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Dec 1, 1999

* JT Fraser seems to be a researcher in astrophysics, very interested in the
  study of time and temporal phenomena.

* Flemish Cap: an important ocean fishery zone east of Newfoundland, eastern
  Canada. Melville Peninsula: on the Baffin region, northeastern Canada.
  Considering this, I believe the Christmas Island here is the one on Nova
  Scotia, Canada. Anyone with a good map want to play triangulate and see
  what's in the center of it? ;-) My gues is it will probably be in the
  middle of the Canadian arctic so it seems a strange place.

* Wagstaff seems to be Samuel Wagstaff, a researcher in computational number
  theory. Haven't the time to check this in detail, but his heuristic seems
  to deal with a way to estimate the probablity for a number of the form
  2^k-1 to be prime and so improve the search for big prime numbers.
  Check this site:
  Kathleen Ollerenshaw and David Brée are mathematicians known for their
  work on most-perfect pandiagonal magic squares (squares of integers in
  which every row, column and diagonal add to the same result, also having
  integers occurring in complementary pairs along the diagonals, and
  finally having the integers in any 2x2 block adding to the same result).
  I think all the integers along the border of the ad may be intended perhaps
  to be put into one such most-perfect pandiagonal magic square. Perhaps the
  common result of all its sums is a key for a cipher, or an interesting
  number by itself? Any volunteers to play with this? ;-) You can check
  the following site:

  * Revelation, 6:16 reads: "calling to the mountains and rocks, 'Fall on us and
  hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath
  of the Lamb'".

* "I will have no man in my boat...": from Moby Dick, Chapter 26, by Melville.

* "You are a master of Israel...": from The Gospel of St. John, Chapter 3,
  verse 10.

* LJ Bates: a name bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson was known by. Incidentally,
  1929 is the year he died.

* Brillouin zone: seems to be a topological concept, useful to describe the
  quantum mechanical properties of crystals.

* Laenggassstrasse 51: This is the address of the Institut fuer Informatik und
  angewandte Mathematik, University of Bern, Switzerland. Considering this
  address, I looked for a researcher in computer science by the name of
  Shimomura. Unluckily, there seem to be 3 of them and their bibliographical
  records are somewhat incomplete on the net, so no idea which article or
  publication is the one cited here as of 1996.

* Proeftyd: seems to be an afrikaans word, but I don't know its meaning.
  "Where beauty has no ebb..." is a line from W.B. Yeats poem The Land of
  Heart's Desire.

Webmaster: Almost every single one of these is a previous clue -

  • Proeftyd - see this page. I think mine/ours/whatever runs until June 25, 2000. See 99-may1.html near the lower left side.
  • The Land of Heart's Desire.
    "You shall go with me, newly-married bride,
    And gaze upon a merrier multitude.
    White-armed Nuala, Aengus of the Birds,
    Feachra of the hurtling form, and him
    Who is the ruler of the Western Host,
    Finvara, and their Land of Heart's Desire.
    Where beauty has no ebb, decay no flood,
    But joy is wisdom, time an endless song." 
    -William Butler Yeats, Land of Heart's Desire
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson - mentioned before, 94-dec7
  • Magic squares - ditto, 95-may1, and a postcard... except here, we have 44 numbers, and no values for n^2 will equal 44, thus, it can't be a square, or a 'magic square'.
    64 92 81 94 48 77 67 63 50 61 83 78
    113 118 121 126 69 66 29 26 21 18 73 
    52 90 85 88 68 74 87 57 54 59 
    71 124 123 116 115 76 75 16 23 24 31 
    Hmm... Sorted, some interesting patterns emerge, considering the differences
    #:   Diff:
    To me, that's to close of a pattern to be random, but I can't see any mathematical sequence
    to this. 

    A newcomer points out something I'm kicking myself for not noticing:
    clue=The numbers on the borders:if you take the number across from each other and add them you 
    get alternating series. (142,144) for the vertical borders and (135,151) for the horizontal 
    borders. Also 142+144=286 and 135+151=286
    Webmaster: 286 = bet(200) + chet(80) + vav(6). So, on a whim, I'm trying to find bet, chet and vav in the diagram above matching in the text below, and I can't. bet is definately not there, chet and vav look very close to other Hebrew characters but I'm pretty sure they're missing as well. hmmm...
    Whats missing: So I finally woke up and did the check - they screw up the alternation - hebrew, greek, hebrew, etc - on the 9th letter. It should have gone
    a la hebrew - greek - hebrew - greek
    But instead goes
    7: zayin
    8: theta 
    9: kappa 
    10: yod
    or hebrew - greek - greek - hebrew
    I think there's a similar mismatch on the 14th letter... but I cannot identify it
    shouldve been
    13: xi (greek)
    14: ?????????? 
    15: pi (greek)
    but goes
    13: xi
    14: i dont know what this symbol is. chris?
    15: pi
    From "QHL LWDQYA the congrecation of the Laodiceans (Rev 3:14), MWMR the transgressors and NWKRY strange, alien; non-Jewish are by their numeric value 286."

    Speaking of Gematria, I got to looking at this page again, and noted:

    Mistah Kurtz and Melanchton have resumed the use of conventional ordnance until the 459th Annibversary of the Confessio Augustana
    (four hundred and fifty nine - apply Gematria as per 19 north, 72.48 easr - regrettable, but "silent leges inter arma"
    This is also the page we've referred to as a 'reaction' page - something weird obviously happened that forced them to alter their plans, and the idea is to refer to encoded text(s) as instructions. Hmm.. Go back and reexamine the page, folks. We need to pick it apart better.
    1.55 N, 157.20 W -- Seems to be near Kiribati, a small Pacific Island directly below Hawaii.

    "A wink is as good as a nod.." - not much background, but it seems to be an english proverb that has mutated into a thousand variations...

    Center of Gravity with Integer Coordinates: Now this looks interesting. I need more time to examine this, but it looks dead on for some of what we;re dealing with: geometry, grid points, etc.
    "In the end there's one dance you'll do alone"
    From 'For a Dancer' by Jackson Browne. The particular stanza is:
    Just do the steps that you've been shown
    By everyone you've ever known
    Until the dance becomes your very own
    No matter how close to yours another's steps have grown
    In the end there is one dance you'll do alone
    I'm having some difficulty seeing how this relates to Dec 1, 1993, as is mentioned in the page. Save for the skeletal/dead guy in the picture, that is...

    Hi Bryan,
    Re: Dec 1, 1999 ad.
    Good point you made about there not being the adequate amount of
    numbers to form a magic square. So I sat and looked at the ad and duh!
    Guess what: each of the borders of the ad has 12 numbers, each of the
    borders of the ad adds to 858! My new guess is the border of the ad is
    the border of a most-perfect pandiagonal magic square with common sum
    858. I checked the web site of Ollerenshaw and Bree's book about those
    squares, and it is mentioned this kind of squares must be of size N x N
    with N a multiple of 4. We have size 12 here so it fits. Again from
    this web site I read this kind of square (for size N) is such that the
    sum of any 2 x 2 subsquare is 2(N^2-1), in this case 286. This means we
    can faithfully reconstruct the original magic square if you start from
    any corner and put in the number that would fill each 2 x 2 subsquare
    so as to give a sum of 286. So you can see how this works, I did the
    second row from the top (if I didn't make a mistake):
    31 99 14 97 47 114 28 128 45 130 12 113 (and yes, it adds to 858 ;-) ).
    If anyone wants to go through the (admittedly boring) task of filling
    the rest of the square, be my guest. But what do we do with this square?
    There seem to be ongoing research in applying pandiagonal magic squares
    to encryption, since these kind of squares have properties of interest
    when applied to number-theoretical concepts (as far as I understood my
    quick browsing of some web pages, see for instance:
    So we seem again to be in dire need of someone with strong background
    in cryptography and number theory to make sense of this. Particularly
    since in the ad the mention of Ollerenshaw/Bree's magic squares is made
    in connection to the (still supposed) 38th Mersenne prime. You can learn
    about this prime here:
    This being a more than 2 million digits number, I have no clue what the
    heck are you supposed to do with it, and what would be the connection
    with the magic square. My less foggy guess would be something related to
    factoring of big numbers using magic squares, but I wouldn't put my
    money on this. As I said, we really need someone well versed in
    cryptography (particularly in the number theory behind cryptographic
    state-of-the-art methods).
    Well, enough food for thought from me... Have fun with this! ;-)
  • First of all, nice catch. That's good work there....
  • Second: We're now recognizing more and more NxN squares and silimar 'devices' - meaning, anyone?
  • Third: Those of you that know where the orphanage's letter to martin on 9/18/99 is, I'd suggest rereading it, esp. with respect to this.
  • My guess would be that we somehow apply this to gematria, and vice versa, however I'm wondering if a perfect square, when 'translated' into hebrew, doesn't come out gibberish... more bible-code-ish type stuff?
    clue=Monday, March 29, 1999, was the first day the Dow Jones Industrial Average went above 10, 
    about 2:30 (1429 hours.) The high that day was 10,040.36 and the DJIA at closing was 10,006.78.

    clue=44 numbers, 22 letters. 
    I first tried joining and adding adjacent numbers - 64+92, 81+94, etc. Surprise, surprise you get equal 
    numbers across the page. Join equal ones together and you get a nice grid (resembling the one in the circle?).
    Then another pattern emerged (which also explains the previous one). Draw parallel lines 
    joining 64 to 68, 92 to 88 ... 77 to 73. Similarly join parallel lines 71 to 67, ... 
    74 to 78. Numbers across lines always differ by 4 and alternate (larger up, larger 
    down...) Similarly the sides can be joined: 64 to 66,... 75 to 73 and 76 to 78 ...71 to 69. 
    Now differences are always 2 and alternate once again.
    Okay, maybe I'm looking too much into these patterns, but it is too much to be a coincidence. 
    Hunch I haven't explored enough: The pairwise grouping of numbers gives us a pair of numbers for each 
    letter. If we take the same order and positions in the pairs of numbers as in the letters we get 
    (for example) beta corresponding to (48,77). Can this be related to the clues at the bottom of the page?
    Maybe page, word number in the quoted text?
    I don't know but is also seems
    too much of a coincidence to have 44 numbers, 22 letters ...

    clue=There are 25 integer World Time Zones from -12:00
    through 0:00 (GMT) to +12:00. Each one is 15° of
    Longitude as measured East and West from the
    Prime Meridian in Greenwich.
    There are civilian designations for the time
    zones which are typically three letter
    abbreviations (e.g. CST) for most time zones. In
    addition there are military designations which
    use each letter of the alphabet (except 'i') and
    are known by their phonetic alphabet equivalent. 
    So, Greenwhich Mean Time = 0:00 hours = GMT
    (civilian) = Z (military) = Zulu (phonetic
    Still with me?
    So, if the longitude is measured in 15
    degrees...240 is 16 time zones from Greenwich. 
    If you count 16 time zones East from Greenwich
    you get time zone H.  Which is HOTEL.  Which time
    zone is it????!!!!!  PST...Pacific
    --Repub (a/k/a Kim)

    clue=repubgirl should get the Wizard Award--remarkable insight.
    name=cynic 2

    here is the entire 12x12 magic square:
     64   92   81   94   48   77   67   63   50   61   83   78
     31   99   14   97   47  114   28  128   45  130   12  113
     24  132   41  134    8  117   27  103   10  101   43  118
     23  107    6  105   39  122   20  136   37  138    4  121
     16  140   33  142    0  125   19  111    2  109   35  126
     75   55   58   53   91   70   72   84   89   86   56   69
     76   80   93   82   60   65   79   51   62   49   95   66
    115   15   98   13  131   30  112   44  129   46   96   29
    116   40  133   42  100   25  119   11  102    9  135   26
    123    7  106    5  139   22  120   36  137   38  104   21
    124   32  141   34  108   17  127    3  110    1  143   18
     71   59   54   57   87   74   68   88   85   90   52   73
    Have fun,

    Cynic2 05.27.01
    clue:  Something else jumps out when looking at this one if you remember that they frequently use Greek and Hebrew 
    letters to stand for one thing or another, like "bingo" said.  I don't have time to do this and probably nobody else 
    does either but some type of pattern would probably emerge if you did a grid or spreadsheet of the Greek and Hebrew 
    letters, starting from the beginning and working forward.  No matter how smart they are or how crazy (following 
    Ashton's suggestion) you can't completely escape pattern.  I've got conspiracies on the brain today but if you think 
    about the massive amount of text it might be aimed at discouraging sifting.  Like there is so much and each of us gets 
    a taste or a piece and then we look at all we don't know and just shrug.  I think there is a method here. Remember the 
    total amount of text keeps increasing and people like us come and go.  They may be just drooling in asylums and on 
    park benches in between ads but I increasingly suspect what somebody else called correlation.  If somebody already had 
    plenty of money but kept investing and making wise financial choices nobody would consider that insane or weird.  
    Maybe its just my mood today but this looks more and more like what they taught us in school and it was new 
    then--portfolio theory.  Too much of it to set down in one of these boxes but I sometimes wonder if some of these nuts 
    might be in places that surprise us or at least me.  Maybe I'lle feel differently the next time I get sucked into 
    looking at these but I do know that the larger the database the tougher to crack--like everybody knows that--but also 
    a wise investor moves in and out of the market and especially spreads the risk. This looks like risk-spreading.

    Judson: 09.05.01
    clue:  It seems that there have been many many phrases that have been meant to be interpreted as numbers.  I think it's mostly
    evident that the numbers are gotten in some standard way (or in one of a few standard ways...) One thought is that locations 
    would be the time zone they fall in...

    clue:  The polygon has 22 vertices. 
    This is even, so it can't be drawn without lifting the pen (odd polygones can, this is a classical euler bridge
    problem). I have not found any interesting webpage about it yet, but I will probably find one soon. One page I have 
    found is: 
    I guess it's a major clue? Right Hance? 

    anon - 07.29.02
    38th Mersenne prime.

    near a terminal: 12/12/02
    clue:  I'm not in a position to know but it looks to me that the reference to "Kirbati" that appears below is a really a
    reference to an atomic bomb.  Either that or swimming suits because "Bikini atoll" appears when you hit the link to
    Kiribati.  There are lots of references to nuclear physics in these things.

    bob : 02.15.03
    clue:  The location appears to refer to Kiritimati, an island  south of Hawaii that  is  part of Kiribati. British nuclear 
    tests were conducted on the atoll in 1957 and 1958 and U.S. tests in 1962.

    philot: 09.07.2003
    In tracking down the references to other ADW ads, I found what appears to be a reference to a missing ad on 3/29/99 - before
    "(1429 Hours, EST"...
    I notice that the "5/1/99" ad was actually published 4/29/99. Could this be a mistake? Or an intentional slip-up?
    (In response to Beacon on the 5/1/99 page : 3/29/99 would be March 29th, 1999, one month before 
    5/1/99 this isn't a date slipped by a day or two because of a weekend / holiday.)
    Could someone please check the ADW archives for 3/29/99 just to make sure?
    -hance - will do

    "y llamau" 04.07.2005
    my triangulation of [flemish cap, melville penn., xmas island] as in N.Africa, Lybia. a curious note that it falls due south of
    Rome. since Flemish Cap is a region and not a point, the result should not be viewed with an accurate eye.
    btw. more heads are pouring into this UBB (ubiquitous bit bucket)for first glances. the alignment is currently neutral and
    best regards to your efforts B.H. at the sites maintenance over time.

    darque_phizzix 05.06.2005
    as i have mentiuoned before i believ that i can be of some assistance in a few areas, and i have the abiltiy to
    see a "big picture" with in the "obvious" if it presents itself...
    As i have noticed many clues that are of great value regarding this an. , i have to directly respond to the circle
    centered in what i believe would be "second level", but please correct me as i am not sure of that aspect....I am
    however sure that he "circle" refers directly to the 231 Gates of the Sefer Zetzirah, witch can refer to many things:
    -at the surface it directlt relates to the 231 combinations within hebrew "alphabet"...They also refer the the 231
    Gates that the "CReation" presented itslef threw.
    It has also been called the "Bible Wheel", Jacob's Wheel" and a few others...
    A "conexshun" is often made within the study of crystals and minerals and that they are restricted to 230 combinations
    (3dimensional) of atoms and and molecules to form in to one of "230 Space groups", that can make up a crystal....
    231 Gates is very important when it comes to the word Isreal, as it s literal translation is pressumed to be"there are
    and according to the sefer, the gates where present before creation, and it took place threw these gates...
    these 231 gates are also linked to the "unmanifested energy" that proceded that creation...
    I have not yet reviewed the text in the bottom, but sofar I feel that a general the of communication is the hebrew, and
    within it, i think we might want to understand that the "Hebrew Letters", are accually sybols, and when broken down
    into "3-7-12", they mean many many things...
    They can mean Body organs, directions according to the sphere of earth, Planets, sun, MOnths, Days, years...zodiac,
    human appendages, not tomention numbers....
    I have a few more things that i feel will help...i will continue to post.

    Ran 11/11/2005
    It's probably been noted by now, but the number 10,000 occurs in the very first ad, related to Chairman Mao and signifying
    "an eternity", basically. Could it be referring back to that? If so, what does the Dow Jones have to do with anything?

    Juls 01.24.2006
    Re beta - triangulate etc. - just wondering here, but it looks like maybe what we need to do is follow the
    instruction and triangulate the three places finding the point which gives us the position of beta, from which it may
    be possible to calculate the positions of the other letters following the line of longitude on which beta lies, or
    perhaps following a line indicated by other clues.  I would think that Carlos was right about that Christmas Island
    being the one in Nova Scotia but it is worth noting that Kiritimati (indicated by the coordinates) was also called
    Christmas Island, not forgetting the other one south of Sumatra.

    John 09.15.2006
    In keeping with the A-bomb testing line, 1.55N, 157.20W is a point in the ocean a couple of miles south of the island.  A
    point on the island itself would have been identified, had that been the attention.

    D. Thomasson 10.03.2006
    This announcement is similar to a crossword puzzle.  Solve each clue for the Hebrew and Greek letters.  Try grouping, or
    arranging alphabetically, the solutions for all Hebrew letters, then for all Greek letters.  Thus, two levels of the encryption
    will be solved.
    Another possible solution for the letters is to convert them to their proper gematria number equivallent for both Hebrew and Greek.
    Then figure out what the numbers might mean individually, or grouped together per language, or added up as a single total.
    As for the 44 numbers surrounding the announcement, they add up to 3146.  Make 3146 an octal number, then convert it to
    hexadecimal.  The result is 666 hex.

    French guy 01/25/2011
    I found that pdf about the Tserouf a meditating way in Kabbalah which use permutation 
    letters (remembered me of the "consonnant metrics"). The graph page 3 is the same as 
    in announcement, except for the greek letters. It's called Daath (knowledge).
    The site proposes a drawing of a cube with a spatial disposition of hebrew letters 
    on/into it, see :