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Ok, so I *@#$'d up the 'Boss Tweed' reference :)
William M. Tweed, ~1870's, lead NY 'corruption ring' that, among other things, stifled the construction and popularity of NY's first subway.
Tammany Hall
               Tammany Hall was New York City's Democratic party machine. Under
               the leadership of corrupt political manipulators like "Boss" Tweed and
               Richard Croker, it controlled the city for decades.
Some info.

"configure the registers #6" - From Jan 20, 1988: Refers to "i pray you, lord god, strengthem me this once that i may.."

..Section 6) is from the book of Judges in the bible, chapter 16 verses
also accompanied by several lines of Hebrew. Man, we need someone who can read Hebrew, badly.
I have to dig and see if we've got a 5/1/72 issue. I somehow doubt we'll have that issue, but the library probably does. Hmm... 5/1/72/ Any historical significance?
  • June 25, 1520 - Augsburg confession
  • + 250 iv. Patricia Marie KINGSLEY, born June 25, 1947 in Perryton, Ochiltree County, Texas; died September 21, 1976 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico.
    clue=If I decipher correctly, the Hebrew right below the key in this page (90-sep5) reads "mafteakh beyt-david", which means 
    approximately "key of the House of David".
    name=Martin Weichert

    clue=Hebrew: maphteach beth-david ... the key of the house of David.
    Greek: pantes gar autoi zosin ... "all for he who lives".
    name=Chris Ashton

    clue=The Greek translation on you have for ``pantes gar auto zosin'' is incorrect: it should read ``and all men live for him.''
    name=v. a.

    carlos txlates the greek
    - the greek in fourth level is from Luke, chapter 20, verse 38, and
    translates as:
    "[...] for all men are alive to him."

    bob 07.17.01
    clue:  The chemicals are the signature of a group of materials known as 
    critical temperature cuprate superconductors." Research in the area was
    stimulated by major discoveries in the field in the mid '80s. The current 
    of how all this works involves study of issues such as the lattice 
    structure of
    crystals and the spin of their elementary particles.
    N=8 r=1/3 d~1.8928
    These values can be used to  generate what is known as a Sierpinski 
    Carpet, made famous by the mathematician Sierpinski in 1916. To visualize 
    it, take a sqare and divide it into nine equal squares. Drop out the 
    center square. Repeat with each of the remaining squares. ad infinitum. It 
    can also be generated mathematically, using the values above. The 
    resulting carpet has implications in set theory, topology and generation 
    of fractals, as well as possibly other areas I haven't yet discovered.
    lamedh waw teh
    Obvious, but, the sixth, ninth and 12th letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
    June 25, 1947
    The date the Associated Press ran a story about one of the first UFO 
    sightings (the actual sighting occurred on the 24th). The sighting was in 
    Oregon, where a Forest Service pilot saw nine unidentified objects flying at a 
    speed he estimated to be up to 1200 mph.
    Just a guess, but this is referenced elsewhere, and I believe it's the day 
    that the group (anyway, I think it's a group) behind all this agreed to 
    begin whatever their ongoing endeavor is.

    near a terminal 07.25.01
    clue:  Dollar to a donut the point about the Oregon sighting of UFOs is correct AND intended to cause
    serious people to dismiss them out of hand as UFO fools.  The reference must be to the geographic
    coordinates of the sighting.  Huge bet that they could care less about flying saucers and little green 
    men but if we think they are nuts, they get left alone to do their project.

    gordon: 01.08.02
    clue:  The mathematical definition below the musical score is the Gamma function - a generalisation of the factorial 
    function to the complex plane and real numbers. 
    Unfortunately they seem to have screwed up, since the actual value of gamma(x) is the reciprocal of the equation to the 
    right. (see eg

    Feltham - 02.03.2003
    Gordon may be right about a mistake with the gamma but I personally wonder if that isn't deliberately misleading.  For one
    example, they might be applying exactly that function and calling "gamma" to the fractal which is to the left.  As soon as an error
    is spotted then many people lose interest, that's just human nature.  My thinking is that they intend clever, educated people like
    Gordon to dismss it and that way the real numbers can be applied to wherever it is they intended the use.  Mathematics is defined
    by agreement and they could agree in advance to whatever suited their purposes.

    sjwk: 09.07.2003
    you asked whether 5/1/72 has historical significance - 9/20/00 indicates it might be the start of this.  Or at least when
    the agenda was drawn up.

    Nicholas P. 06.16.2004
    What key is that short piece of music in?

    Jessica Augustsson : 06.23.2004
    The key signature has three flats (e flat, b flat, and a flat). It is E flat major.  A well-known work in E flat Major is
    Beethoven's Symphony No.3 "Eroica".  I believe this could be from that work.  First performed at a semi-private concert at the
    palace of Prince Lobkowitz (its eventual dedicatee) in December 1804, performed in semi-private again at the house of the banker
    Herr von Würth, and finally given in public on April 7, 1805 (has anyone ever remarked on the fact that Beethoven's first three
    symphonies were all premiered in the first week of April?), the 'Eroica' is a candidate for the greatest symphony ever written and
    the work which established the symphony as the major form of musical expression for the 19th century. The first audiences were
    astonished at virtually every aspect of the work, particularly its length, which exceed by a considerable margin every symphony had
    preceded it. 

    Adam: 6.24.2004
    "Owsley" was the name of a (or *the*) chemist responsible for a great majority of the LSD extant on the West Coast in the
    mid-late 1960s.

    Rod 06.29.2004
    "configure the registers as per ADW 1/20/88 #6 sub specie (Guass)"
    Guass created a formula to calculate the date on which Easter Sunday would fall (co-incidence? there does seem to be lots of
    biblical quotes flying around).
    Guass could also refer to Guass jordan Row Reduction
    There are just too many numbers in all of this to discount maths as there are no translation errors.

    sjwk 09.09.2004
    Rod Info on Guass and the Easter Sunday stuff useful, but the 
    ad actually refers to - Gauss, a German mathematician.

    Marcel B. 09.01.2005
    Whoever wrote that Hebrew text is either being very clever or (more likely) not overly familiar with the language. The two
    daled (ie D/d) letters in "David" are poorly formed and could be read as the letter resh (R/r), making the word "Ravir". This would
    be meaningless to a Hebrew speaker.
    The theory that they (and/or their audience) is unfamiliar with the language is supported by two further facts. The first is that
    the text has been written in the clumsy block typeface, rather than in cursive script. The other is that vowels and other pointing
    have been included - Hebrew users dispense with these in everyday use, without loss of meaning, as wth a smpl shrthnd systm lk ths.

    Juls 09.23.2005
    Re. the Hebrew (already translated as "the key of the house of David") - this is from Isaiah 22:22.

    Anon 11.09.2005
    Could the House of David be the Holy Temple... Like the one from which the Wailing Wall is part of?

    Eli G. 04.04.2007
    The Hebrew indeed reads, "Mafteach beit-David", "Key of the House of David".
    But there's a clever pun hidden in there.  When I looked up "mafteach", I got:
    mafteach (n) - key, *clef*, index, clue
    Note: Mafteach can mean "clef" as well as "key", and most of these ads have somehow dealt with music written with clefs.
    This supports the theory that the person writing these ads actually knows a good deal of Hebrew, and is perhaps transmitting
    information via "mess-ups" or even simply throwing us red-herrings.
    Despite the horrendous transliterations of their names, we know lamed-vav-teit.  That spells two words:
    lot (n) - cover, envelope, veil
    lut (adj) - enclosed, wrapped
    But what does either of these have to do with the three dates?

    Charlie P. 06.21.2007
    The Key of the House of David looks quite a bit like the key to a lock-box or safety deposit box. Now, Isaiah 22:22 (from
    which the Key comes)says (in part) "when he opens, no one shall shut". If the key in this ad is indeed the key to saftey deposit
    box #668, it could be a message to the effect that "The implications of the contents of this box are so great that they/it cannot
    be reversed."

    Griffin 06.24.2008
    'The Key is Music'?
    Perhaps the title of the song with those notes were some kind of password or
    identification to get into a meeting?

    jcr 10/07/2013
    About "waw:June 24, 1947", it may be about "the first widely reported ufo sighting in the United States" [wiki:]
    I'm not a Ufologist or Mufonlogist, or anything similar but it's not the first clue about third type meeting, (excuse my english, please, I'm french).
    While researching in the journal of John Winthrop I found  a page where he related  the story of a sighting of a big light, "in the figure of a swine" etc. (ggl book:,&hl=fr&ei=EwJoTtv1G6WP4gSesunSDA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=true).
    Then there where another weird story about Martha Vineyard place, wich is cited in the Mystery : "6. ... As the Fire rushed nearer, Mrs. Daggett spread quilts and heavy blankets on the roof, and wet them thoroughly, bringing water in buckets up through the sky light. Desperately, she called for help. A completely unknown young man appeared, who said he came from a vessel in the harbor, and he promptly began carrying the heavy buckets to the roof. When the Fire was finally over, the young man disappeared, leaving his hat which he had laid aside. He never came back for the hat!" (
    Jakob Boehme, who is quoted in the MdM, had as well a strange encounter when he was a young shoe maker. The episode is famous enough.
    That coroborates the reference to Abraham in Gen.18:1 where the allmighty appears in the figure of three men before the destruction of Sodom...
    So, may be The Orphenage is a Mother ship of space alien trying to invade earth but that encounter a lot of medical problems, some of them, the revisionnists, decided to colaborate with human.
    That is more or less the idea of the show "The Event"	

    Hayden Roberts 02.01.2020
    The musical motif on the advertisement is in Eb Major, but it seems to imply C Minor. After searching, however, there is no 
    noteworthy musical composition in the classical genre that fits the notes. On top of that, I looked through the score to 
    Beethoven's Eroica Symphony and there was no place where that theme would work keeping the time signature accurate 
    (keeping in mind that it is in 4/8, a time signature that does not occur in the piece. A similar time signature of 2/4 
    appears, but not the exact key signature shown here which would be odd when an accurate time signature can be seen in 
    the snippet of Beethoven's 5th in a previous advertisement.)

    aaron 06/11/2022
    the key that  the piece of music is in appears to be G flat major