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hance: Map one is here in Arizona, somewhat near Miners Needle/Weaver's needle, which appear on May 1, 1990. Geronimo's Cave is in the same general area known for the 'Lost Dutchman's Mine' lore.

Second map lies in the heart of the Congo, but I need to locate a decent map.

clue=The coordinates (7.57S,14.22W) are Ascension Island, a territory of the UK. They tested the moon rover on this 
island and it's been associated with the US missile/space program for quite a while.

clue=Volkseigentum = Public Property,  "vermehrt und verbessert" = new and improved (more literally augmented and upgraded). 
Here's google's findings when searching on these three words:


The first is a program of the Worker Communist Party ("Workers of all countries, unite!") and the second is titled something
like "A Historical Balance Relating to Crafts of Autonomy".  

100 GeV is 100 Giga-electron volts.  1 TeV is 1 Tera-electron volt.  Wish I knew more about this.

  • Geronimo Cave, AZ
  • Samangwa, Zaire
    aspinall 06.11.01
    clue:  Giga = 10^9 ; Tera = 10^12 ;
    So 100 Giga  is not equal to 1 Tera  - off by a factor of 10.  Is there a 
    correction to this one?

    near a terminal 06.11.01
    clue:  After quickly glancing over all these I thought to look at the comments or letters in "recent
    developments."  There is one that the Webmaster has marked as "freaks 124" which makes direct mention 
    of errors being clues.  I am not into math enough to figure it out but a cryptologist probably could.  
    These people really prize secrecy.

    bronto 06.17.01
    the thing in the middle is from Mandelbrot The Fractal Geometry of Nature p.50.

    clue:  I graduated way back but there used to be a place called The Hotel
    Geronimo.  As nearly as I can remember it was on Euclid and I think 
    University Avenue.  Old building on the corner.  There might be a 
    connection perhaps they met in the old building but put the map in the 
    advertisement.  Next time they might put the address of the old hotel and 
    meet at the cave.  Simpleminded but it would throw off the casual 

    anon 07.04.01
    clue:  Look at more maps with no lines around them.  You could map the 
    numbers directly onto the maps (that says two different things--maps are 
    not mapping) because they don't have lines and so they must be  "open 
    spaces." Mapping the maps with the numbers would give not only locations 
    but also directions because of the vectors.

    anonymous 07.19.01
    clue:  The stuff in the middle does have to do with fractals, but not
    specifically Mandelbrot. The equations appear in a discussion of a 
    variation on the Koch curve. The curve, after an infinite number of 
    iterations, generates a border of infinite length around a finite area. 
    Just Google "Koch curve" for a better explanation. The curve results in a 
    "snowflake" fractal.
    A variation of the Koch curve is the quadrangular fractal, and the 
    equations in the center are associated with this type of fractal.
    The lines to the left are similar to an early iteration of a quandrangular
    fractal, although to my (admittedly not very knowledgeable) eye, they 
    appear to be incorrectly drawn.
    By the way, Koch and quadrangular fractals are often discussed in close
    association with Sierpinki's Carpet, references to which appear in the 
    1/16/91 and 9/5/90 ads.

    near a terminal 07.23.01
    clue:  Took plenty of clicks on the mouse but this is what I was looking 
    for. This one ties in with today's blurb about "aigues-mortes."  Or I 
    think it does because of the point about the eternal present and stopping 
    light.  Hope nobody can track this down on a terminal this public but long 
    ago people who did acid claimed they were trying to quickly enter the 
    eternal present rather than spend years meditating.  That might be the 
    point of the acid references in these ads because I can tell you from what 
    happened to a couple of friends of mine that lots of acid does not expand 
    your mind.  They are now totally f--d up while the rest of us have gone on 
    to be pretty normal.  I don't think the acid references are meant to be 
    taken literally but anybody who did believe these are done by old
    acidheads would immediately dismiss the whole mess as schizo and 
    brain-fried. They may want to give that impression. The wacky names do 
    sound like people who are strung out but I just can't see mentally damaged 
    people doing this stuff. When somebody finally tracks them down we can 
    all have a laugh at my expense becuase they really were chemically damaged
    --maybe but I don't want to bet on it and certainly don't wish to offend 
    anybody who does this sort of thing cold-sober.

    Judson: 08.30.01
    clue:  The themes of pseudonyms taken from fictional (Heart oF Darkness) and historical
    sources, and the nautical references are interesting.  Also, the left map seems to have
    a fault line, or an intentional shifting, marked with a thick horizontal hashed line. 
    I can't see what alignment has been intended, except perhaps the altitude numbers - the
    values might not be important.

    Bob: 11.02.01
    clue:  Georg Cantor,  line 3 of the text at bottom. Good info at this web site:
    The French following his name translates as, "I see it, but I don't believe it," a  quote attributed to Cantor when he began
    making his discoveries. From the web site cited above:
    "Georg Cantor put forth the modern theory on infinite sets that revolutionized almost every mathematics field. However, his 
    new ideas also created many dissenters and made him one of the most assailed mathematicians in history. 
    "It was in that same year of 1874 that Cantor published his first paper on the theory of sets. While studying a problem in
    analysis, he had dug deeply into its "foundations," especially sets and infinite sets. What he found flabbergasted him so 
    much that he wrote to a friend: "I see it but I don't believe it.". In a series of papers from 1874 to 1897, he was able to 
    prove among other things that the  set of integers had an equal number of members as the set of even numbers, squares, 
    cubes, and roots to equations; that the number of points in a line segment is equal to the number of points in an infinite 
    line, a plane and all mathematical space; and that the number of transcendental numbers, values such as pi and e that can 
    never be the solution to any algebraic equation, were much larger than the number of integers. Interestingly, the Jesuits 
    also used his theory to "prove" the existence of God and the Holy Trinity. However, Cantor, who was also an excellent 
    theologian, quickly distanced himself away from such "proofs."  "

    Lonemonk: 12.05.01
    clue:  I haven't yet managed to absorb but 1% of the current thread on this apparent cabal, but I'm wondering whether anyone 
    has seen all the planetary coordinates on a globe all at once. (In many cases the date is known).  In Mar 21/90 ad, even a 
    duration of travel appears to be specified. (Though not necessarily velocity) Another thing which continually stands out for 
    me are the (ultra) specifics of location, and an obsession with time, and those who calculate time's behaviour.
    I agree with aspinall on the apparent miscalculation of 1TeV vs 100GeV We should never deny the possibility of an actual typo, 
    unless one is prepared to assume that the author(s) are in some way god-like and infallible. The more mysterious answer I can 
    imagine is that 'Volkseigentum' requires two kinds of 'fuel' or 'propellant'.  It's weak, but it just doesn't *seem* like a hypo.
    Please edit as you see fit; As I mentioned, I have not been able to absorb enough of the site to see whether any of the above 
    is useful. It is a crying shame that one cannot delve into such a research project full-time eh?
    The computerized analysis of this phenomenon would require a very large fully dimensional database in order to reduce the 
    number of problems to a known number of patterns.  The self-similarity of the thing is unmistakable.
    I'm not much of a programmer, but this would be a fantastic new challenge for an Internet distrubted computing endevour.

    c: 05.04.02
    The 10^-43 sec is a reference to the Planck Scale where (on dimentional arguments) quantum mechanics and
    general relativity must be unified.  Try http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr162/lect/cosmology/planck.html or Google.

    Eri: 12.12.2003

    RE: 490 L'Enfant Plaza East, SW 20219 This page http://www.occ.treas.gov/ftp/ec/ec-233b.txt and this page http://www.nacha.org/ACHNetwork/GovtRel/Regulatory_Agencies/regagencies.htm indicate that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency houses it's HQ at that address. BUT on the OCC site the address 250 E Street, SW is listed, so the above seems to be outdated info - but does it apply to 1990? A clue referencing this address as the OCC HQ was submitted to this page: http://www.maydaymystery.org/mayday/texts/00-dec6.html

    Just a guess, but I think the office has moved. I'm pretty sure that the National Transporation Safety Board (NTSB) has some offices there now. Obviously I know nothing about the building itself and whether or not it's a multi-office unit. Regarding the OCC, there is a reference to the OCC implemented Electronic Transfer Act here: http://www.maydaymystery.org/mayday/texts/00-sept20.html (Carlos's clue) The Dec. 6th ad mentioned above has veiled references to an ACH (Carson's RTN clue) - the EFTA covers ACH transactions.

    My comments: The creators of these announcements seem REMARKABLY familiar with the U.S. banking system and it's ever changing regulations. I would say that most bank employees do not understand the basics of this system, such as the primary role of each of the 4 main regulatory bodies. All in all, it's *very* specialized knowledge.

    Charlie P. 06.19.2007
    Ridley and Latimer:
    Ridley probably refers to Nicholas Ridley, an English clergyman who was martyred partially on account of his opposition to the
    authority of the Pope over the Church in England. Latimer is Hugh Latimer, another English  martyr.

    Perkins 12.23.2007
    Forgive if this was pointed out before, but 5/24/90 was Ascension Day. So, the
    reference to the, let's say, difficult-to-reach Ascension Island is perhaps redundant or a

    Griffin 06.24.2008
    They have a thing for old Leaders, or Names of Leaders.
    Schrodinger was a... Influential Scientist,
    Martin Luther is similar in 'Martin Luther King',
    Geronimo was a native american leader
    Hannibal, of course an old leader
    Possible References to Gilgamesh and hammurabi, iconic people back in ancient
    Chairman Mao.
    Maybe the Orphanage adopted these aliases to prove that they were trying to
    CHANGE the way people think? Possible reason behind the names.	

    near a terminal 10/04/2010
    The reference to a "courier" is almost certainly the serial number on 
    some variety of American currency.  The Where's-George? project handn't 
    begun yet when this was printed or at least not to my knowledge.  That 
    would be one way of tracking data especially if low-level employees in a 
    store or a bank "strapped" currency at the end of a day.  In a small 
    branch the given number of "straps" wouldn't be high enough to preclude 
    an officer who was secretly a Freak from reviewing the intake on a specifically 
    foreknown date. The Freaks seem to be inclined to hide things in plain sight.

    JM 06.06.2013
    Pelagians=those who follow Pelagius (390-418CE). Probably from the British Isles, Pelagius was 
    an ascetic who did not believe in predestination (like the Lutherans or Calvinists did much later) 
    or Original Sin. Pelagius took issue with Augustine's teachings. He was basically outcast from the 
    Roman Church and probably died somewhere in Egypt.

    Stephan 05/16/2014
    Comments: "Time has no meaning in units less than 10(exp-43) sec."
    I found this at Chessgames.com:
    More strange science
    Earliest time that physics as we know it can exist. We cannot extrapolate to t=0, time has no meaning in units of less than 
    10(exp-43) sec. This is the smallest unit into which we can subdivide our concept of time
    I don't get this at all, but evidently trying to go farther back than 10 to -43 sec (which they call Planck time) gives 
    infinite densities of matter and infinite temperatures. At this density every point in the universe would instantaneously 
    become a black hole and evaporate at a rate which is the same as the age of the universe, according to Leon Lederman. 
    At present, we do not know how to do physics in such an epoch, and the known laws of physics are not understandable in 
    	the space-time form...We don't hesitate to admit we don't understand these murky beginnings

    (no name given) 10/18/2017
    Is 'time' quantized? If the answer is yes, at what scale? If the secondary answer is all scales, what would the equation look like?