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clue=Hebrew is from Jer 12:12
aiv shalom lenal-basar
"no flesh shall have peace"
name=Chris Ashton

04.20.2000 - the binary is, as noted in my scribble, 86009, which I originally thought was a zip code ... but 86009 isn't a zip for anybody. 90068, however, is Hollywood CA.
clue=The Kabbalistic inversion of 86009 is 60098, a ZIP code in Illinois.  This is obtained by flipping the number upside-down, not 
by reading it backwards.

7/21/00 - hance: aww... fer f*cks sake... Woodstock, Illinois 60098.
clue=Get more data from Thothmes--genuine insights, albeit in need of Thought Reform--easily arranged.
name=Rocky & Bullwinkle

Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 08:24:30 -0700 (MST)
clue=Is there a way for light aircraft to land in that particular Illinois ZIP code?

  • Apparently, there is.
    randy 06.07.01
    clue:  The character on the top looks very similiar to the chinese character for hair 'mao' (pronounced 
    with a rising tone.)  the english definition is hair other than that located on a human head.

    Mikey 06.09.01
    clue:  According to that Chinese character and the letimotiv (I assume the Re: part)...the Chinese 
    character refers to hair, the Re: refers to Cromwell talking about Charles's head as a cruel 
    necssity...heads have hair, but maybe Charles didn't or he wore some wig to cover something up....the 
    Hebrew translates to no flesh shall have peace...maybe Charles was bald and his flesh had no "piece".  
    Then again, this seems a bit too comical/abstract for our friends at the Orphanage. :)

    cynic2 07.12.01
    clue:  Damn, look at that map!  Harvard is immediately to the NW of 
    Woodstock. It's the map right of above "randy" that is marked by 
    "Apparently, there is."

    near a terminal: 08.06.01
    clue:  This isn't very deep but it may be important.  If you go to the page that is marked by "Apparently, there is" 
    you will find at the bottom of the page a reference to Richmond. That Richmond is in Illinois but remember the many 
    references to the "City of Richmond." It is interesting that on that same page you find underlined references to 
    Harvard, Richmond and Woodstock.

    eples: 08.31.01
    clue:  From what everyone sent in, it lookslike this one is pretty much decoded.
    Bald-head, non-head-hair, etc.. turn the face drawing at the bottom of the page
    upside-down so that the face has a beard. 
    Charles I was also known as "Charles the Bald". 
    You've already gotten the zipcode part upside down too, so there's that.
    NOW - go to
    This page is all about Charles I, but he's not important. Marlborough *IS*. 
    "...Marlborough seemed on the threshold of great achievements when, suddenly, at the
    end of 1691, he was removed from all his appointments. The next May he was imprisoned
    in the Tower of London ..."
    "Marlborough received the principality of Mindelheim from the emperor and was granted
    the royal manor of Woodstock by act of Parliament."
    I don't know what it means but it all ties together.
    Charles I was also beheaded:
    "Charles Stuart was found guilty as a tyrant, murderer, traitor, and public enemy of
    the Commonwealth of England. When Charles refused to plead, Cromwell (along with 134
    others) signed the death warrant. The sentence was carried out on the morning of
    Tuesday, January 30, 1649, on a scaffold outside Whitehall. With the assistance of his
    executioners, Charles put his hair inside a white satin cap. He then removed his cloak,
    placed his head on the block and prayed devoutly. He stretched out his hands, and the
    axe blade fell swiftly on the back of his neck, severing his head from his shoulders.
    Thus ended Charles Stuart's life at the age of 48. The assembled crowd groaned in
    horror; it was a "cruel necessity," Cromwell lamented."

    bones3d: 01.22.02
    clue:  The person who posted on 8.6.01 made an interesting observation about three locations in Illinois being 
    referenced. The fact that *three* of them are referenced suggests the actual location may be uncovered by triangulating a 
    specific point using the three cities as a guide.
    Using an online map, I was able to perform a quick and dirty triangulation and discovered the point it references may 
    very well be the "scandinavian cemetery" at the intersection of Charles Rd, and Hwy 47... just a few miles 
    north-northeast of Woodstock.
    Due to the large number of religious references in the pieces prior to this one, I'm inclined to believe my hunch was

    Thompson 01.22.02
    clue:  Does this help?
    JB318: 05.07.02
    clue:  The backwards J with two lines crossing and the horizontal line look to me like the hobo code.  Travelling bums
    in America had a code system devised to sent messages to one another.  "This place is friendly/not friendly", etc. 
    They would carve it into wooden fence posts.
    Going to didn't turned anything up, nor did any of the hobo code pages I found via Google.

    Jessica 05.28.02
    name:  Jessica
    clue:  I thought that we had already established that the "backwards J" was the Chinese character Mao.  See ashton's
    clue here:

    N.K. 12.31.02
    This is simpleton but there seems to be a lot of refernce to bald in this. If that is the symbol for hair, then the line
    after it could be representitive of "hair line" wich could tie in with Charles 1

    Juls - 04.11.03
    Sorry, but I reckon you're way off with the 'bald' stuff folks.
    eples: 08.31.01 - Charles the I of England was not known as Charles the Bald, you've conflated him with one of the early French
    kings, and Bald in that context means bold not hairless.  Charles I had his own hair I believe, he put on a silk cap so that it
    didn't fall down and obscure his neck, possibly it may have made the execution messy and less swift, and more difficult for the
    chap who had to do the dread deed.

    Juls: 04.15.2003
    Can anyone figure anything out with those dots and t-shapes in the Hebrew phrase - are they a normal usage?

    Jessica Augustsson: 04.23.2003
    Re: Dots and t-shapes in Hebrew bible quote:
    If you go here: you can see that the verse Jer 12:12 contains these marks. I'm fairly certain they're cantillation marks. (Cantillation = A chanting; recitation or reading with musical modulations.)
    Here's a page that tells more about cantillation marks, shows examples, and tells a bit about what purpose they serve:
    beacon: 04.28.03
    re the symbol on top and the caballistic inversion of the Zip code. The symbol looks like a mirror inverted currency sign
    for pounds Sterling. 
    Did the head of Charles I ever appear on a coin which seems be a motif in these pages?
    Am I reading to much into this?

    GlacierBlue: 05.13.2003
    The symbol in Chinese at the top is the first one in all the series previous. I agree that it might have something
    to do with hair, but the full translation of the symbol is 
    [1] hair; fur; feathers; down 
    [2] vegetation 
    [3] ten cents;dime 
    [4] gross; untouched; unpolished 
    [5] panic-stricken; scared; flurried 
    [6] very young; little 
    [7] a Chinese familyname. 
    I'm not sure that we can say for certain that it represents hair. Has anyone translated the rest of the chinese
    characters represented by the horizontal line?

    Reddie: 5.21.2003
    the hebrew phrase is pronounced
    "ayn shalom l'chol-basar"
    ...therefore the translation is not correct. 
    Furthermore, the vowels (dots and marks) in the Hebrew text are just vowels. Cantillation (aka "trope") is a 
    whole other set of marks. You'll never solve this puzzle if you don't get these basics right.

    Mason: 09.11.2003
    clue:  10100111111111001
    I think the Hebrew inversion notes from earlier posters may be searching too deep.  Since the binary number, and its decimal
    equivalent both have an odd number of digits, a two-coordinate (x,y) location seems unnatural.  Although there are no U.S.
    zip codes for 86009, there is an Augsburg Germany with the same zip code.  In addition, there are more than ten other
    references to Augsburg in various sections of this website.  
    In 1530, Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, called together the princes and cities of his German territories in a
    Diet at Augsburg. He sought unity among them to fend of the attacks of Turkish armies in Eastern Austria. He called upon the
    Lutheran nobility to explain their religious convictions, with the hope that the controversy swirling around the challenge of
    the Reformation might be resolved. To this end, Philip Melanchthon, a close friend of Martin Luther and a Professor of New
    Testament at Wittenberg University, was called upon to draft a common confession for the Lutheran Lords and Free Territories.
    The resulting document, the Augsburg Confession was presented to the emperor on June 25, 1530.
    Martin Chemnitz, also mentioned in:
    Was the author of 'the Augsburg Confessions'.  

    a brother: 09.26.2003
    The chinese characters are simplified characters which individually read mao and yi.
    maoyi is a word in mandarin, although a different character is used for yi in that case.  yi is the number one, and often when it
    is combined with other words symbolises unity or cohesion.
    perhaps our friends were big fans of the chairman?  there are hints of this in a few of the ads, weren't there?
    also, in the maps that are linked to, in people's names, in everything you see on this website has anyone else noticed how often
    the word mason comes up?
    sorry, i forgot to mention: maoyi as one word means sweater.  i didn't think it was important, but i don't want to leave
    anyone wondering.

    Kate 12.06.2003
    I've been doing a little more research on these illinois references.  Turns out there was an anarchist group who protests in
    IL in 1886, in honor of the workers rights... the 'Chicago 8".
    This website is very informative, I recommend you check it out:

    mike: 06.24.2004
    	dealing with the chinese character translated hair and Cromwell's comment concerning the head of Charles I...cruel
    	necessity...many of the nobility and royalty of Europe wore "powder" wigs, real hair that was bleached  white...seeing that mao
    	refers to hair other than on the is likely an inflection upon Charles I hairpiece looked awful, however, it looked better
    	than Charles I BALD head!!!

    UbuRoi: 06.30.2004
    Since chinese languages are tonal, a pictogram can suggest a number of different meanings, depending on whether the speaker
    uses a rising tone, a falling tone, etc.
    Somebody might like to look up which meaning corresponds to "mao" with a constant tone (possibly suggested by the horizontal
    Checked an online Pinyin-English dictionary for "mao" with a constant (high) tone - also known as Tone 1 - and the results
    were "cat" or "pussy". 
    Note that the flat line could represent either the constant tone, or the number 1, which is also the name of the constant tone
    (first tone or tone 1).

    kim: 07.15.2004
    not sure how much this will help but the second page means We will find a way -- or we will make one! which is over the gate
    at the university of pennslyvania.

    UbuRoi 07.15.2004
    I forgot to mention (not very important) "mao" with a high, constant tone is clearly an onomatopoeic word, based on teh
    cat's meow

    Alan 10.20.2004
    R&B's clue ("Get more data from Thothmes") looks like a cryptic crossword clue, according to my friend. He says that the
    word "arranged" suggests an embedded anagram. He took out the word "Thothmes" from "Thought Reform easily" and fed the resulting
    characters ("ug rfor eaily") into the Internet Anagram Server, set to two word anagrams. Interestingly, the phrase "Royal
    Figure" came back. Any other Cryptic Crossword players out there got a better idea?

    sjwk 10.31.2004
    Another take on the coordinates. Looking at Mar 15 1985 it says: '85 - '88 coordinates: vide ADW May Day.
    Which suggests that either the coordinate is valid for 4 years, or there's 4 years worth of 'coordinate' in that binary string.
    Also, in 22 Nov 1983, the 'coordinate' is used to denote when the next unscheduled ad will appear.
    Charles M. 10.31.2004
    Your 'suspect' is a professor in the history or philosophy department; he is single or widowed; he is tenured and
    maybe by now semi-retired; he is well-traveled.  These are, mind you, educated guesses based on what you have on this site
    and my experiences with our local (U. of Memphis) university.  He might just share that beer with you (or a glass of
    Glenfiddich more likely).  Have fun and I'll check back soon....Charles M.

    random visitor 12.16.2004
    The Augsburg idea can be discarded: the German five-digit post codes were only introduced in 1993. As of 1985 Augsburg's
    code was 8900.

    leaking pen01.10.2004
    on cromwell, teh quote is twas a cruel necessity, and its apocryphal, but...
    it means either the coordinates were delayed becuase of a housecleaning, quite likely, or that removing the head would do
    the entire quote from the hebrew is
    12The spoilers are come upon all high places through the wilderness: for the sword of the LORD shall devour from the one end of the
    land even to the other end of the land: no flesh shall have peace.
    again a repetition of the cairo to capetown scenario, and another cleansing in the name of the lord theme.

    anonymous 07.12.2005
    There is a kamatz missing under the shin in 'shalom'. 
    Literally, it says "ayn" - there is not, similar to french "il n'y'a". "shalom" - peace. 
    "l'col" - prefix 'l', to, 'col' all, "basar" - meat or flesh. There is no peace to all flesh. 
    Actually, that's a posessive form, so the intent of the popular translation is right, do 
    not interpret 'to' as in the English 'to'.
    The hebrew elements of the clues are generally not well studied here?

    hance - no, they aren't. We're short in that department.
    D. Thomasson 04.02.2006

    Use #1 and #2 gematria systems that I posted in the text for the Dec 6, 2000 announcement, for the Hebrew text to get the following numerical values:
    Gematria System #1 = 975, or 9+8+5 = 21 (3*7), or 2+1 = 3
    Gematria System #2 = 39, 3+9 = 12

    Notice how Cromwell appears over and over through not only years but entire decades.  Cromwell was an intensely
    practical man and a visionary at the same time.  Again it seems to me that those paradoxical aspects are welded
    together in all of these.  What we are not currently seeing is much of the practical result or at least that we can
    identify.  That is why the secret part is somewhat un-nerving as anybody with some kind of influence who is connected
    to this is probably bound by secrecy and silence.  I suppose that is the point of the freguent references to the Oath.

    Dor H. 11.18.2006
    (bdh - Hebrew was garbled by my mail client, sorry)
    àéï ùìåí ìëì áùø
    could mean a number of things:
    there is no peace for no-one
    no one is safe.
    It could mean other things but I think it's the second translation.

    Preterite Pete 01.11.2007
    More numberjumber: if you turn 86009 upside down, it's 89006, not the upside-down and backwards business you were
    talking about before. Boulder City, NV, not far from Las Vegas (mentioned several times in later ads and mailings), not that
    far from Arizona, and just exactly the type of place  the not-so-fun-loving would describe as "cruel necessity." (Also the
    type of place where "no flesh shall have peace," in several senses...)
    Later, on 06.30.3008:
    I have to recant my earlier idea about Boulder City. Two of the
    numbers are still reversed if you just flip it vertically, so the Illinois zip
    code is the only one that works fully.
    I'm still not sure that the (0,1) indicates this, however.
    What I would add, by way of compensation, is that I think we should interpret
    this small town in Illinois named Woodstock, which just happens to be SE of
    another small town called Harvard, as a metaphor. What I think is being said
    here is that the project/cause/what have you will have to take place in
    out-of-the-way imitations of famous places, in backwaters, where, and I think
    I'm quoting, "no one famous ever looked."

    Eli G. 04.04.2007
    The Hebrew reads:
    "Eiyn shalom l'chol basar."
    "There is no peace for all flesh."
    Cashton's translation is incorrect; Reddie and anonymous are right.
    This helps me keep up on my Hebrew, actually.

    Aron 04.12.2007
    I've been through Harvard and Woodstock several times during my life.  Harvard used to host a large Motorola facility,
    although that has now closed.
    The main claim to fame in Harvard is milkdays (see  They originated in 1942.  One of the buildings there
    has a mural that may be worth investigating.  Harmilda (fiberglass cow in the center of town) is the mascot of the event.  Hope
    this helps somehow.

    Gremrat 01.13.2008
    Um, excuse me, but I think people are overthinking the Chinese character - it's just
    the first hanzi in Chairman Mao's name, the first part of the phrase we have seen in the
    previous pages. The line isn't an extended "yi", it's just a blank showing that we know the
    phrase well enough by now including the entire thing isn't important.	

    JHessick 07/11/2008
    Comments: did you all try converting the number after flipping it?  You get
    81893 I think.  

    nonex 10.21.2008
    I think the inclusion of the (0,1) means that these are Cartesian coordinates, or that they should be used as such. Maybe the line, if overlaid over a specific map, with 10100111111111001 as the point (0,1) the other end of the line ends some where significant

    Mountain 07.02.09
    It may just be coincidence or number voodoo, but I accidentally came across this; If we break the assumed binary down in to two bytes, and treat the final 1 as a sign bit, we end up with:
    10100111 = 167
    11111100 = 252
    And make the 252 negative, treat as coordiantes...
    which is a spot on the map in Sudan.
    Not really interesting in itself, except that I had just brought up the numbers from the cuneiform puzzle, treating them as coordinates
    1750 = 17.50N
    2584 = 25.84E
    ...which are remarkably close to the same coordinates in the Sudan.
    With all the references to coordinates, especially in later announcements, I am wondering if they use them as a way to deliver keys to the puzzles. I.e. at these coordinates, the country or closest city name is the key in some way for a cypher.

    jcr 11/20/2015
    May be the "hair" clue isn't so crazy, because Esau, the twin brother and foe of Jacob/Israël is called the "hairy" and he is associated 
    with Rome and the Empire. So, Mao=hair plus Samson story, may be "hair" is a clue.

    wexi 10/31/2016
    The Chinese says: MAO 1.
    That is not a dash. It is the Chinese number 1.

    Carlos 06/20/2019
     To me, the Chinese text reads
    "Mao blahblahblah", which means that it is the same line as in previous May Days, but with the person not bothering to write the entire text again, so the rest is simplified with an elongated line; same as the Japanese "naninani", which means "whatever".

    Anon 10/17/2019

    The binary also translates to the unicode 俹 , Chinese pronounced "ya".

    N. Sorata 12/30/2020
    The asian symbol at the top is kanji for "hand". It is pronounced differently dependent upon whether it is being translated from Chinese, 
    Japanese or possibly another language. The dash following the kanji suggests that the character is Japanese. The Japanese Romanji for this Kanji 
    is "Te" the Hirigana for this kanji is "て" when extended it is "tee" (the e is extended). It could also be the kanji for hand following 
    the kanji for the number 1. If it is the secondary option, it could be either Chinese or Japanese or possibly something else that uses 
    those kanji. It could be "an extended hand," "one hand," or "hand one," all of which have different implied meanings and pronunciations.

    Andrew 09.09.2021
    So I quickly realized that the binary numbers is an IP address.
    First two numbers are 10.7 which means it's a private IP so we're doomed.

    c himabindhu 06.29.2022
    this is weird says some english letters which is the coordinates are repeatedly and bow to charles cruel crussefiction 
    i think this is from the bible and some coordinates