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Valley national bank
This is a picture of Valley National Bank, which is at 2 E. Congress St in downtown Tucson. It is now a Bank One, but usewd to be known as Valley National Bank...

From the ever busy Kipwa Condor:

(11-12-97) "Er ruht im Feindesland" (lines 2-3 at top) is German for "He
is stuck in enemy territory".

From: Koen:
This encrypt-a-secret-hiding-place every year in the newspaper sounds very
plausible. That also means that we are probably wasting our time on trying to
decipher the pages here, and we should be thinking about the newest pages.

Maybe some crazy guy set these up in the beginning, seeing how many (crazy)
people would be smart enough to crack the code and show up at the right time.

The society could then have been growing, explaining all the code names like
Winthrop, Schrödinger, etc. etc.

Maybe the pages are made every year by a few different members of the society.
They have lots of fun doing that, I bet.

(1 2 3) (with arrow) is a common notation for the permutation 1->2, 2->3, 3->1.

Lloyds Bank Avenida da Liberdade, 222 Lisbon, Portugal Tel: 53.51.71 Ritz Inter-Continental Hotel Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 88 1093 Lisbon Portugal
Financial stuff:
Elf Aquitaine Group: is a French Pterochemical company. You can check out their stock here
As Repubgirl points out above, the address in Portugal is for Lloyd's bank. So...
the blocks of Elf Aquitaine in the amount specified by ADW 5/1/90 #8 were liquidated in 10/11/90 at 653(francs) and the necessary expenditures are to be filtered through 222 Avenida da Liberdade

comes out something like
the stock mentioned on 5/1/90 (#8) were liquidated and funneled through Lloyd's.
But... #8 on 5-1-90 reads as cryptic as ever:
that melancholia that necessarily attends all human endeavor: mistak kurtz rode his bicycle from boston commons to norbert's house, but was detained in the rush hour on cambridge street as per G=6.670 x 10^(unreadable) dyn cm'g
clue=just a thought--numerology was developed by the ancient hebrews. might it have a play in all this stuff?
Webmaster: - yeah, we've dig through some gematria (germatria?) references a few times... and we're getting hints to the effect that some of this hebrew could be a sort of numerical encoding for more information (then again the point could be made that all hebrew is numerical encoding for information) -- but as yet we haven't managed to focus a whole hell of a lot of effort on it..

From carlos:
Oct 24, 1990: next to 233) the greek phrase means something like "this
one had (as husband? not sure of this word, the second in the phrase)
the famous renowned David". Probably from some part of the Old
Testament, but no idea where.

Data Express... 
This data is from the Form located at the URL: 
clue=Greek: ho echon ten klein David; "he who holds the key of David".  Rev 3:7.
name=Chris Ashton

clue=I'd like to check out the music on this page, but it's kind of hard to see...are those sharps or flats after the treble clef, what's the timing, etc...?

hance: I'll make a better scan this weekend for you.

clue=Bryan, my German friend points out to me that in 1990, Elf Aquitaine was involved in a lot of illegal activity in Europe.
Cheers, mogul

clue=Roughly translated, I think this ad says something to the effect of:

"The last ad that we got from Capt. Morgan has some weirdness to it.  Unless someone sees him before Winter Tour, we can
assume he is not coming..."  Then the reference to Cabernet Savignon is regarding the money in the "Frog Fund".  Frog being the
derogative for French.  Elf Aquitaine is a French company that was having some troubles at this time.  The Orphanage suggests
liquidating the stock and moving it.

(in the middle of writing this, I am starting to think that Cabernet Savignon is NOT money but something else.  Some other 

The money is to be (I hate to use this word) laundered through Lloyd's bank.  
I now believe that "The City of Richmond" is plane that they are using to move this stuff around.  
Another thing I want to point out is that on another page there is reference to Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin.  This is a place that
in 1993 (the other ad was one of the ones from '93) was having "problems" with illegal activity.

Cheers, mogul

PS  I think I was way off base in a lot of my emails from last year.  I hope I am again off base.

hance: after a little web digging, it looks like the area around Bahnhof Zoo is a heavy drug peddling area, and Elf Aquitaine looks like you average evil petroleum corporation, involved in numerous shady deals and scandals. It looks like they have always been in trouble, in one way or another.

clue:  Surprising that one of your European correspondents hasn't commented on the fact that a French 
court sentenced (last week, I think) some high official of Elf Aq. to prison for one of their 
long-standing scandals.  I think it was the one that was raging in '91--which would make more sense of 
this ad. It was typical of that area that the official's mistress was also up to her ears in the mess 
and she was sent to prison a couple of months ago.  That's a bad scandal for the French to take it so 
seriously years later. 

For us the most interesting part is that it broke after this ad appeared.  I don't think anybody 
outside the court system or the metropolitan police knew about the government involvement in October of 

hance:hey, i read the times too.. but you'll need a login...
clue:  In the centere, 89, 144, 233 = 11th, 12th and 13th Fibonacci numbers. As I'm sure we all know, the ratio of the last 
two terms of the Fibonacci sequence approaches the Golden mean, 1.618... that we see so frequently.

Juls: 04.24.2003

Elf Aquitaine & Africa - this may be entirely irrelevant, but the following concerns activities by Elf executives et al during this period and a court case that has been quietly going on for rather a long time:

(hance): We have some other information on Elf Aquitaine around here somewhere.

sjwk: 09.07.2003
That link to the BBC page covering the Elf scandal makes interesting reading.  There's references that the people involved
only skimmed a small amount of the missing money, and much of it went to South African states (and there's been a fair amount of
South African references).  However, one quote stands out more:
" If the money sometimes ended up in an orphanage then I am very happy - but let's say it didn't always end up in an orphanage "

sjwk 11.12.2003
Another news article about the Elf scandal. Former chairman and boss get 5 years prison sentence.
leaking pen 08.01.2004
last transmission had a third level anomoly.  not ,we havent heard from him.  what they are saying is that his
last coded transmision had an error somewhere, so possibly someone who KINDA knew level three.  sounds like an attempt at
infiltrating the orphanage.  for anyone to do so, they likely know of the announcements, therefore, the orphanage would know that
the infiltrater would read it, so its a triple message.  one, a warning to everyone to not talk to morgan "unless visual
confirmation can be made" meaning, you sit down to lunch and talk with him face to face, and let us know if you do!, 2, a message
to him ,we arent sure your cool, get to us, asap. 3, a message to the possible infiltrator ,we know you have him, we aint biting,
and we already took all precautions in moving things around so that the knowledge you may have gotten from him is useless. also,
this announcement has a message on piloting boats i find interesting, and made me relook at others.  there was a single pilot
named, with two potential ships.  that seems wrong, as a pilot would prefer to stay with a ship, so it makes me wonder if theres an
allegory being used.

Eri 06.22.2005
"Videmus NUNC per speculum in aenigmate, TUNC autem facie ad faciem" is from the First Epistle from St. Paul to the
Corinthians, Chapter 13, Verse 12. It's the first part of the verse. I don't know Latin, but here's an English (NIV) version text:
"Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face."

Brian 8.15.2005
pertaining to the word Nezach in the quotes. Could they have been trying to type Netzach, 
one of the Sephirot in the tree of life?

anonymous coward 04.04.2007
'(11-12-97) "Er ruht im Feindesland" (lines 2-3 at top) is German for "He
is stuck in enemy territory".'

No, it actually means "He rests in enemy territory", indicating that he died there.

R.C. Christian 09/14/2020
the city of richmond is the name of the boat that brought Tesla to the usa, also outside the 
L'Enfant plaza on google street view has freeway signs that point to richmond 

Hungerford (!) 06/18/2023
Comments: Good work by "Christian" on Tesla.