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A {Top}

Alekhine: Chess player. ALEXANDER ALKEHINE (1892-1946) Grandmaster. Info found here. See also Morphy. (Also see the people page)

Arbella: The boat John Winthrop, gov. of Massachusetts came to America in. He wrote a sermon, "A Model of Christian Charity," while aboard - outlined the purposes of God for New England.

B {Top}

Brasher Doubloon: A rare coin, worth a hell of a lot of money. (see this page). ~$725,000. (Also a film based on Raymond Chandler's "The High Widow"). An image of such a coin can be found here.

Busulfan: aka Myleran, a pharmaceutical used in treating kinds of lukemia. From PDR, "there is no known antidote to Busulfan." Also, "Myleran (busulfan) is a potent drug. It should not be used unless a diagnosis of chronic myelogenous lukemia has been adequately established and the responsible physician is knowledgeable in assessing response to chemotherapy."

That's from Physician's Desk Reference 1994, p 731.

C {Top}

Chemnitz, Martin:A Lutheran, wrote "Two Natures in Christ,"died in 1586. My religious knowledge sucks, sorry. :) (Also see the people page)

Confessio Augustiana: "Augsburg Confession" - June 25th. A summary of faith and position on church practices of the protestants.

D {Top}

DES: from May 1, 92 clues, stands for DATA ENCRYPTION STANDARD. It's the most prevalent way of securely encoding data, widely used in industry etc. More info can be found here. There are a ton of math/encryption references in this game: See this page for an example...

(There's also this uber-cool contest I know about where brainy guys all over the world are linking their computers to crack DES encryption schemes. Go to rc5.distributed.net if you feel like skipping out on all this historical shit for a while and just playing around with a cool hacker-esque concept.)
E {Top}

F {Top}
From Rebubgirl:
While studying the creation of artificially radioactive isotopes in the
1930s, Enrico Fermi became the first physicist to split the atom. His later
research pioneered nuclear power generation.

Born in Rome, Italy, Fermi graduated from the University of Pisa in 1922,
became a lecturer at the University of Florence for two years and then a
professor of theoretical physics at Rome. In 1934 he perfected his theory of
beta ray emission in radioactivity, and went on to study the creation of
artificially radioactive isotopes through neutron bombardment. His bombardment
of uranium with slow neutrons caused reactions which were found later to be
atomic fission.

With Researcher Leo Szilard, he began work, first at Columbia then at the
University of Chicago, on construction of an atomic pile which would make
possible the controlled release of nuclear energy. This was accomplished in

Transferred for a time to the Los Alamos, New Mexico atomic bomb laboratory,
Fermi returned to Chicago in 1945 as a professor at the Institute for Nuclear
Studies and in the same year became a United States citizen.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1938 for his developments in
harnessing nuclear power. Fermi is considered one of the most important
architects of the nuclear age.
(Also see the people page)

G {Top}

From Koen Claessen:
Gustavus Adolphus is apparently some old Swedish King.
The Haus(N) and Haus(Q) might refer to Hausdorff spaces in topology.
From this page.

(Also see the people page)

H {Top}

Historical Games Society: Unknown, but see Feb 2, 1988
I {Top}
J {Top}
K {Top}
Kurtz, Mistah: From Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness - (later adapted to film with Apocalypse Now), such a cool movie, too..
From Koen and Nicklas:
I think you already are aware of fact that Mistah Kurtz (in the chunk of text
rotated 90 degrees to the left) is one of the main characters in
Joseph Conrad's novel "Heart of Darkness"; T.S. Eliot has the line "Mistah
Kurtz-he dead" as an "epigram"  for one of his most famous poems: The
Hollow Men".
(Also see the people page)

L {Top}

Leitmotiv: "A dominant theme"

Llamastide: August 1.

M {Top}

Matthias Flaccius Illyricus: Old theologian, you can even see a picture of the guy.
I also ripped this from here.
Protestant Church history and martyrology were first fully 
developed in the work of Matthias Flaccius Illyricus (1520-1575), 
the greatest Protestant historical scholar in the sixteenth 
century.  In 1556 Flaccius published his , in which the "hidden" Church of Luther and the 
early Calvin took on visibility and specificity, turning the 
Catholic attack on its head by claiming medieval heretics, not as 
"heretics of old," but precisely as continuing witnesses to the 
apostolicity and authenticity of the hidden church from the fourth 
century to the sixteenth.38
(Also see the people page)

Map Coordinates
We've assembled a better map page! Check it first.

37.52 N  x   122.18 W   Berkeley, CA
31.46 N  x   106.28 W   Cuidad Juarez/El Paso
41.23 N  x    2.11 E    Off the coast of Barcelona, Spain
38.44 N  x    9.9 W     Sintra/lisboa, Spain
51.53 N  x   12.40 E    Baal? Halle/Leipzeig
42.3  N  x   70.55 W    Cambridge/Boston MA (Mass. Bay Harbor)
42.15 N  x   71.7 W     Boston MA
Wof31.46N x  106.28 W   El Paso, Soccoro
19 N     x   72.48 E    Bombay,India (off the coast)
32.17 N  x   96.47 W    Corsica, Texas
46.13 N  x   6.11 E     ????

Miners needle: Related to Weaver's Needle, both are geologic formations near apache junction in Arizona. Take the Peralta trailhead, forest service road 77 off USHWY 60 or first water trailhead SH88. Long hike, apparently.

Morphy: from duncan@cable.com Morphy was also a famous (American) chess player. g1 and f3 may be references to chess board positions. Morphy became an insane recluse before he died.

(Also see the people page)

Mutatis Mutandis: "with corresponding changes"

N {Top}
O {Top}
P {Top}
Pelagius: Self-possessed cleric who lost the heart of the church of Augustine (?)
From Duncan McKenzie:
A correction on your definition of Pelagius (note spelling). He was a
cleric who preached against the idea of original sin, believing
instead that people were free to choose good or evil. His views
opposed those of Saint Augustine and were eventually declared a

Pima County Courthouse: The apparent endlocation of the puzzle found on this page. That page leads you to a painting on the wall of the University of Arizona law library, a painting of the Pima County Courthouse circa 1930. A photo of this thing is forthcoming, i just got a digi camera, so...

Q {Top}

"Freedom is the recognition of necessity." - Hegel.
From Koen and Niclas:
"scio enim cui credidi"
 is Latin and means "because I know (in) who I have believed".
In case nobody noticed  W.S. stands for William Shakespeare and Coriolanus
is one of his plays and T.S Eliot alludes to it in The Waste Land poem.
The lines
"skulle jag sorja sa vore jag tokot" signed "-Johansson" is the
beginning of a poem from one of the earliest known swedish poets: Lasse
Johanson called Lasse Lucidor (1638-1674). You find it in a box on the
left side almost at the bottom of the page. The lines says: "I would be crazy
if I mourned" och the poem is about that things change fast: if you're
happy one day you might as well be unhappy the next and vice versa (at
least I think it is what it's about since it is written in very old
swedish I do not understand everything even though I'm swedish) - Niclas

R {Top}
S {Top}
T {Top}
U {Top}
V {Top}
VNB: (From Oct24,1990) VNB 2 E. Congress, 85701, s.d.b #668.

VNB I believe stands for Valley National Bank. That address is now a Bank One. SDB must stand for safety deposit box, and the number is 668. See May1,1992 for what I believe is a photo of the box.

Is there money involved or is this a red herring?

W {Top}

Weavers Needle: A hiking place in Arizona, apparently very trecherous and untraveled. Near Apache trail, Ariz Highway 88, from Apache Junction.

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Z {Top}
Zip Codes:
20219 - Washington DC
94703 - Berkeley CA
10115 - New York