled over time. Maybe we're just examining different things.
    Did the map thing a while ago, which is incomplete, putting our huge, previously unposted list o' historical figures up - basically a selected ripping from MicroSoft Encarta, which is compiled here. Got an anonymous dropbox, which is
    box 20730
    1303 e. university blvd
    tucson, az, 85719-0521
    Those who need to know it, have it. Let them do what they want, but should Koen or Repubor anybody wanna send me anything, you can do it there as well.
    Going out of town briefly, will return soon and get on with the huge laundry list of stuff it looks like we have ahead of us.
    Spending less time on clues, more time maintining the site. Here's a thought for you, though: What kind of person would create such an elaborately intertwined puzzle (prophecy, madness, manifesto, whatever you feel like calling it) - but look poorly upon people who used the Internet to help decipher its contents?
    Sure, even though back in 88' it the Internet wasn't considered much of a knowledge database, but I think the negative attitude taken towards our deciphering/backgrounding methods shed some real light on the mindset behind this.
    Alllll kinds of new pages located, scanned. Go get 'em.

    OPRPANAGE: 3rd message recieved - a few points:

  • Special Collections doesn't let you copy your own materials, hence the poor quality. I've tried...
  • missing issues - thanks for guidance
  • Already familiar with what is under the courthouse - beginning to see how it fits in...

    In Jan. 1999, one of the people helping me with this puzzle was contacted by a person directly involved with the Mayday Mystery. They recieved a relatively long and rambling letter, one purposefully obfuscated to conceal the sender's identity, but the gist of their email was:

  • This is not a game, it has some greater meaning.
  • All back issues are needed for total comprehension
  • The 'meetings' have some sort of Eschatological focus.
  • That 'on June25th he might go in the great hall and not see anybody even though Plenary Session was in full swing and everybody present.'
  • A distaste for today's educational system and its inability to equip me/us with the knowledge necessary to decipher the puzzles.
  • The Announcements have an end, but "maybe not the kind he expects"
  • A cryptic finale - "Sorry this can't be written better I do the best I can with what I have. Maybe that's part of why the announcements are important: our current condition is not the last word."
  • Although the email recipient was not supposed to let me see this letter, a mixup in emailing meant I soon hadd a copy - and they knew it, too.

    The next day, I recieved this letter. A few high points

  • "Male narrando fabula depravatur."
  • Cf., ADW, 5/1/98, Eastern littoral
  • This message, in contrast, is both succinctly blunt and has been reviewed by a native speaker of English: The day you can see the door, you will be welcomed inside.
  • Thus, our work continues...