Delivery to my PO Box ~05.16.2008

This cardboard mailing tube was delivered to me on 05 16 2008. Sorry for the posting delay, my scanner's packed up (I'm moving) so I had to get access to another color scanner.

(The large scan of this has a little 'error' in the middle because I had to scan it in halves and then put it together in Photoshop. You can see the misalignment in the "MW" of "CROMWELL" on the righthand side, for example)

This mailing actually 'bounced' back to me from the USPS because of its weird mailing nature, or because they couldn't get it in the PO box that I rent. Either way, it actually came to my work address, which was the faked return address.

Interesting nontraditional choice of stamps on this one.

Interesting that November 1, 1983 showed up in here as well.

Delivery contents:

Tube view 1
Tube view 2
Tube view 3
A full-color version of May 1 2008 (huge) (small)
Small slip of paper (front)
Small slip of paper (back)
A laminated copy of November 1, 1983 - a page we have been missing

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DiraC Sea ooke 11/18/17
“not merely coloured,
but are beautifully painted
with blue, green and red” Muster Mark!

anonymous 05/01/2018
 Repub girl is more or less an inconceivable archetype of perfection. Ruthless, but nurturing, intelligent but capable of clarifying situations to the unlearned. 

Fred MC 05/20/2018
 When looking at "Small slip of paper (front)", I can see that the equation involves quantum states (although I don't have much knowledge about this).

When it comes to the colors, I'm thinking that there are "quantum mind" theories (such as Orch-OR) where consciousness, and experiences, such as that of 
colors, has its origin in quantum computations in the brain.

The colors red, green and blue in the picture would then represent the three types of cones we have in the retina of our eyes for those colors. The 
yellow color could represent that a small percentage of humans are tetrachromates with a fourth kind of cone.