Some folks I know, listed in no particular order to better gratuitously link their way:

The Cells, who rock
Allyson, who really needs to make a website (and lives in the PDX too!)
Jim, who is funny and talented (and wrote Pickle, which owned)
Sycraft, who has computer kung-fu
Keith, who is on the road
Nate, who was also a dot com refugee
Al, who hacked the Wildcat back in the day with me
Koen, who's ten thousand kinds of smart
Kevin, who has a pretty rockin' domain name
Alan, who works at a design firm now.
Jessica, who is in Boston (London?), and a co-partner of this site
Jesse L., who is up in Utah now, working for the newspapers
John, who has a beautiful daughter now
Rob, who is now a bigtime IP lawyer in SF
Repubgirl, who doesn't have a webpage
Rieko, who is now out in the world who knows where
Reg, who doesn't have a webpage
Michelle, who is a rising artist out in NYC
Chad, who lives out in Hawaii somewhere and trains marines to do things he probably can't tell you about
My Dow Jones friends, who are scattered across the U.S.
Doug, who is in The Go Station, who apparently are in Wikipedia
Jeff, who is a bigtime famous filmmaker by now, see?
Ammon who codes a MUD, hacks mad decently, and also has a kid now
Jacob Konst, who has an online portfolio you can check out at
Chris Richards, who takes stunningly beautiful photos
Kate and Jason, now out in beautiful Florida
Harvey and Melissa, who are some of the crazy-nice folks we've met in PDX
Mariah, stuck out in law school in Boston
Chuck, now working up in Phoenix
Will and Andrea, still in Tucson, and still takin' great photos

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